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  2. Yes, ofc! Just be sure to check in with ur CAS coordinator, and make sure that the supervisor for this activity signs ur CAS paperwork so u can get the paperwork approved before u start ur activity. Have fun!
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  4. yep, it sounds like a great experience that would tick a lot of the cas boxes
  5. I'm not really sure about the specifics of how to write a bio EE but for mine (chem) I found that looking at exemplars I found online (some even have the marksheet in the pdf) really helped as it gave me a sense of how to set things out and what I should be aiming for by the end. If you're doing an experiment - based one, start out by writing it up IA-style and then you can expand to weave in your lit research and make it sound a bit more like an 'academic essay' overall. In terms of topic, simple is good! The IB are looking for something in which your personal input and understanding really shine through, and something relatively simple is a good way of doing this (if it helps, mine is literally based on a SL chem practical that I've expanded and adapted in a couple of different ways). Also, science EEs tend to be hard to score well on, so make sure you don't throw away any 'easy' marks (e.g. make sure presentation + formatting are good and your reflections are 'ib style': every mark counts!) Sorry if that was a bit too general but hope it was at least somewhat helpful aha
  6. As you could tell, i'm doing a biology ee. My adviser has been zero help (as it's her first year to be an adviser) and i don't know what to do. I have a very simple but distinct (by distinct, i just mean not vague) topic, but i can expand on it greatly. Will this be looked down upon? I don't know how hard biology ee are graded. Any advice will be helpful. Thank you all! p.s. a draft of my ee is due soon
  7. It’s been a semester of IB so far (live in Australia) and I’m currently on a 7 in Chem, a 6 in physics and a 5 in maths. So yeah, we’re just deciding our SL/HL choices now, I think I’ll do those 3 because I really enjoy them. thanks for your reply
  8. @voh26 I havent made significant progress so i guess i could use some help
  9. Read through the English B guide .. any that is available, so that you know what is required during the two years. You can't really prepare for your classes yet, unless your teacher has given you the syllabus. If she has already given you the syllabus, then just read through your assigned literary works.
  10. Hi Ppboat, Did you figure things out already? All good? If not, just give me a shout. I might be able to help.
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  12. Oh man. I'm so mad. My grade didn't change. ****. It's literally one mark. I'm so mad it's not even funny.
  13. To further KW, From what I understand, A-G is a UC gen. ed. sort of thing. American universities generally don't care about your new grade when you retake high school classes in high school. The old grade still is the one factored into your GPA when they look at admissions stuff.
  14. I can only answer the a-g. See https://www.ucop.edu/agguide/a-g-requirements/. Chemistry is an a-g course.
  15. I know a friend who had the exact same thing, some of the hl courses they already did a semester of weren’t available in there new school. My advice, if your moving during the summer, is research... research... and work. If possible, before you leave, ask your teacher to approve a ee question at least, so you can work on it later. same with the ia, if not come up with ideas you know will be approved so you either get right to work on them in your new school or work on it during the summer, make the most of your time, ask your teachers to give your tips, tell them that your new school is ahead and hopefully they may fill you in a bit more to ease your mind. Hope that helps.
  16. So I got a level 5 on my sl chem exam, with a mark or 86%. I retaking grade 12 chem in summer school to bump up into the 90%s. Do American universities (specifically California, like UCLA) care if I retake the course. Will the accept the higher mark. CAUSE I READ SOMETHING ONLINE... and they said they don’t accept the retaken mark if it’s already higher than a C for a-g courses. WHAT DO THEY MEAN BY a-g courses??? (UCLA website image below) I’m confused if I should drop the summer school course and keep my current mark or bump it up if it benefits me. btw... I don’t live in America, so will that also affect the outlook on retakes a course during summer school ?
  17. I'm poor and need all the help I can get for college. My parents are in bad student loan debt that destroyed their credit, so I won't go down that road.
  18. Hi. I'm really sorry to hear what you're going through right now. I can relate since I had to deal with so many family illnesses on top of a high workload during my high school years as well. Feel free to vent here. Is there a reason why you can't quit your classes?
  19. I'm not full I.B, but I.B English is killing me. The ever heightening mountain of work makes me feel like I'm suffocating. Plus my personal life makes things rough, too. My mom has cancer, my childhood friend died the summer before my junior year, and I feel like I'm falling apart. Most of my friends have either had to leave I.B because of the horrible strain it has caused them, or are just as stressed as me. This program makes me miserable but I can't quit. Sometimes I wish I could just die in my sleep so I won't have to deal with the stress anymore. I can't even get a job to try and save up for college because of the workload and Theatre. I just want a little less on my plate without having to let my grade suffer in order to have any free time. I work so hard for this class and nothing comes from it except for crying myself sick. I'm not suicidal but I don't care about dying anymore because of the stress.
