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Group 6

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  1. The Girl With a Pearl Earring

    Title: The Girl With a Pearl Earring: A Study of Reason, Breakthrough, and Tendency
    Research Question: How did The Girl With a Pearl Earring function as the acme of Jan Vermeer's complete painting career?
    Found on http://www.huskieibpo.com/EssaySamples.htm
    Subject: Visual Arts
  2. Orchestral Effects

    Sketch of the Orchestral Effects of Hector Berlioz
    Found on http://www.huskieibpo.com/EssaySamples.htm
  3. Expressionism

    Filial Impurity and the Greek Tradition: Expressionism in Robert Israel's Set Design for the Richard Strauss Opera Elektra
    Subject: Theater Arts
  4. Music HL--Exemplars of the Musical Investigation

    IB External Assessment -- HL
    1) Flute techniques as a compositional element in "Koku," a Japanese piece, and Lookout by Robert ****
    Grade: 7 [24/25]
    2) Antiphony
    Grade: 7
    3) Constant Rhythm
    Grade: 5
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