IB Mathematics Extended Essay Sample (Got an A) 1.0.0
IB Mathematics Extended Essay Sample (Got an A) 1.0.0

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Research question:  How to decide which method - Cardano’s method or the trigonometric substitution method, to use for solving cubic polynomials with real coefficients?

My Maths EE. It was written in IB1 so the maths isn't like super super sophisticated. Got an A with this essay though. A labour of love. Hope it can help those who want to write their EEs on maths. It is hard, but rewarding :)

I think this essay could be a lot better, but please don't say anything hurtful. 

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The author has made a very strategic choice of RQ that allows discussion of finding roots, complex numbers/De Moivre's Theorem, trignometry, while poking into topics of derivatives and variable substitution/transformations. Readable for some SL and most HL students. Strongly recommend if you are considering to write the EE in Mathematics. 

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