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Do not post mathematical solutions to questions about Internal Assessment tasks or ask for them. This will lead to account suspension and, in exceptional circumstances, referral to the IBO for investigation. Please see this post for details on what you can and can't do: Mathematics Forum Rules

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    • It is of course possible to get a high mark in a science essay although I would agree it's probably harder than other subjects. In all honesty if I were you, I would pick a subject you know you're going to score a high mark in and do that for your EE. The University doesn't actually care if you do an EE based on medicine or not - but they will care if you have a low IB score. Of course if you do an EE based on medicine you can use it in your application, where I guess it's helpful as something to show interest, but honestly unlikely to make a massive difference. Especially in the UK if you are considering applying here, most people do A Levels and there is no EE equivalent, so not only may they not fully understand what the EE is, they won't be looking for it.  You can do a subject you know you'll score well in AND also try to desperately get medicine in there. I did that myself, I did a Philosophy EE and purposely chose a topic within medical ethics. I don't know if it made any difference as nobody ever asked me about it at my interviews or any other time. You could equally do an essay in History relating to History of Medicine, in English using novels that relate to Medicine... I mean you can get creative with it. But like I said, I have no idea if it counts for anything much. TL;DR do your essay in whatever will get you the best marks as that matters most. If you got an offer for medical school predicated on 40 IB points (or whatever) and you had forced yourself to do an EE in Chemistry but scored low marks for it and so that lost you the point which would have made it 40 instead of 39 and you missed your offer, how would you feel.... think of it that way!
    • Does anyone have any tips for finding a good history EE topic? I just started HL History a month ago so I'm not familiar with what good topics would be. As such, I would greatly appreciate it if someone can guide me, and let me know what are some things/topics to strictly avoid, etc.   Thanks a lot!
    • Dear associates, I need your help. My Extended Essay subjects & topic are due soon, but I am struggling with the choice. I am determined to study medicine after graduating, and thus I want my EE to be relevant. However, when it comes to related sciences, Biology and Chemistry, teachers in my school strongly advise against them, claiming that students get the lowest grades for these subjects. I am interested in them but not much competent in either Bio or Chem, as I picked them only a month ago (this is another story 😂).  Those of you who are experienced in the sciences or anyone willing to help, please give me your advice! Is it true that it is nearly impossible to get a high mark (A or B) in EE in experimental sciences? Do I better choose an interdisciplinary subject? Could you probably share some thoughts about medicine-related topics in EE? I would be genuinely grateful for any reply 😊
    • a rough draft for my IA is due in a week and my teacher still does not like my question. I want to do something based around the valentines day massacre. I need help i have no clue what im doing  
    • Hey everyone, I'm currently writing my economics commentary and have to hand in the draft after this weekend, and I just feel very lost with the structure and connecting things to each other, like the diagrams. If anyone could give me some tips I would be extremely grateful.
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