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Other Group 3 subjects

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12 files

  1. p_cs_mitchell_essay.pdf

  2. polit_crigler_essay.pdf

  3. Baudrillard's Proposition

    A Critical Analysis of Baudrillard's Proposition that Images Precede the Real in the Creation of Hyperreality
    Found on http://www.huskieibpo.com/EssaySamples.htm
  4. Politics -- Failure of Israeli

    The failure of the Israeli - Palestinian peace process in 2000-2001 - was Arafat to blame?
    Grade: A
  5. Geography -- Indigenous students in QLD

    The effect of location on education attainment of indigenous secondary students in Queensland, Australia
    Grade: A
  6. Geography -- Barwon River

    Compare and contrast how rural and urban landscapes affect the water quality of the Barwon River, Australia.
    Grade: A
  7. Geography -- Sustainable land use in Africa

    Sustainable land use in rural post apartheid South Africa: an investigation of of the Mhlumeni community in the Onderberg region of Nkomazi local municipaltiy in Mpumalange Province
    Grade: A
  8. Politics -- 1923-33 Ukrainian famine

    How has genocide as it pertains to the 1932-33 Ukrainian famine been used a political tool?
    Grade: A
  9. Philosophy -- Autonomy and Placebos

    Is it ever acceptable for a physician to compromise autonomy and behave paternalistically in administering a placebo?
    Grade awarded: A (35/36)
  10. Philosophy specific mark scheme

    Philosophy EE assessment criteria

  11. An investigation into Rawls' views on Fairness and Justice.

    "An investigation into Rawls' views on Fairness and Justice: Is Rawls correct to say Justice is Fairness, or are these different?"
    Final grade: A.
  12. ITGS- Multimedia Chapter

    These are notes for the Multimedia Chapter.
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