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International Baccalaureate

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    • Hello guys!  i am looking forward to do my ee in maths and very interested in calculus. But I am stuck on finding my rq. Can i get some ideas?
    • I need help with my Interactive Oral for Lit HL...  1.) I can't decide which of the three books to do it on. My options are No Exit, Perfume and The Reader.  2.) I really can't think of any good content from The Reader as it was by far my least favourite book out of the three.  3.) The discussion scares me and my class is full of kids who dominate the discussion and don't let anyone who's not in their clique speak. Any advice? Thank you!
    • Hey guys,  I have a really important question and the quicker the answer the better. I have my final exams in a few weeks and I know for a fact I won't be getting my diploma, I am refugee status so gaps and knots in my education did affect my results and I know they will have to be addressed when applying to unis. I am however doing two diploma programs so if I don't get the IB diploma I have another diploma and I'm really proud of my scores on there. I went through a lot of trouble with the IBDP and don't want it to go to waste, is it possible for me to get certificates for individual subjects after the results of my diploma are out or do I need to drop the diploma program now? The colleges I'm looking at are in Canada, I have the minimum requirements thanks to my other diploma but I feel like having my strong IB subjects in there might make my application stronger. I really appreciate the help and would love to hear what everyone thinks about requesting certificates after completing the diploma program. Is it possible or should I drop now?
      Also if I didn't end up dropping and failed can I only show the unis some of my scores. Thanks 
    • Can someone please tell me some good ia, preferably about light. Thank you, Dadu
    • It is possible to take the Fourier transform of any continuous function. However, the method involves numerical integration, which is way beyond IB HL. 
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