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Sample Internal Assessments

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  1. sine graph

    sine graph using demos
  2. IB Psychology Internal Assessment HL Stroop

    The aim of this experiment is to measure the time taken for shape recognition, both congruent and incongruent. 
  3. Geography Internal Assesment

    Geography HL IA on option G; Urban Environments

  5. Psych IA Guide

    This is an awesome help for writing your IA, its kinda like a check list and a guide
  6. Psychology HL - recency effect

    It's an IA based on the Glanzer and Cunitz experiment. I received 24/28 (after moderation, 27 before moderation), which gave me a 7 in my IA.
  7. Psychology IA - Eyewitness testimony

    Aim of this experiment was to investigate the effect of leading questions on the memory, simply
    put – how wording of a question can trigger cognitive processes which will modify one’s memory
    information. This experiment was a replication of the study conducted by Loftus and Palmer
    (1974). In the experiment the independent variable (IV) was the wording of the questions:
    “Please estimate the speed of the cars when they contacted/crashed into each other?” and “Was
    there any broken glass when cars or contacted/crashed into each other?” The dependent
    variable (DV) was the estimation of speed upon memory retrieval (information they obtained
    watching the video of a car crash). Procedure was very simple – after watching the information,
    there was some distraction period and then they were asked questions which they answered. One
    week after, they were asked another question. The results were as expected. They showed that
    wording of a question can affect retrieved memory.
    Therefore, it can be concluded that this study was in line with the one conducted by Loftus and
    Palmer (1974) from which can be derived that words led to specific answer. Hence, answer was
    result of reconstructive kind of memory, wording of the question and existing schemas of
    This is the very first IA in psychology I've ever written, so I'd strongly advise for you to take it as something your IA should NOT look like =))
  8. Raquel

    This is a sample SL Psychology Internal Assessment. It explores if working in groups is more beneficial than working independently.
  9. The Effects of the Presence of Background Music on Recall of Words from a List

    Psychology SL IA on the Effects of Background Music on Memory Recall. Achieved a '7' grade boundary.
  10. SL Psychology IA

    SL Psychology IA. Replication of Tulving and Pearlstone's study (1966). Received a grade of 15/20 (equated to a 6). This IA was written studying the old psychology syllabus.
  11. STM Recall (SL)

    Replication of Tulving and Pearlstone (1966)
  12. Psychology HL IA marked 7

    An Experiment Investigating the Effect of Anonymity on the Likelihood of Cooperation.
  13. Eyewitness Testimony I (SL)

    An experiment investigating the effects of suggestion on human memory. A replication of Loftus & Zanni (1975).
  14. Eyewitness Testimony II (SL)

    An experiment concerning the effects of manipulated contextual clues on eyewitness
    memory. A replication of Loftus & Palmer (1974).
  15. Levels of Processing and Recall (HL)

    Investigation of Craik & Lockhart's (1972) on semantic and superficial processing on memory recall.
  16. Short-term Memory and Chunking Theory (HL)

    Investigation of Miller's Magic Number 7.
    A good example of what not to do in your IA.
  17. Visual Aids and Rehearsal (HL)

    An extension of Paivio's work to see if pairing pictures with words affects recall.
    An example of what not to do.
  18. Recalling Word Pairs (SL)

    The effects of imagery and rehearsal on memorizing and recalling word-pairs. A replication of Paivio (1971) investigating the dual-coding theory of cognition.
    Grade awarded: 17/20
  19. Preconceived Ideas (HL)

    How does a preconceived idea of a person as warm or cold determine students’ impressions of other personality characteristics?
    Study based on 'The warm-cold variable as an experiential exercise' (Biggs & McAllaster, 1981)
  20. Intervention on Information Recall (SL)

    An investigation on the effect of intervention on information recall. Experiment based on the original of Heyer & Barret (1971) supporting the Working Memory Model of Baddeley & Hitch (1974)
  21. Familiarity of Names (SL)

    An Experiment to Investigate the Effect of Familiarity of Names in Lists on the Recall and Estimation Abilities Due to the Availability Heuristic
    A replication of a study by Kahneman & Tversky (1973)
  22. The Stroop Effect (SL)

    SL Internal Assessment replicating experiment 2 from:
    Studies of Interference in Serial Verb Reactions (Stroop, 1935)
  23. Eyewitness Testimony (SL)

    SL IA replicating the findings from the original study:
    Reconstruction of Automobile Destruction: An Example of the Interaction Between Language and Memory (Loftus & Palmer, 1974)
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