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IB Psychology Revision Guide 2011 2.0
IB Psychology Revision Guide 2011 2.0

About This File

Download package includes: Complete Paper 1 Revision guide, the Abnormal Psychology option and Health Psychology option.

This is a revision guide that I wrote for one of my IB CAS Majors.

This is for the new 2009 syllabus. The Paper 1 revision guide contains the core syllabus of the course which is Biological, Cognitive and Sociocultural levels of analysis.

The 1st paper 2 guide is for the Abnormal Psychology option. I may upload the Health at a later date if requested. I might also upload the Paper 3 one if requested.

Please don't copy this guide and it is your own work. I spent a lot of time compiling notes for this guide from many sources. But, please do send me some feedback on how to improve the guides, I do intend to update them for a while after the exams if these guides receive enough support for it.

Thank You.

P.S. If you're interested, the sources I used were the new Pearson Bacc. Psychology textbook, the crap IB course companion, the Oxford A level psychology revision guide and class notes from my teacher.

Any questions please private message me.

What's New in Version 2.0


  • 1.0: Added the Paper 1 revision guide and the Abnormal Psychology revision guide.
  • 2.0: Added the Health Psychology revision guide.