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    • For my CAS to be 'complete', i.e. for me to be eligible for a Diploma, do I have to complete each learning outcome at least once or do I have to have all the bars of the learning outcomes displayed on managebac to be filled completely? Thank You
    • Not much more to add, but remember that the IB have changed the syllabus - listening exams are now part of the new paper 2(reading comprehension), starting May 2020. For me, what I like to do (I take spanish B) is to write all the interesting vocab words I hear down in the back of my notebook. All of them - especially the ones I know. Later, I write them into quizlet - with a definition in the target language + translation.This helps retain and remember vocab - repetition helps to make it easier to use. There's no point attempting to learn difficult new vocab if you aren't comfortable with what you already know. :)) Also, talk to your teacher! Usually, teachers are more than willing to help with tutorials etc. We have a couple of students that couldn't understand a word at the beginning of the year, and now they're much more confident. Good luck!     (Also, if worst comes to worst, does your school offer ab initio classes? We have french students that transferred to an ab initio other language in the autumn of ib1)  
    • I'd say that you should have a period of time. Deciding what your thesis is going to be is the hardest part of any historical investigation and is difficult because you have to do it early on before you've done most of your research (you could of course do all your research an then do the thesis but personally that seems tough and not what I did). I'd recommend doing a bit of research ant then trying to come up with a thesis that is not obvious but that should also no be impossible to support. How did the Mafia's presence change over time? Why? That sort of thing.
    • What did they ask you in the french interview?
    • If I find standard deviation values based off of my trials ( I did 3) and show it on my graphs, do I need to calculate absolute uncertainty or percentage uncertainty?? My IV is different catalysts and DV is rate of reaction ( pressure by gas produced over time in seconds). Really confused.  
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