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Sample Internal Assessments

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Samples of IB Historical Investigation, written to IB-specific criteria

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  1. Why did Churchill lose the 1945 elections at the peak of his career?

    This is the IA I wrote for my IB history class. 
  2. Muestra de Evaluación Interna de Historia HL

    Aquí está mi evaluación interna de historia HL. Obtuvo 21 puntos de 25. 
  3. History IA on collapse of the Tokugawa Shogunate

    So this is my history IA and it was about whether or not the arrival of Commodore Perry in 1853 had more of an impact on the collapse of the Tokugawa Shogunate than the increasing peasant revolts. Keep in mind that this is still old curriculum, but I hope it's helpful. Pre-moderation it got 18/25 (one mark from a 7) and it stayed at 18/25 post-moderation. 
  4. To what extent did the educational systems of Nazi Germany in years 1933-1945 and in Soviet Union in years 1929-1945 differ from each other?

    The predicted grade for this IA was a 7 and as far as I remember it also officially got a 7. Enjoy!
  5. History SL IA: To what extent did the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s affect the USA's Racial Intolerance?

    This IA got a 7. I don't know what exact mark it received, but it is likely a low 7 (I will update the description if ever I find out). It is not very hard to get a 7 in a history IA as long as you follow the format and criteria as closely as possible. My IA serves as good evidence for this as I did not read or buy a single book in my list of sources, instead just read the previews available on amazon or google books. Here is a more accurate list of sources:
    I do not recommend you do the same thing, I simply did this because of time constraints (our teacher only told us about the IA about 2 or 3 months before the final deadline, which is not enough to read 6 books), but I am just telling you this so that you don't despair.
    Good luck!
  6. How far did Umar II’s reign (717-720) lead to the ultimate fall of the Umayyad Caliphate in 750?

    How far did Umar II’s reign (717-720) lead to the ultimate fall of the Umayyad Caliphate in 750? My HL History IA. Received 25/25, and I received a 7 in HL History overall.
  7. Example IA Topic - Dachau Liberation Reprisals

    You might be stuck coming up with an IA topic - this might help you out! This gives an example IA question, background information, and a plan for investigation. Just to get your juices stirring!
  8. History IA: Stalin's Policies and the Korean War - A Study of Change

    Title: Stalin's Policies and the Korean War - A Study of Change
    Research question: Why did Stalin’s policy on a Korean War change from 24 September 1949 to 30 January 1950?
    Marks: 22 / 25
    Grade: 7
    If you find anything wrong or unclear in this IA, feel free to send a message to me.
  9. IA - Cavour's contribution to Italian unification.

    "How important was Cavour's contribution to Italian Unification by 1861?"
    Final grade: 7 (from 21 to 19)
  10. IA - Al Capone and the St Valentine's Day Massacre

    I don't know what happened with this HI, it was moderated down from 23 to 16. However, this still was a 16, so I'd say it can be useful. The topic was: To what extent is the claim that Al Capone’s outfit was responsible for the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre justified?

  11. History IA - 1944 Warsaw Uprising

    My HL History IA. The topic was "Why did the Russians refuse to help the Polish Underground's uprising against the Nazis in 1944?." I don't know for sure what this got, but it earned a 22/25 pre-moderation and I earned a 6 overall. I'll edit that later if I learn anything. So I think it's fine for use.
  12. History sample IA, Quel était le rôle de l'Inde lors de la libération du Bangladesh de 1971? (Written in French)

    This is my sample History IA.
    Grade given by teacher: 24/25
    NOTE: The IA is written in french.
  13. History Route 2 SL Internal Assessment, November 2011 Session. Score: 7

    Pretty bad work by my standards, largely because it was done mostly in first-year; and as History was an anticipated subject for me that was Year 10, when I didn't know much about IB, or in general. Still got a 7 in the end, though. I don't have a copy of the full marksheet, unfortunately, so I don't know where the marks were lost. Pre-moderated score was 23, got 20 after moderation - don't think it was one of the samples sent out, though. If you're doing your IA on a similar topic, don't put too much faith in a lot of the references used - most were just flicked through.
  14. History IA

    This was my History IA on "Did Mahatma Gandhi's movements of Non Cooperation and Civil Disobedience follow his principle of non-violence (ahimsa) or was it a cover for the underlying violence?"
    This essay got me a 23/25 on its final draft and the IB concurred that assessment. It was a 7.
  15. How to write a history IA

    Downloadable version of the tips found on the History forum.
  16. Islamic Minarets

    Islamic Minarets: an investigation into the significance of minarets in mosques
    this investigation received 21/25
  17. American Isolationism

    Was the United States truly isolationist during the interwar period?
    Marked against 2010 marking scheme.
    Grade: 6
    Score: 19/25
  18. Bolshevik impact on the agricultural sector

    The Bolsheviks blame for the lowered agricultural output in 1917-1920
    Grade: 7
  19. Afghanistan and the US Connection

    To what extent did anti-communist policies of the United States contribute to the rise of the Taliban?
    Grade: 7
    History Teacher Support Material
  20. Battle of Hastings

    This got 19/20 (7) as moderated by the IBO.
    What impact did the Battle of Stamford Bridge have upon the outcome of the Battle of Hastings?
  21. Winter War

    My Historical Investigation, titled "To what extent did the outcome of the Winter War influence Hitler's decision to launch Operation Barbarossa?". It received a 6, 15/20.
  22. Communist Party image

    How did the image conveyed by the Communist Party of an emancipated, strong, independent Bolshevik woman contrast with reality between 1921 and 1939 in the Soviet Union?
    Written by Liina Kujala
    Grade awarded: 7
  23. Troy, Homeric Legend

    To What Extent Was Heinrich Schliemann's Troy, the Troy of Homeric Legend?
  24. History TSM

    History Internal Assessment--Teacher Support Material [For first exam in 2003]
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