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  1. History EE Markscheme Detailed

    This is a student-friendly and detailed criteria for anyone doing an Extended Essay on History. It has specific checklists for every criteria and can be quite useful for anyone who needs to ensure that they are meeting all the basic requirements.
  2. Mohammed Ali Reading

    This reading help us to get some more information about Muhammad Ali
  3. Stalin, Mao and the Chinese Intervention in the Korean War (1950-53)

    Title: Stalin, Mao and the Chinese Intervention in the Korean War (1950-53)
    Research question: To what extent do the telegrams between Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong dated 1 October 1950 to 7 October 1950 reflect on their policies towards a Chinese intervention in the Korean War?
    Marks: 32 / 36
    Grade: A
    If you find anything wrong or unclear in this EE, feel free to send me a message. Though, I'm aware of quite a few grammatical mistakes in this one, some which I can't understand I didn't see before I handed this in, so you probably don't have to tell me about them!
  4. EE on George VI

    My friend's EE, I have the permission to upload it. Received a grade B (24/26)
  5. British politics of the 1980s: For what reasons was Margaret Thatcher able to win the 1983 general election?

    Achieved an A. Unsure of how many marks out of 36.
    British politics of the 1980s: For what reasons was Margaret Thatcher able to win the 1983 general election?
  6. The role of Anne Boleyn in the reformation of the church in England

    I received a B for this EE (25/36). The research question is: To what extent can Anne Boleyn be regarded as the key figure in Henry VIII’s Reformation of the Church in England?

  7. Impact of foreign intervention in the Spanish Civil War

    My EE with the research question: "To what extent was the Nationalists' victory in the Spanish Civil War the result of foreign assistance from Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini?"
    Grade: A
  8. Allegorical Nature of C.S.LEWIS's Literature

    Investigates the Allegorical Nature Aslan in in his books The Boy and His Horse and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  9. Apartheid extended essay

    An assessment of the Apartheid years, leading to the insurrections of 1983-1986, and second state of emergency on June 12, 1986
    Grade: A
  10. Aftermath of Suez Crisis MARKS

    See 'Aftermath of Suez Crisis' for the actual EE
    Grade: 33/36
  11. Aftermath of Suez Crisis

    The aftermath of the Suez crisis of 1956: A new era of superpower influence in the Middle East
    Grade: 33/36 [see 'Aftermath of Suez Crisis MARKS' for the breakdown of points awarded]
  12. A Socialist Spectacle:

    A Socialist Spectacle: An Investigation into Salvador Allende’s Effectiveness as President
    Grade Received: B
  13. Barcalona Mayday

    An Evaluation of the Causes of the Barcelona May Days 1937 According to Contemporary Commentators and Later Historians
    Grade: A
    By Kamilla Karhunmaa
  14. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

    To what extent is it fair to say that the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943 was doomed to fail?
    Grade: A
    By Reetta Humalajoki
  15. Rwadan genocide

    To what extent was the Rwandan genocide in 1994 a result of the colonial legacy?
    Grade: A
  16. Hitler Youth

    Militarized more than Nazified? Was the Hitler Youth Successful in Providing Supporters for the National Socialists?
    Grade: A
    By Anna-Maria Tammi
  17. Note Crisis

    The Diplomatic Note Crisis between the Soviet Union and Finland in 1961: A Reflection of the Cold War or a Soviet Attempt to Meddle in a Sovereign Nation’s Affairs?
    Grade: A
    By Antti Koulumies
  18. Football in Costa Rica

    The early development of football in San Jose, Costa Rica as a reflection of the ongoing social and political disputes
    Grade: A
  19. Influence of British Raj

    To What Extent Did The Influence Of The British Raj Prove To Be Beneficial For Karachi?
    Grade: C
    By Ramsha Qazi
  20. Latvian Countryside

    Power and Policy in the Latvian Countryside: The Aims, Process and Effects of Collectivisation of Agriculture, 1940-1949
    Grade: A
    By Arthur Kadish
  21. Japanese policy towards Jewish refugees

    Continuity and change in Japanese policy towards Jewish refugees in Shanghai, 1938 - 1943
    Grade: A

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