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  2. In Canada, the difficulty of the courses you take are not part of the admission decision. As long as you take the right courses and get high enough marks, you can get admitted. However, it's a very smart idea to take HL subjects in the prerequisite courses you need since you'll know more coming into university
  3. Do universities care about what HL courses you take? Is it better to do HL or get a really high mark in an SL course? I'm not sure what I want to go into exactly yet, but I'm considering engineering as an option. At this point, I do not take any HL sciences though. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?
  4. The difficulty of Chemistry HL is subjective but I will tell you this: it is definitely not an easy 7 and having four HL's is quite tricky. You can always drop one around November 2018. But I would still not even consider taking four HL's unless you started off with four because you think you might have difficulties in one (HL math students did this in my grade). But otherwise I really would not take up that extra workload just because you think a subject is easier than expected.
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  6. I don't think this is the right website to ask for.
  7. My School offers German, French and English. A typical subject and nothing very special
  8. Hey guys im in HL business , i just need someone to tell me if this is a good question for my IA; Should x company use chatbox in order to improve B2C communications? Thanks for the help
  9. Hello again, Does the research question falls under Category 2(b) for English B?
  10. I am being predicted a high 6 for English HL and when I asked my teacher how I can improve she said that I should be thinking critically when I read any text, see the deeper meaning of every text you see when you are out and about. Another important thing is to go through your past essays and really identify your weakness and work on them. For FOA and written tasks, pick things that you are passionate about, that way you will be more inclined to do well. I just completed my second FOA and I managed to get a seven and I honestly didn't spend a lot of time on either of them as I was passionate and it felt like it was a breeze. IOC is all about practice, know your texts well and practice actually speaking. For me personally, I felt this was the most challenging. Written Task 1s are a breeze, make them fun and interesting. A friend of mine did her's in the form of a text message conversation and it was hilarious! Written task 2s are a bit more challenging and for that, you really have to pick the correct text and question. Hope this was helpful, and you can get a 7 if you put your heart to it. Good Luck!
  11. I personally took a 2-month German course in Summer and I feel like now I have enough fluency to get good grades in German. You can start watching movies in German but that won't help as much as when you go to German course.
  12. I think it is fine as long as your another subject (geography in your case) is not completely new. It is going to be very hard for you especially HL Geography if you haven't studied before. I personally just switched from English HL to SL and Economics SL to HL and my coordinator said it is ok as long as you don't take another new subject.
  13. Alright, first of all, nice try HOWEVER, it needs to be more precise ... For instance, I really recommend you to choose a certain demographic, such as 'To what extent personality influences academic success in adolescents?' If your teacher says fine, then ignore this advice. Now the real answer It really depends on the personality you choose. In other words, your question is too broad. You have to think of what personality e.g. being naive You also have to think of what intelligence. Are you talking about intelligence regarding IQ or memory? Overall I strongly recommend you to just change the question. Question is too broad and it's rather casual than classical. Here is the good one "To what extent/degree is fMRI scan the most reliable technology to identify (certain mental disorder) in child/adolescence?" Well, I hope it helped you. If you have a question, I am always open! Good luck with your EE m7+sin(90)
  14. Hello, folks, I am in my second year of IB diploma. I know it sounds really stupid, but is there anyone who wants to give me tips for getting 6/7 in ESS? My predicted grade is all 7 apart from ESS... I am applying to Oxford next month and at least, I really want to improve my ESS grade from 5 to 6 or 7.
  15. A girl in my art class asked the teacher the same thing. He pointed at the piece of wood and said that if she submitted that as an artwork and gave a very thoughtful idea behind it, she could score just as well as any one else. A girl recently completed IB and were work was AMAZING, so very realistic and pretty, but it had no real meaning behind it, and she only got a 5(our teacher also predicted her a 5) So yeah, you can probably do well even if you're not the best if you are creative.
  16. Hello, Is it possible to switch HL subjects during the first semester of the second year (IB2)? Right now I'm currently doing Bio at HL and I want to drop it and do geography instead. I realized I don't need biology for the program I'm plan on doing at Uni and geography would aid me. I'm flunking Bio so bad, I don't understand it and no matter how hard I try I still get low marks. I know it would have been better for me to switch during the first semester of IB1 but I honestly thought I could make it in bio but it's not going well. I have a good background in geography, and I don't mind meeting the teacher outside of school hours to work. If I continue with bio I'm probably just going to fail the diploma. See the thing is I didn't understand the concepts of bio and I had no experience in it and my school let me do it at HL, I had no guidance on choosing my subjects. If i'm not allowed to switch I might just end up dropping the diploma then.
  17. Hi I'm planning to do my WIT Essay on Medea by Euripides, but I'm really struggling to come up with a topic. HELP ;-;
  18. A sphere is placed inside a right circular cylinder so as to touch the top, base and the lateral surface of the cylinder. If the radius of the sphere is R, the volume of the cylinder is ?
  19. Of course, code shows personal engagement, but obviously not everyone need to use code to demonstrate such. If the method is not mathematically viable, you can both prove it mathematically and statistically. All the approaches you described seem promising if you can explain your work clearly.
  20. That's so hard to answer. They are probably equally hard but it depends on the university
  21. Which one has a bigger workload?
  22. I'm currently in the second year of the IB curriculum, and the electives I chose are biology HL, computer science HL and geography SL I wanna ask is studying CS in Uni of Melbourne worth it? Like the research opportunities, internship and general learning atmosphere? Thanks.
  23. Hi. I am teaching the math to the student who goes to intermational school with Ib diploma. Actually I don't know about IB diploma exactly. My student took a test yesterday and the test topic is about algebra. She said the test papaer is from "IB". I wonder what this test is exactly for. The test contains only chapter 6!! After each chapter, students take test everytime???? Each test score is important? Tnx for ur replies
  24. Hey guys, My draft for mathIA is due in 1 week, and I have the topic but I haven't written anything. The reason is I don't know what to write about. I know I will be writing on the martingale method, and I have written a java script which simulates this method for 1,000,000 rolls of roulette on the American (double 0) roulette board. I can choose the initial bet and how much money I have at the start. Should I just write my IA on debunking the betting method? Or find the optimum starting bet based on the total balance? Or should I make a new betting method and write the code for that and debunk my OWN betting method? which would be better for personal engagement? I feel like writing the code shows personal engagement well. Any help?
  25. Varies by person. If you're motivated enough to do the homework and study, there's the potential to really do well and maintain your current marks
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  27. I am in Pre-IB (A little harder and faster than the normal curriculum) and am currently getting mid 80's to low-mid 90's. Will I be able to perform efficiently in the IB Program or will I have to kick up the gear? Would love to hear a response soon!
  28. I am in IB and am wondering how the marking schemes work? (Levels 1-7 and the Bell curve). Would love some responses!
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