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Notes, sample essays and other useful information for IB Experimental Sciences subjects and the Group 4 Project.

23 files

  1. DT handwritten SL notes

    DT notes I found - not my work
  2. DT SL Revision Notes Detailed

    I found these notes when studying for my DT SL exam. They are not mine and I don't take credit for them, but this website has no DT notes, so I thought I'd help out.
  3. Computer Science Topic 4 Definitions

    Complete Definition List for Topic 4
  4. Computer Science Topic 4 Definitions

    Contains major vocabularies of Topic 4
  5. Periodicity summary note

    It consists of every important question points on this notes and made by top students in school
  6. Organic Nomenclature

    Organic Nomenclature Notes
  7. Uncertainties Rules

    Hey everybody!
    This is a guide for how and when to use absolute and relative uncertainties- If anyone is like me, well I had a lot of trouble initially in my lab reports due to uncertainties but this really helped me understand thing much better!
  8. IB Physics Example Write Up

    An exemplar of IB Physics IA Write-ups.
  9. Uncertainty 2

    Had this lying around in my physics folder, very useful!
  10. Osmosis with potatos Lab Biology HL

    Hi, this is a lab report on a osmosis experiement using potatoes.
    Due to the concentration of sucorse presnt in a solution, we were to find how much water entered the potato and how much water left the potato. Find out the osmotic balance, where no water would enter or leave the potato.
    It was done for Biology HL and I had maiximum grade, hopeit is useful.
  11. Graphing with excel.

    A guide to make graphs in excel for your IA's.
  12. Lab Practice: Angular acceleration (in Spanish)

    Lab practice about Angular acceleration in a two bodies system, using a Pasco Interface. (Language: Spanish)

    sample IA - chemistry and Physics- Both DCP and CE.
  14. Excel Help-Useful Websites and Information

    This file contains many useful websites and information for understanding how to use Excel for diagrams, statistical tests (the t-test). It is directly relevant to Biology Lab Work, but can be used for other IA such as for Geography Fieldwork.
  15. molecule-shapes.doc

    shapes of molecules using vsepr theory
  16. Coursework Template

    This is a nice overview of how your coursework should look like i.e. what it should include...
  17. Assessment Guide

    Guidance on the IA Criteria - explanation of marking criteria
  18. Lab Reports - Get it right

    IA – Get it right!
    The following hints hopefully will help you avoid pitfalls in your lab write-ups.
  19. Lab report format

    How to format a lab report
  20. Lab Suggestion

    Explanation of Error Types
    Suggestions for Planning Labs - what to include
    Suggestions for Tabulating Observations
    Suggestions for Drawing Graphs
    Suggestions For Data Processing and Presentation
    Suggestions for conclusions and evaluation
    Rules for propagation of uncertainty
  21. Lab Write Up Guide

    Guide for writing lab reports
  22. Verbs

    Verbs used in exam questions for Science subjects and how to approach them
  23. Lab_Format

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