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Presentation examples and information

Notes, examples and other useful information for the Theory of Knowledge presentation

28 files

  1. TOK presentation: the arts

    Grade received: 5
  2. TOK Sample Presentation

    Here is my TOK presentation. I hope it would be helpful for you.
  3. TOK presentation checklist

    In this document, you can find all the necessary information to help make your PPD amazing!
  4. File.docx

    Document of file
  5. Do Aliens Exist Presentation

  6. Pillow Angel Presentation Notes

    Notes for a TOK presentation based on this article: http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1574851,00.html
    I wrote it to help someone and thought I would include it here.
  7. The Saviour Sibling Self Evaluation

    Self evaluation report on my TOK Presentation on the topic of "The Saviour Sibling"
  8. TOK Presentation Checklist

  9. TOK Presentation Grading Rubric

  10. TOK Presentation rubric

  11. TOK Presentation tips

  12. TOK Presentation Planning Form

  13. TOK Presentation Guide

  14. Donating to Charity Presentation

    "With what criterion do we pick which charity to donate to?"
    Slides from the original powerpoint presentation.
    This presentation received 19/20, one point deducted for exceeding the time limit.
  15. Child Abuse Presentation

    My first TOK Presentation (apparently a practice one), got 19-20/20 on it. There's meant to be music with it, but I can't upload the songs.
  16. AIDS in Africa

    My second TOK presentation (the one that got sent to IBO). Received 20/20 from both my teacher and IBO. There's meant to be music with it, but I can't upload the songs.
  17. TOK 16/5 (History)

    This is a TOK presentation, might help you understand how and what it's about. Use it as an example.
  18. Genome Sequencing & DNA Fingerprinting

    our first TOK (mini) presentation.
    this is informally assessed -- not even being marked by my teacher, he only wants us to practise making a presentation, so we know what to do next year.
    our knowledge issue:

  19. Eyewitness Accounts- Example Presentation

    This presentation is about 5 minutes long. The actual IB presentation for TOK needs to be about 10 minutes long. My teacher had us all do a 5 minute presentation before our real IB presentations in order to be familiar with how to form our arguments, come up with a good controversial topic, speak clearly and boldly during the presentation, be able to answer questions afterward, etc. Therefore, here is an example, but it is only half the length of a regular IB TOK presentation.
  20. Sample TOK Topics

    Sample TOK topics.
  21. Grade A TOK Presentation: Scientific Theory and Prediction comments

    Comments from an example of an effective presentation structure.
  22. TOK Quick Guide and Example

    this is a short TOK Presentation guide with an example.
  23. Ethics

    Has history shown us that ethics have progressed over time?
  24. Child Psychopaths

    Child Psychopaths
    Received a A.

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