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Comprehensive Notes of the Biological Level of Analysis! PDF and WORD

About This File



For those of you who use the Course Companion (Oxford) written by John Crane and Jette Hannibal, these notes are based on the textbook and on the units 2.1: Physiology and Behaviour and 2.2: Genetics and Behaviour.


I hope you guys find these notes useful, I have worked quite hard on them! I have attached both PDF and WORD files for convenience. So that you may add to the notes should you feel something is lacking.


I have also attached a document on practice questions, some of these are past paper questions, while some are from the textbook, however, I recommend that you practice them after going through the notes. That will be really useful in your bid to prepare for your mocks/finals.


I will also be posting Level 7 model essays on all the SAQs and ERQs possible from the Biological Level of Analysis soon!


Till then, I hope this helps.


Best of luck!


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