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International Baccalaureate

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    • I'm not on IB I'm still in middle school but  basically what's going on is you need to take an entrance exam, I'm still not sure why they do it however I do know that you have exactly 1 hour to finish a language grammar, vocabulary correction and fill in the blank type of thing and there usually is an essay that needs to written that has a limit of 200-250 words. The math test is going to be based of off the grade 7 and 8 cirriculam so nothing you should really worry about there and I believe that some school also do French however it's not mandatory after grade 9. There's no point of stressing because you won't get enough sleep which will cause you brain to become foggy which will give you a hard time during the actual test. A trick I learned is to write everything you know first because then the facts will slowly start popping up as information comes up. I wish you the best of luck and hope that everything goes. At this point your test is tommorow (if you live in mississauga) so just read and look over anything in math that you may have questions about or try going to gauss. It's a math contest hosted by the university of Waterloo that's the grade 7 and 8 cirricilam I did it and was able to score 121 out of 150 which isn't that bad. I hope that this information was help and good luck! 
    • Grades like 234 could be easily improved if you work more efficiently. Math and Physics are about studying regularly, asking questions when confused, and doing a variety of problems. The best way to ensure that you get into a university is by working smarter and getting better grades. Otherwise as year 2 gets harder than year 1, lower grades are not looking promising with risk of even not getting diploma (you need 9 points in SL). If you just get to 31 ish (with ToK/EE) you should get multiple offers.  
    • Hey y'all  I have my IOP due in around 2 weeks and I've barely done anything because I keep confusing myself about what to do. We have looked at a lot of texts in class surrounding themes of class distinction (these include the Dolls House by Katherine Mansfield, The Dead by James Joyce and Opportunity by Charlotte Grimshaw). I want to do my IOP surrounding the characters and their perceptions of class distinction and how it affects their behaviour, but I'm worried there's not enough depth in that.  I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what kind of ideas I could explore in the realm of the theme of class distinction. I'm not too worried about the creativity aspect of it, but more the analysis as I really want a 7!! Thanks heaps xx
    • OK. Thank you so much for your help and support, I really appreciate it;)
    • Hi, I've just received my grades and it's not looking so good. I really don't understand how but I should've been predicted for a 30 at least but only got 27. Is there any hope? Are there universities that will accept me? Thank you,
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