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Economics and Business & Management

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  1. Extended Essay Business and Management 36/36

    Scored 36/36 Business and Management
  2. Market Structure of Tuition Centers in Hong Kong

    EE Exemplar on Market Structure
  3. Market Structure of Tuition Centers in Hong Kong

    EE Exemplar on market structure
  4. Practice

  5. Economics extended essay

    Example e.e
  6. B&M--Budget Airlines Vs Full Service Airlines

    What factors mostly contribute to budget airlines, such as Southwest and Airtran, surpassing the profitability of established legacy carriers such as Northwest Airlines (NWA) and Delta?
    Grade: C
    By Aboobaker Omar
  7. Econ--Tax reform Slovakia

    How did the tax reform in Slovakia affect its growth and development?
    Grade: A
  8. Econ--Gum prices in India

    The effects of forming a producers' group on gum prices and incomes of women gum collectors in the Banaskantha/Patan region of Gujurat, India
    Grade: A
  9. Econ--Stable market for school uniform providers

    To what extent are the school uniform providers at UWCSEA operating in a contestable market?
    Grade: A
  10. Econ--Supermarkets versus Open Air Markets

    Econ HL Oligopolistic competition between supermarkeys and the open air fruit and vegetable market in Pasalimani area.
    Grade: 31/36 [see 'Econ--Supermarkets Vs. Open Air MARKS' for the markscheme.
  11. Econ--Supermarkets Vs. Open Air MARKS

    Markscheme for the EE titled Econ--Supermarkets Versus Open Air Markets
    Grade: 31/36
  12. Economics extended essay 2

    example e.e
  13. Economics extended essay 3

    example e.e
  14. Economics extended essay 4

    example e.e
  15. Economics extended essay report

    e.e report
  16. Economics extended essay report 2

    e.e report
  17. Critical perspective to Giffen Behaviour

    Investigation of the high school students' demand of bus tickets for local bus transportation in Tampere, Finland.
    This extended essay received an A.
    This extended essay was written by Sami Losoi.
  18. Economics Extended Essay

    Market form of the retail petroleum supply industry in parklands...
  19. Economics coversheet

    here is a word format of the economics coversheet. My class was only provided with an PDF form, and for those of you who does not know how to change the format here is a word format!
  20. Economics EE: An investigation on the pricing of the Tsuen Wan MTR Line in Hong Kong

    An Extended Essay in Economics that is investigating the pricing on a train/tram line in Hong Kong. Received 31 marks.
  21. Economics EE: Price elasticity of demand for sports drinks

    An Economics Extended Essay investigating the price elasticity of demand of sports drinks and how they are affected in the writer's school. Received 29 marks out of 36 possible marks, therefore receiving a B.
  22. Economics EE: real world investigation of competitive markets

    An Economics Extended Essay investigating real world competitive markets. Received 23 marks out of 36 possible, thus receiving a C.
  23. Three Examples of Econ EEs May 2012

    Three Examples of Econ EEs. Examination Session: May 2012
  24. Extended Essay in Economics - Labour Economics

    RQ: To what extent is the supply of part-time female domestic workers in my area of Vikhroli, Mumbai, inelastic?
    Grade: A
    Marks: 35/36
  25. Economics Exempler Essay

    An example of an economics essay which received an A. (33/36)
    It also contains an economics rubric and a powerpoint on writing economics EEs.
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