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  1. Psychology exam answer

    Sample essays/answers from old IB exams in Psychology SL/HL with examiner comments.


  2. 8 mark and 20 mark Qs structure plans

    These structure plans are really good way to kick start on planning your responses! Our class last year pull them together and it made my life so much easier!


  3. Sample cognitive psychology responses with questions

    This is the cognitive responses that I did last year as a part of my revision! I hope this helps!


  4. 10 Psychology Essays answering learning outcomes

    My teacher assigns us essays that answer the learing outcomes in order to practise for paper 1. Usually we have to write them by hand, but we typed the first 11 of them. So here they are. They were the first essays I wrote, and some of them are not so good. Look at my teacher's comments to see how these can be improved. (The essays I write now get from 18/22 to 22/22)
    Here are the grades I got:
    1. Criterion A- 4/9
    Criterion B- 7/9
    Criterion C- 4/9
    Final grade: 15/22
    Comments: "Make sure you always have an example of research done to support your ideas"
    2. A- 7/9
    B- 3/9
    C- 2/4
    Grade: 12/22
    Comments: " I am not sure if "At first sight" relates directly to the cats. More critical tihnking needed"
    3. A-7/9
    C 3/4
    Grade: 15/22
    Comments: "It would be better to choose only 3 research methods you undestand really well and analyze critically (TOK) and give an example of a study"
    4. 20/20
    5. 12/22 (I only explained one principle that defiines the Cognitive LoA and the question says principleS)
    6. A-7/9
    Grade: 18/22
    Comments: (at the end of the first paragraph) " Why is it ok to do it? What do we learn?"
    7. A-4
    Grade: 8/22
    Comments: "the question says discuss this means you should consider strenghts and limitations"
    (at the end of the first paragraph) --> "why is it ok? have the results shown progress in psych as a science? is there any other way?
    8. 19/22
    (I did essay 9 by hand sry)
    10. A-8
    Grade: 18/22
    11. A-9
    Grade: 20/22


  5. Biological: Genetics and the Environment Essay

    This is an essay I wrote from one of the "possible essay questions" mentioned in the IB Companion. I received a 95%; therefore, the information is useful for helping in setting up a psychology essay for the exam, specifically concerning the Biological Level of Analysis


  6. Sample biological psychology responses with questions

    This is the responses that I did as a part of my revision last year.
    Although the syllabus has changed a fair bit, this is still very much relevant to new syllabus as well. Theses responses are of high quality ^.^


  7. A comprehensive guide in to unpacking the 8 mark questions and structuring response

    This is a guide that I made to tutor kids in our school!
    I have picked an 8 mark question from the biological analysis section
    and used it as a guide to unpack the 8 mark question and give response that addresses the command term. This will be helpful for students that struggle to structure their responses.


  8. Examine the concepts of normality and abnormality (22 marks)

    My tutor gave this 22/22, so hopefully someone will find it useful


  9. Abnormal Psychology Sample Essay - concepts of normality and abnormality.

    With reference to research, examine the concepts of normality and abnormality.


  10. Cognitive Perspective - Memory - Context and State-dependent Forgetting

    Describe one theory or model within the cognitive perspective related to information processing and use an empirical study to illustrate the strength of the explanation (8 marks)
    Explain how findings from research within the cognitive perspective have been applied in real life situations (8 marks)


  11. Examine models and theories of health promotion (22 marks)

    My tutor gave this assignment 22/22, so I hope it's useful to someone


  12. Treatment of phobias

    a) Describe one approach to the treatment of one dysfunctional behaviour.
    b) Evaluate the ethical problems involved in the approach to treatment of dysfunctional behaviour described in part (a).


  13. Biological Origins of Attratcion

    Essay detailing the biological origins of attraction. Extensive evaluation for each piece of research used, which was retrieved from scientific journals and medical databases. Factors investigated are explicit evolutionary advantages of "attractive" traits, koinophilia, and subconscious factors such as pheromones. (1300 words)


  14. Essay Plans / Samples

    There are a bunch of essay samples and outlines that some I wrote myself, some I compiled from other sources. Most of the learning outcomes have 4 studies or more, except for the general learning outcomes for SCLOA, which I was a little lazy with. Otherwise, these notes are pretty extensive. Hope this helps!


  15. Submitted

  16. Psych Essay - Neuroplasticity

    practice essay on neuroplasticity - "Evaluate research on neuroplasticity (22)". this one scored 20/22. forgot the exact comments but hopefully it's still helpful!


  17. Submitted

  18. 22 pt. Essay on reliability of cognitive process

    22 pt. Essay on reliability of cognitive process for paper 1


  19. Reconstructive memory SAQ example

    Explain one study of reconstructive memory


  20. explain how culture and cultural norms influence behaviour

    SAQ question about culture and cultural norms


  21. models of memory 9 mark

    attached is a sample essay for models of memory


  22. Gene and Behaviour

    This is an answer for gene and bahaviour ques.


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