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Notes, sample essays and other useful information for IB Psychology

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  1. HL Psychology Paper 2 Mock Exam 2017-2019 syllabus

    This is my Psychology mock exam from last term, I got a 7 in this.
    I hope this can be used to practice for the final examinations as this is based on the current syllabus.
  2. Psychology SL IA

    Hello! I wanted to post my psychology IA to help out anyone struggling. I received a solid 7 from my teacher and I'm fairly positive it was still a 7 or high 6 after moderation. I am not entirely sure if this is from the old curriculum or not, but I do know that I didn't need to do much statistical analysis if that makes any distinction. I hope this helps someone!
  3. Bio 12 Evolution.pdf

    Bio 12 Evolution.pdf
  4. Bio13 Ethics in genetic research.pdf

    Bio13 Ethics in genetic research.pdf
  5. Bio 11 Genes.pdf

    Bio 11 Genes.pdf
  6. Bio 7 Hormones.pdf

    Bio 7 Hormones.pdf
  7. Bio 8.pdf

    Bio 8.pdf
  8. Bio 9 Cognition & physiology.pdf

    Bio 9 Cognition & physiology.pdf
  9. Bio 3 Methods.pdf

  10. Bio 4 Ethics.pdf

    Bio 4 Ethics.pdf
  11. Bio 5 Localization of function.pdf

    Bio 5 Localization of function.pdf
  12. Bio 6 Neurotransmission.pdf

    Bio 6 Neurotransmission.pdf
  13. Bio 1-2 Principles.pdf

  14. Cog 9 Reliability of memory.pdf

  15. Cog11 Interaction & Bio.pdf

  16. Cog 12 Flashbulb memory.pdf

  17. Cog 5 Schema theory.pdf

  18. Cog 6 Theories of memory.pdf

  19. Cog 7 Biology and cognition.pdf

  20. Cog 8 Social & cultural factors.pdf

  21. Cog 3 Methods.pdf

  22. Cog 4 Ethics IB14.pdf

  23. Cog 1-2 Principles.pdf

    Cog 1-2 Principles.pdf
  24. Soc 15 Emic etic.docx

    Soc 15 Emic & Etic.docx
  25. Soc 13 Culture and cultural norms.pdf

    Soc 13 Culture and cultural norms.pdf
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