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  2. I AM DOING MY EE IN PHYSICS. i am investigating the effects of diffraction on the voltage generation of solar panels. Is this good or not. the principles i may use are huygens wave theory, fraunhofer diffraction geometry. IS THIS A BAD TOPIC??? because the topic is kinda in the sylabbus. is it too simple of an experiment? please some guidance might help.
  3. Recently, we just finished up our Round 2 Presentations for TOK and to say the least, I was very disappointed. My first grade was a 6/10 which I was ok with since it was our first and I had no idea what I was doing. My only criticism was that my secondary questions were too off topic and my teacher said he lost track of what I was talking about since I jumped too quickly from each example. So we had our second round which I worked really hard on for at least two weeks straight and presented yesterday and we got our grades back today online (so no criticism available and can't see any until after Thanksgiving Break) and I got a FIVE!!! It was really outraging for me since I worked so hard and I fixed my problems from last time. He said before that 80% of the people do better their second round and it's really heartbreaking to see I actually went DOWN. I know it's not just me who thought that since all the students said they were impressed with my presentation. So how much will does hurt my overall IB grade? I know it's 1/3 of the full TOK grade but based on this, I'm not counting on getting a great essay score since either the teacher just down-right hates me or I just really suck at TOK. Ugh just an awful day yesterday... And most students in my class improved; so far I checked, I'm the only one who went down.
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  5. It is exactly this I am not exactly sure what the difference between the different 'Abitur' is - I was only told the ones in Bayern and Baden-Wuerttemberg are considered the toughest ones and the most recognised ones. How much truth is in this I do not know. For economics maths and Econ HL should be fine, but if you want you could contact the universities you're interested in applying to.
  6. IB Math Standard Notes 1.0.0 XD
  7. Yeah, some very basic questions are often repeated, like I'm pretty sure every year there is always a question on the IB Chem paper 2 which says, "Define average bond enthalpy." It will probably test the same skills but for questions with more depth it probably won't be repeated exactly or with slight word changes.
  8. Probably add a section to explain what the forum is about and how it works. That because I just signed up and I don’t get it.
  9. I started the IB almost three months ago and I chose from the beginning to do maths SL. Now I regret that decision so much. I really wish I could switch from maths SL to HL but is it actually possible? I read that once you have started with Marhs SL you cant upgrade to HL but I haven’t asked to the IB coordinator yet. My Maths teacher thinks it wouldn’t be a problem for me to switch to HL and I really want it because I feel like I’m not using my full potential and I’m so frustrated. Maths SL is too easy for me and I’m above the level of the class. I don’t want to stay in the SL class if it’s still possible to pass to HL maths.
  10. hey i literally take your subjects except for a different lang sl! i think it is a good plan for a schedule (though i may be slightly biased haha) - it's hard, especially as the three highers are all quite content heavy, but it's also v interesting and rewarding. with bio and hist it's largely just content learning, so it doesn't matter if your teachers haven't taught ib before, and with chem as long as theyre a good teacher in general you'll be absolutely fine. similarly maths sl shouldn't matter at all if your teacher has taught ib before or not. if you ever need any help/advice from someone with a v similar subject combo feel free to pm me
  11. Take Hindi B SL unless your university wants a bilingual
  12. Hello all, I am still stuck at choosing my topic for my Extended Essay for English. I have chosen a book called 'Purple Hibiscus'. If anyone has any idea about what topic I can talk about and the things that I can explore more about it, please help me. Thank you so much
  13. Hi guys, I'm in my 1st year of DP and our EE coordinator told us to start writing up a proposal for our EE. Now I have a slight dilemma with my subject choices: I really want to do either History or Visual Arts, however, there is an issue with both of them. History: I want to pursue a career in History and I was going to take it up as an IB subject but since we do not have a DP History teacher, I did not - would it be wise to do an EE in a subject that it is not a subject of mine and has a MYP supervisor? I would like to add, though, that I really do like History. Visual Arts: I'd like to look into art history but again we do not have a DP V.A teacher therefore it is not one of my IB subjects - would it be wise to do an EE for the same reason above? Furthermore, the MYP teacher that is available is not really adept in the English language and I feel that would affect my grade. As a backup, I have English literature, however, it's not really my favourite subject... All the same, I'd really appreciate some feedback! Thanks again
  14. Hello, I heard from someone you need 24 points in the first term of IB2 to do the end of year exams, I was wondering if this is true?
  15. Hey guys, I'll be doing an Art Project for CAS so a painting/art piece that will be displayed in the school, therefore, it either has to be school (IB) related. I was wondering what things do you guys relate with IB and if it was your school what type of things would you like to see on your school walls? As well as do you guys any ideas on how I could incorporate Art with something education I have ideas but I'm not sure. Thank u
  16. Hey guys! So I was earlier doing a micro economics EE, which had to be discarded because Primary data was becoming a problem. Now My teacher suggested that I do a development economics ee because it'll be quicker. Can someone please help me out with the topic and the structure?
  17. International admissions can be quite confusing, don't worry. Yes. If your school confers no grades, send your IB predicted grades. In my experience, universities usually explicitly ask for predicted grades because there are too many variables in determining the value of 75% in a private school in Mauritius vs. an 86% in a public school in Ecuador, for example. If you're confused, remember that you can call and email university admission offices (you can find their email address on phone number on their website) to ask them exactly what you should do in your unique case. If your school doesn't tell you your predicted grades, then you'll have to ask your teachers one by one and explain you need it for university admissions.
  18. Hindi A SL or Hindi B SL? If you switch to Hindi A, expect quite a bit of work. If you switch to B and already speak Hindi, then–yeah–it will be easy, but you're giving up the opportunity to really learn anything. If you're happy with that though, then it's okay.
  19. Hi. The best answer for this question is the first answer to this thread. Sorry for not being able to give you a better answer than that.
  20. Just wanted to wish you good luck!
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  22. What do you guys think about subsectioning the essay with the KQs to explicitly state them? For example like this: TITLE Introduction: ...... ...... KQ 1: ...claim... ...counterclaim... KQ 2: ...claim... ...counterclaim... Conclusion: ...... ......
  23. When you look at the equation for freezing/melting point depression, you will see that there is no dependence on time, but there is only the change in freezing point. It's more difficult to try to process your data when you look at time to melt because it does not directly (solely) depends on the change in melting point.
  24. What do you guys think about subsectioning the essay with the KQs to explicitly state them? For example like this: TITLE Introduction: ...... ...... KQ 1: ...claim... ...counterclaim... KQ 2: ...claim... ...counterclaim... Conclusion: ...... ......
  25. Hmm, I see. I don't quite understand what you mean with temperature though, would you mind elaborating and perhaps guiding me a bit towards how I should measure it? Thank you for the response by the way!
  26. Hello community, I only have my CAS project left, and I was wondering whether playing an instrument at an official club could count as a CAS project. I wanted to start learning to play the piano, and ever since I've been a kid, I haven't been able to do so. Now that I can do it and have enough time, I want to pursue this dream of mine as well as linking it towards CAS as a project. Is it eligible for a project or not? If anyone could help, I'd be delighted! Kind regards, Amekara
  27. Calligative properties describe state changes (eg change in melting of boiling temperature). It's indirect and more difficult to measure kinetics. Better to measure temperature.
  28. I have seen long-answer questions repeated word for word. I have also seen many short answer and multiple choice questions with very high similarity.
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