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Other IBO documents

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Other documents from the International Baccalaureate Organisation that might be of interest to you.

60 files

  1. Diploma Regulations

    Contains as title suggest. Includes failing conditions.
  2. Psychology introduction

    introduction to psychological terms and studies. 
  3. Eulers Appreciation

    An interesting article for doing math.
  4. ISH_Curriculum_IBDP

    Just to give you a quick glimpse into some of the subjects at my school
  5. DP Assessment Procedures

    Previously the "Handbook of Procedures", the Assessment Procedures outlines the process for which assessments are to be conducted. This includes all IAs, exams and other written or oral assessments. The Procedures apply to May and Nov 2018 examinations and contain relevant info for May and Nov 2019. 
  6. May 2017 Math HL Specimen papers

    Due to complaints, IB has shortened paper 1 and 2 both from 120 marks to 100 marks. Accordingly, new specimen papers were published. 
  7. ESS Specimen 2017

    ESS Specimen paper for first examination in 2017.
  8. TOK essay titles (may 2017)

    TOK essay titles for May 2017 examination session
  9. The conduct of IBDP examinations

    What if on the exam ...? Fear not, it's covered here! 
  10. DP Handbook of Procedures (Updated Nov 2015)

    Valid in May 2016 through November 2017 sessions, it includes many information on academic honesty, appeals, requests for remark, and IA / EE/ ToK external deadlines. This document is mainly written for coordinators but you may find some policy information pertinent to candidates.
  11. Physics Specimen 2016

    Physics Specimen paper for first examination in 2016
  12. Philosophy Specimen 2016

    Philosophy Specimen paper for first examination in 2016
  13. Chemistry Specimen 2016

    Chemistry Specimen paper for first examination in 2016
  14. Biology Specimen Paper 2016

    Biology specimen paper for first examination in 2016
  15. IBDP Guide for Universities

    It is a guide to universities and how DP students are taken by Universities
  16. May 2015 Exam Schedule

    May 2015's examination schedule.
  17. November 2014 Examination Schedule

    November 2014 Examination Schedule for those in the Southern Hemisphere.
  18. Handbook of procedures for the Diploma Programme 2014

    This handbook is for coordinators and includes everything related to IB Diploma and examinations.
  19. IB Diploma Recognition Germany

    file is in german. updated 2009.
  20. Economics internal assessment coversheet

    Economics coversheet for the IA
  21. IB November 2013 Exam Schedule

    IB November 2013 Exam Schedule
  22. Ontario Universities IB Diploma Recognition

    I live in Ontario and my school supplied this document showing the admission standards in various universities for IB Diploma students.
  23. Extended Essay Guide 2013

    A Guide for Extended Essay for first examinations in 2013.
  24. Maths HL Information Booklet (2004)

    Maths HL and Further Maths SL Information Booklet (November 2004)
  25. IB Animal Experimentation Policy (2009)

    IB Animal Experimentation Policy (January 2009)
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