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Notes, sample essays and other useful information for IB Philosophy

25 files

  1. Hobbes and Rousseau Comparison (in Spanish)

    escrito comparativo entre Hobbes y Rousseau.
  2. Philosophy IA - External authority and morality

    "Can morality remain meaningful if based on an external authority?"
    Final grade: 7
    Word count: 1882
  3. Free will & determinism powerpoint & sample essay

    File contains two parts:
    1. Brief powerpoint with basic definitions on the subject of Free Will & Determinism
    2. A sample essay in response to a stimulus for the core theme.
  4. Paper 3 Preparation Powerpoint

    Powerpoint document suggesting some general pointers for preparing for Paper 3
  5. Internal Assessment - Can Robots Become Human?

    Grade obtained: 26/30.
  6. No Exit sartre

    Overview of the existentialist work "No exit" by Sartre. Use it if you want to understand more about the text or if you are unclear about it.
  7. Philosophy

    Useful file for existentialism- core theme essay for Paper 1.
  8. Technological Determinism

    A short overview of determinism, useful in Paper 1- Core Theme Essay
  9. IB Philosophy -Absurdity

    Just a short powerpoint going through the key things in absurdity for the core module
  10. How to write unseen: Philosophy Paper 3

    A short guide containing information on how to write the essay on the unseen passage for Paper 3 in the IB Philosophy exams. Strongly recommended for all IB Philosophy students!
  11. Philosophy: How to write core - Paper 1

    A guide on how to write Paper 1 on core topics for IB Philosophy; both HL/SL.
  12. Coretopics Outline

    A short PDF outlining the topics that are covered in the Core Topics-part of the IB Philosophy HL/SL course.
  13. Ethics Option - Critically Assess the Claim That Moral Judgements Have Meaning & Value Only if They Are Based on the Current Trends of the Majority

    This is an essay I handed in as an end of topic test in the middle of IB1. I got a level 7 on it, so decided to share it with everyone. I focussed on utilitarianism, and used various examples to demonstrate my points.
  14. El existencialismo es un humanismo

    A great piece of work.
  15. The Tao- Governance

    The Tao: Governance
  16. Faith and Philosophy HL

    Faith and Philosophy
    Philosophers POV
  17. morality is relative

    'Morality is relative' - evaluate this claim
  18. Does the soul exist?

    An essay asking 'what is a soul?'
    level 7
  19. Philosophy IA TSM

    Internal Assessment Teacher Support Material
    Submitted by Admin.
  20. Plato Political Authority

    Why do Plato’s provisions for political authority in the state continue to appal and attract?
    This essay was awarded a 7 (internally marked)
  21. IA Grapes of Wrath

    Philosophy Internal Assessment SL: A critical discussion of Mill’s ‘inferior’ and ‘superior’ desires.
    Stimulus - The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck
    Mark awarded: 25/30 (7)
  22. Philosophy Notes Paper 1 and Ethics Option

    Notes for Philosophy (Paper 1) and Notes for Option: Theories and Problems of Ethics
    These notes were submitted by Sandwich
  23. Essay on Social Darwinism

    Essay on Social Darwinism: How does Craig use Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’ to demonstrate that a sharp distinction between Philosophy and Science is neither possible or desirable?
    This essay was awarded a 6 (internally marked)
    This essay was submitted by Sandwich
  24. Plato's Republic Essay

    Essay on Plato's Republic: Discuss “In many ways the end of Book IX marks the climax of Republic. Its historical importance is hard to overstate.”
    This essay received a 6 (internally marked)
    This essay was submitted by Sandwich
  25. Plato Essay

    Essay on Plato's Republic: “So here in Republic we seem to be offered little more than a flimsy excuse to take us away from the ordinary world” –Why does Blackburn reject Plato’s view that knowledge and belief have different domains?
    This essay received a 7 (internally marked)
    This essay was submitted by Sandwich


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