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  21. I see, thank you for taking the time to respond. One question though, (btw I'm at Colonel By), should I take ITGS instead of IB Geo then? The fact is that if I take IB Geo 1 I need to take in grade 11 to complete the 2 year course with IB Geo 2. If I do that, I can't do the 1 year ITGS course in grade 11. This makes it seem like I should be taking ITGS. But I'm not really sure what you do in ITGS? Is it Information Technology, networking, etc. or is it filming and photoshop, that kind of stuff. If it is, I'd rather not take ITGS. If I swap out IB Geo 1 in grade 10, what course should I replace it with?
  22. The main issue is that your school may change name of IB courses to register for the Ontario curriculum. You can tell the school what IB courses you want to take, and they will tell you what to register. I do not know how course progression works at your school. ITGS will not be required but it could be useful. For example if there is an ITGS year 1 course then you can take that. You should probably take IB math Analysis and Approach HL, a new course starting fall 2019. Along the way you will take both adv. Functions and Calc/Vect. IB categotizes courses into six groups. You either take one course from each group, or instead of group 6(the arts, music, dance, etc), you can take a second from groups 1-5. By taking IB Music, you do not need to take both CS and Physics, which are both group 4 experimental sciences. However, taking Physics instead of Music can open more doors when applying to different university programs.
  23. So ideally, my dream job right now would to be an ethical hacker, however I'm super uncertain as what courses I need to take. Like this group thing is really confusing. Currently going into grade 10 and I need help with what courses to take. First I took civics and careers during summer school so I don't need to do that in grade 10. My band director recommended for me to take IB music, which I'm good at, but I feel like will be useless for me in the future. Then I'm also taking French Immersion for the French Credit, IB Geo and obviously ICS. My question is, do I need ITGS, because then I do not have to take IB Geo- and if I do drop IB Geo, what should I replace it with in grade 10? Also do I need physics, calculus and vectors, or advanced functions? There are so many options... help (sorry)
  24. For the FOA that we are supposed to do in part 1, I chose to analyse a speech (ich bin ein berliner). I thought about this for a while since analytical skills aren't tested specifically in the FOA and I decided that it DID in fact satisfy one of the part 1 learning outcomes - "analyse how language and meaning shape the audience and purpose". My focus would be the historical and social context of the time period in which the speech was delivered and how it shapes the overall meaning of the text. When I asked my teacher if this could be a suitable topic for the FOA, she told me that analytical skills were assessed in Paper 1 and that I would only score 15 marks for the analysis. However, she added that she wouldn't stop me from going through with this topic and that I could score higher if it was a critical analysis of the text. I am freaking out since it took me along time after I left the group that I was originally in and had to brainstorm for a new topic- which exhausted me mentally Could anyone offer any suggestions as to whether it would be a good decision to continue with my current topic or advice as to what could possibly constitute as a critical analysis? PS I have to present my topic on MONDAY so it would be very helpful if you guys could offer suggestions before then. Thanks
  25. Hi, Your topic has potential, but the lack of research can be a big problem. You could look at a company and look at specific trade/labour union movements in that company (e.g. strikes, creation of new unions, etc.), and then analyse the effects of those union movements on how the company has performed over time (in terms of productivity). In terms of theories to apply, it doesn't have to be trade-union specific theories, but you could refer to motivational theories and how those can lead to resistance, labour movements and so on. But yes, finding information on this topic is difficult. If you cannot find any good sources, consider changing topics. Did you have any other ideas? If not, consider brainstorming. Use the IB syllabus to consider which topics may interest you. Also, regardless of the topic you choose, make sure you use a company which has a lot of information available (large public companies usually have the highest amount). If you are still stuck, why not look at business or financial news to get an idea of of what topics/issues you could approach. If you have any other questions, let me know!
  26. It is a hard combination of HL subjects, but if you want to do aerospace engineering, you should definitely do Maths and Physics HL. If you had to change HLs, it would be "better" to drop Chemistry and do Economics instead... But that would be pointless. You want to prepare yourself for engineering, so you would benefit from doing Maths, Physics and Chemistry at HL. Economics will not give you any benefits. Yes, it will be tough with those HLs, but if you like the subjects and are good at them, you should be fine if you put in the work. If you hate economics, maybe you shouldn't do it at all; otherwise, keep it at SL so you enjoy your IB more.
  27. If you can't amount sufficient interest in some subjects, you can try to get your school to take self-taught subjects. There aren't many, but from what I know Further Maths can be taken as a self-taught subject, so you could also look into that if you'd like.
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