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Notes, sample essays and other useful information for IB Geography

86 files

  1. Freshwater notes

    Notes about all option a , missing case studies though
  2. River Nile River Jordan Case Study

    4/10 from teacher, case study from Freshwater-issues and conflict
  3. List of Useful Websites for IB Geography SL and HL

    I've gathered the best geography resources I could find for IB students.
    Greenfieldgeography and The Geographer Online have materials for all the topics, while IGCSE Geography and Budding Geographers are still developing fresh content.
    IGCSE Geography has just released a great online course on time-space convergence.
  4. Curitiba Case Study - Urban Environments

    A case study made for personal use. Data included there may be useful on the essay regarding urban environment option and sustainable city topic.
  5. GeographyDucknotes

  6. geography_for_the_ib_diploma__patterns_and_change___cambridge_education___cambridge_university_press_samples.pdf

  7. Case Study, Germany

    Compare and difference, in Germany, the pyramids, and the historical background for the change in Germany history. 
  8. IB Geography: Core 1 - Populations In Transition Notes

    Full syllabus notes for Core 1: Populations in transition including case studies! Compiled through use of study guides, class work, and research
  9. Geography Option E Notes (Lesiure, Sport, and Tourism)

    Notes I made in pdf format,
  10. Earthquake 15 mark Essay- Hazards and Disasters Option

    "There are more deaths from earthquakes this decade than last decade. Therefore earthquakes are more common." Evaluate this statement [15]
    This essay received a grade 6.
  11. Geography Option E Notes

    Notes I made for option E - leisure
  12. Geography Option G Notes

    Notes I made for option G - urban environments
  13. Geography Notes for Core topics

    The notes I made during revision for the final exams.
  14. Geography IA

    I don't know the exact score for this but I got a 7 for Geography SL so I hope this helps. As usual, don't plagiarise, only use this as reference for analysis techniques and listen to your teachers.
  15. Geog Oceans and Their Coastal Margins

    Complete Syllabus notes for GEOG Option B: Oceans and Their Coastal Margins.
    With complete case studies and current statistics (and colour diagrams!) Enjoy!
    Sitting on a predicted 7 in Geography so very thorough and detailed
  16. Geog Patterns in Resourse Consumption syllabus notes

    Complete syllabus notes for IB Geography Patterns in Resource Consumption with case studies and current statistics.
  17. Geography Complete Notes

    This is a complete set of notes for IB Geography.
    It was put together collaboratively by the students of the year before me.
    They passed it down to me and asked me to share it.
    It is from a Vancouver school so some of the case studies might be of Vancouver.
  18. Unit 3 Syllabus Notes

    My complete Unit 3 Syllabus notes. They are very easy to understand when organized target by target. Enjoy!
  19. Housing Management Notes

    Task about management of housing sustainably, case study notes.
  20. Paper 2 - Everything you need to know

    This is a word document of a check list of everything you need to know for Paper 2.
    - helped a lot with revision for me.
    A - Freshwater
    B - Oceans and Coasts
    D - Hazards
  21. case study of Maldives

    This is for the option of sport, leisure and tourism. and Maldives as sustainable tourism is a good case study to answer section B question
  22. Responses to high and low fertility (China)

    Notes on Responses to High and Low Fertility, with impacts and effects
  23. Migration in China

    Migration Notes about China and Syria, Forced Internal Migration and Internal Migration. Talks about economic, environmental, social and political impacts.
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