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International Baccalaureate

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    • Hello guys, I need an interesting bio hl topic for my IA. I was thinking about something connected with allelopathy, for example, planting mint and cucumber near each other and measuring how the cucumber is affected, maybe adding different temperatures so it wouldn't seem so easy? or something with essential oils and how they affect the growth of different plants but I don't really know which I could choose. What do you guys think? 
    • I'm doing terrible in Math SL (because I lack a lot of basic knowledge of math due to different education systems and me moving around a lot) I am constantly getting C and D grades all year. It's too much for me because the teacher teaches way too fast for someone who has almost 0 knowledge on most these subjects ex. logs. I'm a month away from my Junior Year semester exams and am thinking of dropping to math studies next year for senior year. But would I be able to go to universities because I heard Math Studies isnt taken seriously? My subjects are right now: SL math, SL spanish ab initio, SL chemistry and HL biology, HL english, HL global politics I only took sciences because I wanted to keep my options open and wasn't sure about my career path so I for sure don't want to go into medicine (which I know needs math SL).  Now I understand my strengths and most likely want to go to psychology or something to do with design like interior design etc.  Would I be able to do be accepted into future uni courses even if I drop to math studies? Thanks 
    • So I am almost ending Y1 and I take higher level Math, Econ, History and standard level: Spanish B, English Lang Lit and Physics.  Overall, I and not doing so well, as my math grades fluctuate, my history and econ is ok i guess, and my standards are ****ing killing me, like they are way too ****ing hard for my ability. I want to aim for univerisities like KCL, UCL, LSE etc. and I am nowhere near. My parents scold me every time saying how stupid I am for not being aware of things which leads to my downfall in academics. I do not know what to do. I find myself so stubborn everyday and I try my best not to be like that and yet it still keeps nailing me. The way my school is, how I am doing poorly. I procrastinate sometimes, I don't know a good study method, I rly don't ****ing know. The end of year exams are coming in less than a month and I don't know how to prepare, I have revised to an extent but not enough. What is it with me? I am cutting off everything, family, friends. I am getting further and further away. Before I was here in Japan, I was in London and life there was amazing. I just wish I did DP there, where I can keep a good balance between work and social life. Here? I rather dislike Japan and I think the reason being is that I do not have the certainty that I will go back to London for studies. Seeing that consequence and looking back at my country, I am filled with rage and angry finding any way to blame this country for my failure. I try not to do that cos it will affect my academics, but as a result and tendency-wise it just comes out. Please save me and find me ways to get to those uni's in London. I just want to live the life I originally lived.... that is all I am asking for. 
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