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Where do you find a no-legged dog? Right where you left him!

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    • The federal government has already placed a price on this. They refuse charitable dollars to organizations that breathe a word about abortion as a choice even in the poorest of countries for any reason. Money. 
      Adoptions are available at the end of a pregnancy so a price is placed on the services and wages from the initial discussion through the completion of the contract. 
      Questions of concern with these pro birthers who only provide partial information: who keeps track of those purchased for adoption for I am sure you have fees for service? Are you making sure these homes are safe? Do they reside in "homes"? What do you say about the background? Full medical history? DNA? Who aids the woman with every day events? Child support from dad? What if dad finds out and wants - legally your responsibilty to aid which party? 
      Tell the full truth from the onset or be culpable in lies to further your own belief not help someone who is in need of guidance. The decision is not based on a whim rather it is a struggle and all options should be presented objectively for you may walk away but any decision made by the only active participant will remain for the rest of their life. Very unchristian to make their decision when you are not walking in their shoes at that moment. Their life has been turned upside down not yours. 
      If you are not medical licensed professionals who have an obligation to their viable patient first then stop practicing medicine without a license. It is illegal. Even an ob-gyn knows and can do suturing and basic med for colds and flu so if you cannot do not for you are then a fraud. 
      Want to stop abortion: as the free essay writer i think male abstinence and self control, birth control medication, access to condoms, sex ed discussions, anti ed meds, etc as preventative measures would be more objective in scope.  
    • Hi guys, I want to do my IA on the Golden Ratio as well... but I was thinking about doing it in terms of the human face and beauty, because having a Golden Ratio face supposedly makes you scientifically beautiful. Should I go for this???
    • You may possibly study law (or pre-law) with Studies, but you need higher overall grades.
    • Do I have any other options? I'm really terrible Could I study law with this? Physics I can push it up but maths is a given. And yes I got a 9 for SL while for HL 18
    • Most universities do not accept Math studies for finance and accounting. I am neutral with dropping to Studies. You have to improve on your physics grade anyways. 9 SL points is the minimum to get the diploma. 
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