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Chemistry HL IA Level 7 (23/24) – 2017 Syllabi 1.0.0
Chemistry HL IA Level 7 (23/24) – 2017 Syllabi 1.0.0

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About This File

My Chemistry HL IA focusing on mathematical kinetics with an unexpected twist. Score breakdown are as follows:

Personal Engagement: 2/2

Exploration: 6/6

Analysis: 6/6

Evaluation: 6/6

Communication: 3/4

Total: 23/24 (7)

Personal proudest written work from high school. 

User Feedback

To note: the original version that was sent to the IBO had an orange color palette than a blue one, as well as Times New Roman Font over Cambria Maths. Couldn't retrieve the exact version sent and only had this one to upload as a sample. 

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