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Sample essays

Sample essays in IB History that are not past paper questions.

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  1. Napoleon III and Italy

    Written on the question: Evaluate this statement: Without the interventionist foreign policy of Napoleon III, the unification of Italy would not be possible.
    Time Limit: 70 minutes
    Grade: 13/20 (6)
  2. Bismarck's Domestic Policies

    Written on the question: "Bismarck's domestic policies from 1871-1890 were failures." To what extent do you agree with this statement?
    Time Limit: 60 minutes
    Grade: 15/20 (6)
  3. 10. Compare and contrast the causes and nature of the two 1917 Russian Revolutions.

    Essay question from May 2010 paper 3. It got 16/20 points (if I recall correctly) from my teacher.
  4. The Role of Education in Nazi Germany

    Certainly, one of the most common questions in Paper 2's topic on Totalitarian regimes and single party states refer to the role of education in certain systems. In this essay, there's a clear analysis on the methods used by the Nazi to perpetuate their system based on this aspect. Score: 7
  5. Paper 1 Response: The Arab-Israeli conflict 1945-79

    This was a sample Paper 1 I did in class for our Paper 1 topic, the Arab-Israeli conflict.
    This received 23/25 marks from my teacher.
    I'd probably add more details to the essay if I could do it again, but I didn't want to add anything to it since it was already graded.
  6. Totalitarian Leaders- Hitler and Nasser

    This essay is a comparisson of Hitler and Nasser, two totalitarian leaders from different parts of the world.
  7. Fourteen Points Failure

    An Essay on the reasons for the failure of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points
  8. Sample Essay: Rise and Rule of Single-Party States

    Sample essay I wrote in class under exam conditions for the option Rise and Rule of Single-Party States.
    Question: In what ways, and for what reasons, were culture and education controlled by rulers of single-party states?
    This essay earned 15 marks from my teacher.
  9. Sample Essay: Success of Hitler's regime

    Sample essay I wrote in class under exam conditions as part of our Rise and Rule of Single-Party States option.
    Question: How far was the single-party regime in Germany successful by 1940 in achieving its aims?
    Grade: 13 marks.
  10. Sample Essay: Italian Unification

    Essay I wrote under exam conditions in class on Italian unification.
    Question: Why did it take so long to unify Italy?
    Grade: 6
  11. Grade 7 Lenin essay

    A history essay on Lenin.
    Marked by an actual IB examiner which received a 7 (17/20)
  12. Grade 7 Stalin essay

    An essay on Stalin's rule and how he developed the Soviet Union into a major industrial power. This was marked by an actual IB history examiner and received a 7 (16/20)
  13. Kaiser Wilhelm's Foreign Policy and Its Contribution to WWI

    This is one of my history essays on Europe and World War I. It should help as a sample for history essay. Plus it has histriography and certain points, thus making it helpful as a study material.
  14. Why did Stalin and not Trotsky become ruler of the USSR?

    Essay on why Stalin and not Trotsky rose to power after Lenin's death.
  15. Essay on militarism as a cause of WW1

    Militarism as a cause of WW1 is evaluated
  16. How successful were Bismarck's domestic policies between 1871 and 1890?

    Essay about Bismarck's domestic policies
  17. Sample Annotated Bibliography for History Essays

    These are some sample annotated bibliographies to help make your bibliography more in-depth. Annotated bibs are bibliographies with a paragraph explaining the origin and value of the source. Enjoy!
  18. Examine the Causes of WWI (7 essay)

    Essay exploring the causes of WWI
    paragraphs split thematically: Nationalism, Militarism and Alliances
    Essay argues that Nationalism was the most important factor
    Includes Historiography from AJP Taylor

  19. Mao Rise to Power essay

    This is an internal paper 2 essay on analyzing Mao's rise to power. I got an ib grade 6 for this essay.
    Hope this helped!
  20. For what reasons and with what effects did Tsar Alexander II emancipate the serfs?

    This is an international paper 3 essay on Alexander II's emancipation of serfs.
    I got an ib grade 7 for this essay.
    Hope this helps!
  21. Discuss the objectives of Bismarck's foreign policy between 1871 and 1890

    I got a 12/15 on this essay, which is a low 7. 
  22. History essay on the rise to power of Hitler

    A history essay on the rise to power of Adolph Hitler which obtained a 7. 
  23. History essay on the rise to power of Hitler

    History essay on the rise to power of Hitler which obtained a 7. 
  24. Stalin 5YP

    Authoritarian states
  25. paper 3 specimen

    this is the specimen of 2017 history paper 3

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