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  1. Japanese expansion

  2. Japanese expansion in asia

  3. Hitler and nazi rearment

  4. Italian and German expansion

  5. Causes and effects of the Chinese Civil War and the Spanish Civil

    This is a note I have made for my exam preparation. It includes the causes and effects of both the Spanish Civil War and the Chinese Civil War. There is also a comparison between causes and effects of the two Civil Wars.
  6. China in Crisis

    This document contains my personal notes, class notes and developed arguments for the China section of the unit "Communism in Crisis" from the IB Companion. The notes are organized chronologically, and within the chronological order, the points and arguments are organized thematically.
  7. Opium debate

  8. Tso Tsung Tang Notes

  9. Romantic Essay on an Artifact

  10. Great Leap Forward

  11. Tung Chih Notes

  12. Sun Yat Sen

  13. Comintern People in China

  14. Late Ching Reform

  15. Mao Zedong

  16. Opium War Romantic Essay

  17. Pre1911 China Spheres of Influence

  18. Reasons for Downfall of Qing Dynasty

  19. Kuang Hsu

  20. China The Twenty One Demands

  21. China Long March

  22. Mao's Five Year Plan

  23. China Northern Expedition

  24. China Overview


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