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Abnormal Psychology Notes

About This File

Here comes the rewision of all psychology HL leraning otcomes discussed in IB1 (at least in my school). The topic is abnormal psychology and the learning otcomes include:

  1. Examine the concepts of normality and abnormality.

  2. Discuss validity and reliability of diagnosis.

  3. Discuss cultural and ethical considerations in diagnosis.

  4. Describe symptoms and prevalence of one disorder from two of the following groups: Anxiety disorders, affective disorders.

  5. Analyze the etiologies of two disorders. (Affective disorders MDD and Anxiety Disorder PTSD)

  6. Discuss cultural and gender variations in prevalence of disorders.

  7. **To what extent do biological, cognitive and socio-cultural factors influence abnormal behaviour? - this one is not discussed seperatly, as it can be deducted from the information included in rewsion of 3 previous leraning outcomes.

​One last thing, is that when it came to the choice of anxiety disorder, my teacher chose PTSD instead of commonly chosen bulimia. So that is what you will find here.


Hope it will help you with orgaznization of your knowledge and cheers to all!!


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