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  1. How does the Final Current affect the Surge Current Time in a Filament Bulb? (Physics EE)

    When a filament bulb is first switched on, its metal filament is cold and so has a relatively low resistance. This leads to a large surge current until the filament heats sufficiently to glow white hot with a steady electrical current. This essay investigates the research question: “How does the final current affect the surge current time in a filament bulb?” The surge current time is the time interval between switching the bulb on and when the final steady current is first reached.
  2. Aerodynamics

    Aerodynamic Effects of Up-Turned and Down-Turned Tip Caps
    Grade: A
    Found on http://www.huskieibpo.com/EssaySamples.htm
  3. Badminton

    How do the Physical Parameters of the String influence the game of Badminton?
    By Gaurav Jain
  4. Projectile Motion

    Numerical Model of Projectile Motion in Air
    By Mark Higgins
  5. Resonant Frequency

    “How is the Resonant Frequency of a Loudspeaker affected by the Diameter and the Mass per unit Area of the Speaker cone?”
    By Seetal Erramilli
  6. Meteor Trajectory Estimation

    Comparison of different methods of meteor trajectory estimation basing on data from the Polish Fireball Network
    By Krzysztof Kormanski
  7. Specific Heat Capacity and Thermal Conductivity

    Does There Exist A Relationship Between The 'Specific Heat Capacity' And the 'Thermal Conductivity' of a Liquid?
    By Bhupendra Singh Nagpure
  8. Terminal Velocity of Cone

    How does the cross-sectional area and angle of a cardboard cone affect its terminal velocity?
    By Adriaan de Haan
  9. Optical Fiber

    Macrobending Attenuation in a Single-Mode Optical Fiber
  10. Factors in Table Tennis

    What Is the Relationship between Speed of Bat, Striking Angle, Coefficient of Static Friction of Bat and the Ball's Spin Rate in a Table Tennis Game?
    By Christopher W. Linaksita
  11. Spoiler, Drag, and Downforce

    Relationship of spoiler created drag and downforce at altering angles
    By Gvidas Kiseliovas
    Abstract in Finnish and English. Everything else in English.
    Grade: A
  12. Sound Spectrums of Kanteles

    The comparison of two different playing techniques in terms of sound spectrums in the Finnish national instrument kantele.
    By Henna Tahvanainen
    The abstract is in English and Finnish. Everything else is in English.
    Grade: A
  13. Physics EE Exemplar

    An EE sample in Physics.
    Research Question: How do changes in impact velocity of a spherical ball bearing affect the size of craters left in a sand landing area?
    Mark: 21/36
    Learn from the mistakes that have been done and make your EE
    Hope it helps you.
  14. Options A and G study notes

    Some of the notes I made for options G and A. Not entirely comprehensive but still usefull for right before exams, especially since I put lots of diagrams in it. Hope its useful to someone!
  15. Topics 2 and 8 definitions

    most all of the definitions from the mechanics and enviormental physics
  16. Topic4 and Option G notes and definitions

    Option G is an extension of topic 4 in physics, so I combined my study notes for the two. I printed them and drilled myself on the bus starting a week before the exam. Hope this is helpful to someone!
  17. SL physics thoeries and definitons note

    most of the things that require memorizing in sl physics are here. Hope they help someone!
  18. Physics EE Report+Exemplars

    This file was published by IBO, and it lists how candidates did on each section of the marking criterion. Suggests improvements for future candidates and includes the marking scheme for 3 example EEs. The ultimate guide to the Physics EE and worthwhile to leaf through to make sure you don't make the same mistakes. (Not my original file)
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