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Notes, sample essays and other useful information for IB Arts subjects. When uploading please indicate which subject (e.g. Visual Arts, Music...)

22 files

  1. Evolución 5.1

    Tema de evolución de la Unidad 5.1 del libro de Oxford.
  2. IB-Music-Bach-Kodaly-Analysis

  3. ursula tv

    This is a sculpture I made in my first year of IB 
  4. IB VA Comprative Study Bible

    Hi guys. I made this document about how to write a Comparative Study for VA, with the specifications for HL and SL. I based it on information I found everywhere online and the Pearson book for VA. Enjoy!
  5. SL IPP

    IPP on writing a play
    93/100 in class; 5 in SL theatre overall. Not sure the actual IB subscore for this.
  6. Visual Arts - Photograph of sample art works

    HL Theme: Jewellery
    Overall grade: 4
  7. IB Visual Arts Handbook

    Credit to The Regent School
  8. Visual Arts - Photographs of pages from RWB

    HL Theme: Jewellery
    Overall grade: 4
  9. Theatre - Sample Research Investigation

    A sample research investigation from the IBO's Online Curriculum Center. Also contains examiner's comments.
    Grade: 38/40 = 7
  10. Theatre IPP Teacher Notes

    Supplementary notes for teachers about the IPP.
  11. Brecht Workshop

  12. [Theatre HL] Sample PPP

    This is one of the sample Practical Performance Proposals from the IBO Online Curriculuum Centre. It achieved a mark of 7. The student's stimulus was the play "Andorra" by Max Frisch. It should be noted that IBO no longer (generally) gives pieces of text. They instead opt for more abstract stimuli.
  13. Music Subject Outline

    Music Subject Outline provided by the IBO (First Examinations 2011).
  14. Art presentation

    How to get a 7.
  15. Investigation Workbook Checklist

    A useful checklist to keep an eye on the development of your investigation workbook for the IB visual arts course. (Both options and levels)
  16. Visual Arts (HL) Candidate statement Exemplar

    Hi since most of you guys were looking for Candidate statement in Visual arts, I've uploaded one exemplar.
    Since my teacher is a new to IB, he contributes as many examples as possible from the OCC.
    (remember the word limit for CS is 300 words)
    If any of you want a sample IWB, PM me.
  17. Visual Arts: Sample CRB (complete exemplar of how to submit IB your Visual Journals and Studio photos)

    Here is a Sample CRB for Visual Arts HL, You may refer this but do not completely rely on it.
    My teacher gave this to me to refer, since its quite old he told me not to completely go by it but yeah 89% I can!
    Hope it helps,
  18. Visual Arts: Workbook & Research Guidance

    Hi guys,
    I have complied and formatted what Julie had posted on Workbook and research guidance.
    I have acknowledged her on every page too.
    Its free for download, make good use of it.
    I hope this helps (Option B's - This is a savior!)
  19. Arts from Junior year

    This is just a peek of what my arts looked like in Junior year...I did not have a conceptual theme until Senior year. So look and enjoy. Comment if u please!
  20. Application of Stanislavski to a Monologue

    Applying Stanislavski's methodology can be really confusing, but this essay breaks down how different objectives can be applied to a monologue to bring out the character. 'Nuff said.
  21. Visual Arts 2016 Syllabus

    This file is the syllabus for the new Visual Arts course, first examinations in 2016. I hope you find it useful!
  22. HL Film: Mise-En-Scene Notes

    Summary on what to analyse when looking at mise-en-scene in a scene.
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