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  2. I believe this is a good example of a business management HL research proposal for the IA.
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  4. kq: to what extend does intuition affect ones perception of art
  5. Engagement in Group 4 is more about how you made the overall experiment personal. For example is the procedure original or is it textbook or copied from somewhere. It does not assess "how interested" you are in calcium.
  6. Vighnesh

    Economics EE

    Yes, I believe you can. But I suggest asking your supervisor for confirmation
  7. My Chemistry IA topic is focused on determining the calcium in milk by using the edta method (actual research question: How does the concentration of the calcium ion content relate to the temperature of the cow milk by using the EDTA titration method?) and I want to express my interest for my personal engagement. I am already doing research about the Calcium and EDTA things and the importance of Calcium and Milk in diet.
  8. Jarz

    Economics EE

    Hello! I am writing my ee on economics and have the opportunity to conduct an interview, but my friend said in some subjects interviews are not allowed. Does anyone know if interviews are allowed for an economics ee?
  9. lilyserbest

    HL Math or HL Psych

    Do you mean Math Applications and Interpretations or Math Analysis? Math Analysis HL will be difficult, but I find Math Applications HL better for Medicine than SL Applications. I would recommend either one of HL Applications, SL Analysis or HL Analysis. Math Applications is less calculus than Math Analysis, so I would choose Math Analysis SL and Psychology HL for neuroscience. I have a friend who is studying neurology in USA and doesn't take psychology. If you like Psychology, then go ahead and do it. HL Math Analysis is challenging and mostly for people who want to study engineering, mathematics and physics at university. If I were you, I would take Psychology HL and Math Analysis SL (if you're good at math).
  10. A presentation on topic 1.1 of IB Biology.
  11. kudra626

    Need help for IB Bio?

    Hi! I'm a M19 graduate, and I'd love to help with tutoring biology online. Explaining concepts, giving exam tips, or any general advice regarding IB. I'd be happy to help. You can reach me at [email protected]
  12. maza2020

    Hitler Consolidation of Power

    These are my exam notes for Germany – Hitler based on the Authoritarian States Course Companion textbook by Oxford, as well as my history teacher's lectures.
  13. anotherfailingibboi

    chinese b ee survey

    help a may2020 student out doing his ee. the survey requires u to finish an iq test and a chinese proficiency test. thxx:) https://forms.gle/LUiKf75cJrBhBBVQ9
  14. elizabethhtan

    HL Math or HL Psych

    Hi I'm looking to go into the medical field in university but I'm not sure whether I should take HL Math or HL Psych. As of right now, I really want to study neuroscience in uni and I know Psych would help with that but at the same time, HL Math might be really important especially with calculus and all. My current subject choices are: HL Biology, Chemistry, Psych/Math SL English Lang Lit, Chinese B, Psych/Math Please let me know what you think is best and in general what you think of the subject combination. I know it will be extremely challenging and I'm scared but I like the subjects and I really want to head into the medical field. Thank you!
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  16. Vighnesh

    HL Psychology Exam

    I think that the best way to go about this is to write down all the studies chapter wise. When you start to memorize, write down the aim, procedure, and findings for each study. This should facilitate your memory. Keep in mind though scoring a 7 is still not easy (nobody scored a 7 in our batch!!!) even if you have memorized all the studies. The essay writing techniques are the most important (especially critical thinking).
  17. My exams are next year and I'm looking at Universities. I currently study: FRENCH B HL ENGLISH LANG AND LIT HL ECONOMICS HL NATURE OF SCIENCE SL MATHS STUDIES SL GERMAN SL I want to study French at university and am thinking about going to study in France. However, I am not sure if I would be taught in English as an International student or taught in French with other natives... I also want to study German alongside the french; does anyone know any good universities to study two languages in France???? This summer, I also would like to go visit some universities there in France, would they allow me to look around or would I need to wait for an Open Day?
  18. I want to study theoretical physics in the UK, and I am having trouble figuring out a best fit university for my predicted score. My predicted score hasn't been published yet...but my grades seems to pointing towards a 35 which includes a 7 (physics HL), 6 (maths HL), 5 (Buisness HL), 6 (french ab initio) and 5 (english SL), with B in EE and C in TOK... so in total 37 point. But when I search up.. universities with the course I want to consider... I do have a range of options, satisfying the 37 point mark, but when I look at the HL, requirement, it says you must have 766, or 666. Which is quite impossible for me to get... cuz I am absolutely weak at buisness HL, and there's no way I can get a 6. I have narrowed down my search to unis that do acceot 765 or 665, those are King's college, Queen Mary and Bristol. Does anyone have any other suggestion? 2 more university suggestion would be great!
  19. Tharun


    how to prepare for medicinal chemistry to get a 7 do the options that you choose matter for university
  20. kw0573

    Resitting subjects

    If you want to write a new IA, then you have to retake the Biology HL course (in-person or online). The IA will remain 20% of your new grade.
  21. CatarinaR

    Math IA

    I need some help regarding my math IA. I just droped to studies and im not exactly sure what I should do. I wanted to ask if anyone has a website for the secondary data and also is it better to use secondary or primary data? I want to do correlation but i can only think of simple ones. Does anyone have any ideas that might help me? THANKYOU
  22. Bishof

    Resitting subjects

    If I re-take a subject like Biology HL but don't want to carry over my IA, how will the retake be graded? Will the tests gain percentage value?
  23. kinda_khalaf

    EE: Help Others By Completing Surveys

    Hey! Remove if not allowed, but I need data for my Math Internal and i'm desperate! This survey won't take more than 30 seconds, and it would be a great help. Thanks all! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8N3KP6Q
  24. kw0573

    How difficult is to write a Maths EE?

    Stronger PE tends to include struggles and perseverance as well. Personal Engagement is emphasis on the "engagement" not on the "personal". PE also includes if you are able to draw connections between quantum and core HL Math. DO NOT just simply state how quantum changed your life and hope for full points in PE. Because I wrote my EE before 2018, I am not too familiar with how RPPF works. I think reflection also includes how you gathered information and tackled this topic. It probably also includes what you thought you could do differently if you had more time or know more about linear algebra/calculus. Or possibly some remaining question that are unanswered.
  25. Kil- STRO

    How difficult is to write a Maths EE?

    Reflection includes the full assessment of the research process and perseverance, while the personal engagement is something about your IA topic that relates to your life. Right? Therefore... the personal engagement must be mentioned in an IA, yes?
  26. kw0573

    How difficult is to write a Maths EE?

    In addition, beware of differences between the "Personal Engagement" of the IA and "Reflection" of the EE.
  27. kw0573

    How difficult is to write a Maths EE?

    You don't have to mention personal engagement in the EE itself.
  28. kw0573

    Fourier Series: Noise Cancelling Headphones

    @Aditya123 Then you should probably learn the basics of Fourier Series. It is too risky to discuss maths you do not comprehend. @Rocky_2704 You have to understand that sometimes a student in 2014 may not be reachable in 2019. In general when doing IA of topic outside of the syllabus, you should first thoroughly explain how it works and what it does. Then you can do some examples or use FS to solve a long problem. You can also include some applications of FS. Finally, you should at times make connections between FS and core HL Math, so you are getting a good score in "Use of Mathematics". As for "Personal Engagement", do not simply state "I love FS", instead walk through your struggles of how you came to understand FS and note down any curious points you have while learning FS.
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