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A place for files related to extracurricular activities such as MUN.

11 files

  1. ap music theory pdf

    This is the pdf of ap music theory
  2. CAS completion form

    A document given to us by our CAS coordinator for students to complete when done with their CAS.
    This document might not be required at you school, or may be presented in a different form, but it remains a list of questions your coordinator might ask. It's also helpful to actually make you realise what you learned from your experiences.
  3. CAS checklist

    A document given to us by our CAS coordinator for students to complete as they work on their CAS.
  4. A Guide to Resolution Writing, MUN decorum, and a Sample Resolution

    The two files with this are A Guide to Resolution Writing and General MUN Rules (and tips on manipulating them) as well as one of my Resolutions from BEARMUN in Berlin in 2009.
    Keep in mind, this sample resolution was written entirely by me, it was all that I prepared before I went for the conference. It has only 10 extensive clauses. At the conference, this resolution was combined with that of the Delegate of PR China, 8 of my 10 clauses were merged with hers, and 2 of my clauses made it through as they are in the final resolution. Our submitted resolution had over 20 clauses, each clause had 4-6 subclauses, and at least 8-10 sub-subclauses. The more extensive your final resolution, where you specify and explain everything, the better chance you have of it being ratified. This sample is the minimum you should have prepared before you go for your conference, so that you have something substantial to show for merging with other delegates' resolutions.
    The Guide here was mostly what I found on the internet and distributed to my Society members (I was President of MUN Society). But I did include some advice that I have observed and experienced over the years of participating in MUNs with regards to the Points and how to reinterpret them to your benefit.
    Hope this helps,
  5. CAS forms (Just replace school Logo and name)

    Cas forms...works for ALL schools.
  6. Group 4 project

    Our group 4 project and the presentation.
    Centred around Physics.
  7. CAS evaluation example

    Examples of evaluations of my CAS activities
  8. CAS Guide

    This is the complete guide to completing your CAS requirements and gives examples for the three categories.
  9. CAS: Journal Reflection Writing Tips

    This file contains notes on areas to discuss when writing monthly journal reflections on CAS. It has sample questions, focal points and the IB CAS objectives.
  10. 1000 common SAT words

    Contains words that are most likely to be seen in the SAT exam for vocabulary.
  11. CAS activity description template

    Hi Guys!

    Here is a template so you can write your CAS activity descriptions on managebac easier, better and faster!

    Hope this helps!

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