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    • I have a big problem with procrastination, and so I already failed to turn my original topic in on time (which turned out to be impossible to carry out anyways), and now I am looking for another one (don't worry, I won't be asking you for it), I need to turn it in with an outline and bibliography. I was probably too stubborn and too ambitious to choose biology, as I don't even have it on SL, but oh well. Right now I'm trying to design an experiment, am interested in learning about plants and/or their ability to sense and remember information. I found great research about it by M. Gagliano, and tried to come up with an experiment of my own, but everything I wrote so far seemed far too similar to the studies she's done already. From what I know, these studies are pretty new and the topic was not extensively researched before, but I am scared that my idea will be deemed too unoriginal, and it will not make sense to carry it out. Does anyone have any advice on: 1. how to come up with an experiment that is both original and possible to carry out, 2. how to not fall into despair when the deadline is approaching you like an angry T-rex 3. how to produce space in your house for 60 or so seedlings?   Please and thank you, anyone that responds.
    • Hii My IA idea submission is due tomorrow and I have no idea what I really want to do, but came up with the idea of optimization using differential equations. I thought of reducing the surface area of packaging in different shapes like sphere and prisms, and calculate the minimum point (minima) through second order differentiation equation. I am also planning to then apply this to different real life examples like Toblerone triangle prism or something like that. Do you think this is too simple at the level of maths HL because it is just at the level of maths HL in the syllabus? I am ready to discard the idea if the maths involved is too easy for HL. Thanks xx
    • Hey guys. I found out that the syllabus changed for IB psychology today, and my class doesn’t know about it. And I don’t have an updated textbook. How do I write the essay now? And should I buy a new textbook or use my Pearson?
    • So I just finished my History HL IA, and it counts for 20% of my grade. My teacher sent our IAs without informing us, and it was practically one of my first drafts. I think I'm at a middle to high 5. History is one of my stronger subjects, so I'm really worried because it was one of the subjects I was banking on for a 7. Is it possible to get a 7 if I get a 7 in the final exam? Given that for most subjects, the IA is 20%, like in math, if I score a 7 (theoretically, I know its unrealistic lol but yeah) in all my final exams (the papers), would the scores for these subjects have a chance of being at 7? Thanks. 
    • Instead of Math HL, SL, and studies the math next year is going to divided into two: 1) Analysis & Approaches 2) Applications & Interpretations. The easier of the two would be Math Applications so Applications SL is said to be similar to the current math studies. It's not really removed but they kind of changed the name. 
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