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    • Hello I'm a math person and I'm in Physics HL course as a Junior IB student. Last week, we had a second unit test and I got an extremely bad grade which is 2. (I got 6 for the 1st unit test) I thought I did it well but there were a lot of misunderstandings. It was bad in particular and there is no explanation for this grade. It was just bad, didn't study enough. From this depression and confusion, I couldn't focus on my Math SL study and I think I did really bad for it even I got 6 for the first Math unit test. I couldn't focus on the test. In fact, I didn't understand some question and I found some mistakes during chatting with my friend about how hard was the test. For other classes, I got quite higher grades for 1st tests. I got all of 6 or 7 in other classes for the 1st unit test. This December, it is decided to go back to my home country because of my parent's company circumstances. I was going to the IB school in my Home country and transfer my IB which is already accepted to the new school. However, there is a risk if I go there. The risk is, the new school is not considered as an actual high school in my home country and they can not give me an official graduation for high school after I graduate there. Therefore, the only thing that I rely on is the final IB score. So as I said, I got an extremely bad grade on my second physics test, and my parents are thinking towards to quit IB and make me go to my home country public/private high school. In my opinion, I really don't want to change my environment now, and in fact, the public school is studying in a completely different language. Therefore, if my parents and I decided to go there, I have to all studies all subjects that are from the past 5 years in my home language. I can speak my home country natively, but I studied subjects in only English in my school now, so it is almost impossible to catch up all studies within 3 months until I leave this school. It is all because they think that I can't get a good grade for the final IB report and end up with not going to university and no job, and it will ruin my life.  Also, going to the IB school is not an easy choice because the school costs a lot. And I have an older sister and she is in Senior IB student. She does a really good job, much better than me so there are possibilities to go to good universities.  However, because of me going to IB school(extremely expensive), she has to get a scholarship to get into the university that she wants to go which will make my sister's life harder. So if I don't go to the IB school, my parents are able to spend money on my sister. (My parent's are not forcing to go to home country school. They are suggesting. I have right to decide and my parents said they will follow that I want to do.) For my future goal, I want to go to a university in the US and study on aviation. So I am also preparing for SAT and I already took PSAT. It was a decent score, and it is possible to get a really good score on the SAT. However, I'm worrying that me getting a good grade on SAT but getting GPA because of the Physics test and then I can not go into the university. This also one reason why my parents are suggesting to me to go to public school in my home country, however, if I go there, a possibility to go into a university in the US will probably become impossible or extremely harder because I'm going to study in a different language in the Public school. My questions are: Is my IB grade and my life ruined by getting 2 in a HL unit test? Is it already ruined? Am I screwed? (I got 6 or 7 for the rest of my classes except one class that I got 5) And even if it's not ruined, is it a good idea to change my environment to a completely different environment? I am really really straying, depressing, and my brain is not functioning because I' m thinking about it for a long and deeply, I ended up with I don't know what I can trust and which one is a good choice because THIS CHOICE IS GOING TO CHANGE MY LIFE. I know that I have to study a lot more, but I don't know that I should trust. I'm sorry that I'm really straying so this there are many random things popping out. Please, somebody, help me 
    • My ToK teacher recommends linguistics, saying 2/3 of his favorite students have taken it. Or you can read some of the more foundational texts, eg by Plato and Kant, and others whom i do not recall.
    • Hi everyone,  I wanted to know if anyone could help me with my personal project. I started the project choosing to focus on gender equality and the price gap between female and male products. My plan was to investigate the reasons why these differences exist and then create a business plan for a "fake" company which would sell products of equal price for female and male. I chose to this mostly because I've always been interested in creating a business. However, my supervisor is now telling me that my project doesn't work as I don't have a real product. He wants me to write a math investigation based on statistics or a poster campaign, two things that I have absolutely no interest in. I am lost and I don't know what to do! Should I simply start over because my project actually doesn't work or should I keep doing it even if my supervisor does not agree?  Thank you for your help !!
    • You might want to add epistemology to your list. e·pis·te·mol·o·gy /əˌpistəˈmäləjē/ noun PHILOSOPHY the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope. Epistemology is the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion.  
    • So, I loved theory of knowledge so much in high school that I want to take a class similar to this in college? Or perhaps even a major similar to TOK? Any suggestions? I have Philosophy and Religion down on my list, but I don't know how in depth or similar they'll be compared to TOK.
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