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  2. kw0573

    Trigonometry Ferris Wheel Question

    Draw the Ferris wheel at time t = 0, with P at the bottom. Draw another wheel, showing location of P, for t = 20 minutes. Then repeat for t = 10 minutes, and find the height of P. Finally, draw the wheel at t = 15 minutes and find the height of P.
  3. I'm having trouble with the following question: Let P be a point on the wheel (which has a diameter of 100 m). The wheel starts with P at the lowest point, at ground level. The wheel rotates at a constant rate, in an anticlockwise (counterclockwise) direction. One revolution takes 20 minutes. What would be the height of P above ground level after 15 minutes? Thank you
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hey guys, since I haven't started studying for ess exam yet ... Please guide me like how to study and what to do? or if anyone of you have notes please share if you don't mind or just tell me how should I go about studying? Thanks a lot
  6. LattoyaPaulo

    Stuck on my Math Studies IA

    My topic for my Math studies IA is "Is there a correlation between height and holding positions of power?". I am trying to figure out the mathematical processes I can use. My data is separated from women in political positions and their height and men in political positions and their height. How should I proceed with my investigation? Any ideas or criticisms?
  7. Hi! I really need some help with the ERQ for Animal Research in Bloa There are 3 potential practice questions that we are supose to write a practice ERQ on, but I dont know which studies to use for each of them and what information to include! 1)Discuss the value of animal models in the study of the brain and behaviour 2)Evaluate one evolutionary argument to explain one human behaviour 3)Discuss how genetic simillarities help psychologists in the study of genes and behaviour These are the studies that we can use: Roger's and Kesner, Meany Stydy on Stress Hormines, Rosenzweig study, Romero et al study. Endophenotype Argument, Harlow's Monkeys Please help as soon as possible! Thank you.
  8. Last week
  9. Hey, so it's that time of the year where IB Year 1's are getting ready to do their Group 4 projects as well as preparing their IAs. I'm totally stumped on what I want to do, but I do know what topic (Ecology) I really like working with animals but due to ethical reasons, I'm limited to what I can do with them so the teacher suggested to mainly work with plants. I would like to do something interesting with them but I need some help generating a solid idea. Help would be much appreciated, so if you do have just an idea or specific topic let me know
  10. tokQuestions_com

    TOK presentation

  11. Nikolakhs

    CUEGIS essay and IA

    Hello, We are practicing for our CUEGIS essay for next year, and our teacher said that we can write about the same company as in our IA. Wouldn't that be collusion? Are we allowed to write about the same company, in two different assessments? Thanks in advance.
  12. pig49

    TOK presentation

    Thank you very much. You really helped me to decide on my topic.
  13. chachibanks


    Hi guys for my cas project I’m making a small book with a bunch of creative writing pieces, photography, artwork etc. so if any of you have anything you’d like be willing to share/send pls send it to this email: [email protected] it can be anything from poetry to a story you write for class... or just pictures you enjoyed taking, sketches etc. it can really be anything! Thanks
  14. https://chat.whatsapp.com/42Ez4wK1uw07HAEX4MWGum hi so usually ont his groupchat people just pose a question and people will answer, and they discuss all types of topics. if you want to talk to people indivdually u could use the groupchat and ask like: "who takes math hl" for example and then text those who respond or smth
  15. thank you very much. Can you send the link? And also is there a way to chat with individual IB students and discuss certain topics? I appreciate your help,
  16. tokQuestions_com

    TOK presentation

    Yes, it's about knowledge and it clearly links to the RL. Definitely a good one 😄 I think you got it! It sounds like a good choice, just remember to structure your exploration around the KQ, not around anti-vaxxers.
  17. pig49

    TOK presentation

    Also, thank you for the help on the previous question. I actually do really like that KQ, so would probably want to go with my 1. suggestion for the RLS, the one about my best friend. Do you think that that would be a good option?
  18. pig49

    TOK presentation

    I know this sounds strange, but I am actually thinking about changing my whole topic, because I don't feel very invested in this one and that won't end well. I was thinking about the point that you made with Anti-Vaxxers and thought that that could be an interesting topic. I have 2 ideas for a RLS. 1) One of my old friends (I don't know how specific I have to be on names) got a vaccine against tuberculosis when she was little. It was done wrong and ended up giving her the disease and so she had to be treated against it. Then her mother became an anti-Vaxxer, because of the situation that they had been put through. I think that for that RLS I would still be able to use the same KQ: how can emotion affect decision making/reasoning? ( I could also use the 2nd KQ for this one) I would talk about confirmation bias and the other things I have mentioned above 2) This one would be based on the measles. I don't know if I am allowed to use this as a RLS, but I was going to use the number of people that died from the measles in 2018: Measles kills more than 100,000 people a year, mostly children who have not been vaccinated. In 2018 there were 307,000 reported outbreaks of the measles, which is twice as many as in 2017, because more people decided not to vaccinate their children. (according to a preliminary study) My KQ would be slightly different for this situation: To what extent should personal beliefs override one's acceptance to shared knowledge? I think I would look at this by looking at the various perspectives on the situation and then look at the WOK's: in this case reason, emotion and maybe faith. Then I would look at more RLS: I think a good one might be global warming? Thanks a lot in advance for any help
  19. tokQuestions_com

    TOK presentation

    I like both of them 😄 My only possible suggestion would be to combine them to something like, "In what ways can reasoning be affected/influenced by emotion?"
  20. pig49

    TOK presentation

    I want to change the knowledge question slightly, but I am not sure how it makes it sound. I just think that the other one is structured a bit more complicated and might be hard to follow. I want to go with the same concept, but just change it to: 1) How can emotions affect logical reasoning? or 2) In what way can reasoning be manipulated by emotion?
  21. Tysm for taking your time to respond! Turns out I'm going to write about the show after all,,,, I'll let you know if I'll need any help (if u don't mind). Wish you the best on the upcoming exam!! x
  22. Hey, thank you so much for your suggestions! Wish you the best x
  23. PatrickRivers

    Building a strong Resume For Universities.

    Hi! I can give you top 3: 1. Include only the most relevant information and put it first. 2. Give attention to important achievements. 3. Only include sections you need. I'm sure this review helped me a lot.
  24. my teacher didn't give me detailed tips because I want a very good grade in English B and I want to get over 5 in the 3rd term. does anyone have tips to get a 7 in English B
  25. lilyserbest

    UK universities for Courses and CP students?

    I do not take the IBDP and I might be curious about the information if UK accepts IB Courses and/or IBCP students. I heard that Bradford university wants 6 in Math HL and Chemistry HL for Chemical Engineering or Chemistry (I'm currently taking HL math and HL chemistry)
  26. I go to International School of Athens. My school offers: English B (HL/SL), French B or ab, Spanish B or ab and German B or ab. We will have Arabic B or ab soon. My class has Arabic A, Spanish A and Chinese A self taught.
  27. Maileb

    Need help/suggestions with my EE ideas

    I did an FOA on 13 reasons why and the glorification of suicide and it turned out really well. There’s a lot of scenes that portray suicide in an incorrect way and the whole show creates a revenge like scenario that almost makes it appealing. There were also two teen girls that took their lives because of the show. I think if you factor in all the responses and everything it could be really good. Also, let me know if you need any other help!
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