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  1. Extended Maths 36/36

    Scored 36/36
  2. Math IA

    Math IA on effect of sound against material of a bat in cricket
  3. IBMathSLMindMap.pdf

    Visual Summary of Math SL topics
  4. IBMathHLMindMap.pdf

    Visual Summary of Math HL topics
  5. IB Mathematics Extended Essay Sample (Got an A)

    Research question:  How to decide which method - Cardano’s method or the trigonometric substitution method, to use for solving cubic polynomials with real coefficients?
    My Maths EE. It was written in IB1 so the maths isn't like super super sophisticated. Got an A with this essay though. A labour of love. Hope it can help those who want to write their EEs on maths. It is hard, but rewarding
    I think this essay could be a lot better, but please don't say anything hurtful. 
  6. Volume of Revolution

    How the surface areas and volumes of revolutions were calculated in the past?
    This extended essay received 18/24 (excluding subject-specific criteria), with examiner's remarks
  7. Sundial

    A mathematical modeling of building an accurate sundial and the changes needed in order to move it from Dar-es-Salaam to London and for it to remain accurate.
    This extended essay received 23/24 (excluding subject-specific criteria), with examiner's remarks
  8. Pythagorean Theorem

    Proof and applications of the Pythagorean Theorem
    This extended essay received 15/24 (excluding subject-specific criteria), with examiner's remarks
  9. A Yule-Time Probability

    Deranged Christmas Buddies; A Yule-Time Probability
    This extended essay received 8/24 (excluding subject-specific criteria), with examiner's remarks.
  10. Chirality of Knots

    Detecting the Chirality of Knots
    This extended essay received an A and 36/36 points
    This extended essay was written by Nicholas Korpelainen
  11. Golden Rectangle

    A statistical investigation into the aesthetic value of the Golden Rectangle in choosing casement windows.
    This extended essay received a C
    This extended essay was submitted by Aimee
  12. Rubik's Cube

    Solving the Rubik's Cube: An Exploration in Group Theory
    Found on http://www.huskieibpo.com/EssaySamples.htm
  13. Classification of Non-isomorphic groups of order less than 15

    This Extended Essay was graded in 2010 May Session, and got an A.
  14. Rubik's Cube - Finding the total number of legal permutations of the Rubik’s Cube

    My Extended Essay in Mathematics, which I wrote on the Rubik's Cube. In this essay I show how many different configurations there are of the Rubik's Cube.
    This essay received 31/36 points, and hence an A.
  15. Math Studies Guide (Spanish)

    Guia en español del curso de Estudios Matemáticos
    This is the guide in spanish for the course of Math Studies SL
  16. Algebra revision chart part 1 & 2

    Algebra revision sheets 1 & 2...
  17. Mathematics Extended Essay

    Investigation on the upper bounds of Ramsey Numbers based on the Pigeonhole Principle and Graph Theory. Received an A.
  18. Cubic Equations - Generalization of the trigonometric substitution method

    Title: Deriving an alternate generalization of the trigonometric substitution method for solving cubic equations
    My extended essay in maths, which is on solving cubic equations using algebraic methods, with considerations of complex numbers and their behaviour with different functions. This essay scored 30/36 and an A overall.
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