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  2. @Befuddled @kw0573 thank you very much for the responses! I am feeling a little better than I was when I posted this, and I'll keep in mind what you guys have said. I think I will just try and focus on getting my grades up. Thank you guys again!!
  3. One thing that everyone likes to say is to start early. This is true but to an extent. We started our EE process in around March, but by then I was pretty sure what I wanted to do, I finalised my topic after my first meeting with my supervisor. Then I researched regarding my topic and methods that were already there, and I started pre-trials before Easter. I finished my experiments before we left for the summer holidays, but this was because the experiment itself was pretty long as I had to leave the apparatus running overnight. Depending on your experiment, I would suggest planning and staying back at school for as long as possible to finish your experiments and collecting data. My planning and organization really helped and meant that I wasn't stressed after I came back from the holidays. That being said, I did no work on my EE during the holidays because I was busy with uni stuff, but all in all, I would say I had my first draft done around September. I did book a lot of meetings with my supervisor regarding the wording of certain things in my report and how exactly to go about the formatting, so don't be afraid to book meetings with your supervisor! You have to be able to chase them down because usually, they won't remind you about meetings and things like that. Make sure you're organized and on top of your work, and finish collecting data as soon as possible! Hope this helped!
  4. I think it would be better to brainstorm more ideas, possibly with your peers. This topic is too simple. Unless you have some strong personal attachments to this topic, it's much more efficient to come up with new ideas rather than try to improve upon this particular idea. It's interesting but unnecessary to take experimental data and compare to theory. Other ideas include exploration relationships between math topics (eg trig and vectors), use regression methods to model a curve or shape, explore a very tough problem in any of the units (eg probability or roots of higher order functions), math a little bit beyond syllabus (some HL content in complex numbers or differential equations), appreciation of math and applications (eg Riemann zeta functions, fractals, group theory, cryptography).
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  6. In addition to that tragic truth, do try to fit in extracurriculars in. When competition comes in for entrance into uni, extracurriculars can be an asset with good grades. As well, what is the required grade to get into Cambridge ?
  7. Hi! I am writing my EE in biology and I would really appreciate getting some advice from people who have done it in the past. What was hard for you in the process? How did you solve it? Is there anything that you think would have been helpfull to know earlier in the process? General advice and so on would be really helpfull for me both regarding the writing of the essay and the lab. Thank you
  8. Hello, guys, I would really love to write my ee or in classical greek or in latin, but it seems like no-one is writing it in these subjects. I studied both of them in my previous, non IB school and i don t really care about my final mark but I am really scared to fail my EE, so to fail IB. in my school there these subjects are not offered (obviously) but yet there are 2 teachers who offered to be my supervisors, even if they have neve been supervisors for these subjects, so I have no idea what to do and how to decide. can you please send me any example concerning these languages you have or anything you know if in your school those languages are taught? and, by the way, so few people are doing classics in the IB world! thanks!
  9. I desperately need some help in thinking of a TOK presentation topic/question, if anyone has any ideas/past questions please let me know! Thanks!
  10. Oh my god I have the same problem as you right now! At the beginning of the year I was getting 3s and 4s even though I thought I understood the topics. What I've started to do is writing revision notes (try shortening down all the information in the textbook into a notebook) and then look through it during revision. After this, I would print out a ton of past paper questions and do ALL of them and then correct the questions I got wrong. This process can take a while, but I find myself understanding the questions more and know how to answer them to get me the marks. Now, my grades are increasing (can't wait to get a 7 soon!) so it should work for you. Try not to stress too much, just remember you have it in you!!
  11. I just started using it but it seems really good at shortening down everything. I would suggest using both the textbook and study guide during your revision.
  12. Simple answer. You can't. Your best bet is: do well in the IB, both for your predicted grades and actuals, nail the essay, the interview, and any tests they have. That will give you a good chance. There's no single formula to get into these universities. Also, if you don't get the required grades, you're not getting in. Simple as that. Best of luck.
  13. How do I make sure I get into Cambridge? Even if I don't get the required grades?
  14. So I'm doing tumor growth in my Maths IA. More specifically, I would like to do some modeling on the tumor growth by the Gompertz model. However, after I found the data for tumor growth, I have no idea what I should do next. Any ideas?
  15. Hey! This sounds like a really interesting topic, but unfortunately, I THINK you'll have to analyze a text (double check your EE guide for this). With EE's, always think of a subject before you formulate your topic.
  16. EE Topic: The Construction of African American culture through social media. this is a topic I have been wanting to pursue but I have doubts. If the subject is Language And Literature do i have to analyze a text, or can I just develop my topic based on research and sources likes that. For the topic I mentioned above I have no text to relate it to.
  17. Just as she discovered this, hades god of death appeared out of thin air, looking very...
  18. Interview emotions ie) fight well..that makes sense...
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  20. I ended up collecting data on pressure over time (instead of volume over time) using a gas pressure sensor and test tubes. Apparently, for each trial, I need to do a calculation to account for the pressure of the air that was already in the test tube before the oxygen from the reaction began to evolve, but I am unsure about how to proceed. Any tips?
  21. Hi, just wanted to know if there were any particular subjects that are very important for me to take given that I want to be a journalist post-IB. I'm planning on taking HL English, HL Government and Politics but don't know what else to pick for higher. I've heard advice that I should pick Film Studies. I'm planning on taking SL Maths Studies, SL German because I have to but the other SL subject is open. Any advice will be taken and appreciated. Thanks, eli.x.rey
  22. Yes, you can. It only applies to special cases in which students want to study medicine in India, Pakistan, and the Netherlands. In these cases, your school ib coordinator has to contact the IBO so that you can get your diploma and not do group 3. However, if you're ib coordinator doesn't do that, you most likely will not receive your diploma which would be really bad. Taking 3 sciences isn't a part of the diploma and it isn't recommended bc group 3 classes are really essential and will help you so much later on. Anyways, hope this helped!
  23. Hello, I'm thinking about doing retakes since I changed my plans and want to start studying dentistry. When I was in high school, I wanted to become a teacher but things have changed.. My question is simple: Did you regret retakes? yes or no, and why? And for those that succeeded in their retakes, how did you manage, any tips? How did you study? Anything special to keep in mind? Changes in syllabus, rules etc etc? Thanks!
  24. English, I got an A.
  25. Hi! I did my EE in English and got an A. My tips for you is choose something easy and very straight forward. My research question was as follows: How are females portrayed in american contemporary R&B lyrics? So literally, the only thing I had to do is just answer the question by ''analyzing'' the lyrics. But, since its a straight forward question asking how females are portrayed, I had to be objective which was very nice, i didnt need to take sides or discuss anything. I helped my friend with his EE and he got a B, he chose english too but wrote about how a character was portrayed in a film. Because at the end of the day, the main goal with extended essay is to show that you've got the skills to write and extended essay.
  26. It never hurts to hire a tutor temporarily. I feel the same way about English, I spend so long with little progress, but I hope you'll understand what you did wrong.
  27. Thank you!
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    To what extent does genetic influence behavior, a long answer from the BLOA. This was marked as 17/22 a level 7 answer. It is an essay divided into chunks to help you memorize.
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