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    A list of resources to use for the ESS IA, as well as two planning templates.
  3. i was also! what topic do you want to do yours on?
  4. Oh, I'm really late. I was thinking about a topic in cancer as well, how did it go?
  5. To those who did an extended essay on a topic in one of the sciences, how was the experience in general? Would you recommend it? How was the research process? To those who are currently doing the extended essay, how are you feeling about the EE so far?
  6. I'm not yet taking the diploma, but I've talked to several people with these classes and done tons of research. I think instead of choosing subjects that are 'easy', or are targeted directly towards one major, you should pick a healthy combination of classes that are interesting to you, and will get you the credits to study a subject of your choice once you go to uni. Your subject choice seems pretty balanced, although you may want to reconsider taking two sciences. If science is something that you're really interested in, I think your subject choice looks great and will be sufficient for any uni. If you're looking to work in a STEM/ engineering field, I would recommend taking HL Math. Hope this helps! :)))
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    IB HL 1 EQ Paper 2 s99 to s13 incl W 4Students.pdf
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  11. The Disaster Dairies” is the pin Sheridan pokes in the assumptions that far too many of us make. We think we know how we will react. We think we know how others will behave. From psychological trauma to physical fitness, each chapter starts with a fictional story and then with Sheridan’s effort to overcome the obstacle presented.
  12. Instead of letting your courses decide your major, let your major decide your courses. If you are drawn to a certain area of study, then you should try to choose lots of courses in that discipline. If you're not sure about what you'd like to do, then I'd say you already have a nicely balanced variety of disciplines. If you still want to do HL bio, I've heard that it's a lot of memorization.
  13. I really want to do my maths IA on different electoral systems and the effect these have on the outcome of an election, but how can I include enough maths in it to make it satisfy the criteria?
  14. Hey guys, I’m new to IB survival so I’m not sure that i post this in the right place!! So I’m IB and i decided to do my EE on english b category 3. I am considering doing it on a book which has symbolism in it. I searched a lot of books and found out that animal farm by George Orwell is a good one. However i am not sure if it is over done or not! Can you guys help me? The deadline is on next week!!
  15. I'm starting the IBDP next school year and I just submitted my final courses for IB. I chose HL - psych, bio and french b, and SL - math aa, english and chem. Initially when I picked these courses, I was planning on doing Zoology in uni, but now I'm a bit more hesitant on doing Zoology. What major/degree can I get in uni with these IB courses? And what do you think of these courses? (aka what are the stress levels like for these classes). Thank you very much!
  16. Which option is better ? Any suggestions? What should I be doing before I start IB???? Thank you guys OptionA Subject 1: English A: Language & Literature (HL) Subject 2: Spanish Ab Initio (SL) Subject 3: Economics (HL) Subject 4: ESS (SL) Subject 5: Mathematics: A & A (SL) Subject 6: Chemistry (HL) Option B Subject 1: English A: Language & Literature (SL) Subject 2: Spanish Ab Initio (SL) Subject 3: Economics (HL) Subject 4: Chemistry (HL) Subject 5: Mathematics: A & A (HL) Subject 6: Biology (SL)
  17. https://sites.google.com/site/ibchemistryellesmerecollege/home/topic-15---energetics-thermochemistry-ahl/15-3-past-paper-questions It is on your website, question 12
  18. Hello, Thanks so much! I just followed you on instagram, so happy to have someone else as support other than my teacher 😊. Thanks for athe advice, i really appreciate it! -idontknowanymore
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    I'm possibly going to study law in the UK and I'm currently going into the first year of DP. My current subjects are: HL - Bio, English A & Psych. SL - Chem, Maths AI, Spanish AB. I'm worried that if I don't want to do law, I won't have any uni majors and careers left. My backup plans are molecular biology/genetics etc and possible psychology. I most likely can't change my subjects unless i take bio SL and Chem HL which I wouldn't prefer. Please advise on what to do.
  20. Hello! I'm also a Pre-IB kid and I take Psych and Biology! I do agree that Psych is heavily content-based and does require you to regurgitate information like an encyclopedia. You must know your content as for exams, you will have to answer questions through an essay form. I don't find it particularly difficult as a subject since it's mostly just learning content, however, the most difficult aspect is remembering the key studies for specific points in the content that you're currently studying. Don't let this deter you though! I honestly do enjoy the subject (though it did take me a little while to warm up to it 😅). Hopefully, this helps!
  21. Hi there! I can't give you any specific ideas as I'm not sure if that is allowed here. However, I happen to have a few high-scoring (A-grade) student-written Economics EE samples. If you would like some reference/structure, you can check it out here.
  22. Hi Guys, I am just wondering if I should take Econ or Psych. I wanna go into med and my current subjects (MYP) are Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry and Spanish. I think most my subjects are content based especially Biology and I wanna choose between Econ and Psych and which ever one i can get a higher score in. Saying that, i am in interested in Psych, however do find it heavily content based and then i have biology(i am thinking of going with bio HL). While, econ is okay but i guess it's more logic. So now, i am really confused which one to take cause both have their pros and cons and I needa get a 7 😬. Thank You a lot guys!
  23. If you found any could you pls share it with me, I also am doing a ee in hindi, could you please share yours or any resources my email is [email protected]
  24. Heyy, I noticed you are from the may 2020 batch. If you don't mind, I cant find any ee exemplars online or anywhere for hindi, could you please share one of maybe yours with me, I rlly have nothing to go off of. please help a brother out my mail is [email protected] thank you
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