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  2. Well, you can find the IB grade boundaries simply by typing e.g. "IB grade boundaries May 2019" in the internet, but I wouldn't assess your current grades with the IB grade boundsries since pre-IB has different content probably than IB. I don't remember the exact boundaries since our school uses the internal boundaries to kinda motivate ua more for the internal grades, but your grades in Maths would be a 7 easily, especially thay Canada is located in the timezone (for exams) where the grade boundaries are a few points lower. So you have quite good grades, don't worry
  3. Hi the title says it all I’m not sure what type of diagrams I should use to describe unemployment and explain an increase of unemployment and show its impact on the GDP. Thank your for the help!
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  5. Hello,I am in grade 10 pre-Ib ( Ontario, Canada), my grades in grade 9 pre-ib and now grade 10 are all around 80. Math 86 ( class median77), English 85( class median 82), science78 (classmedian78),French 84 ( coursemedian80), Can anybody give me any ides on the IB 7 scale of my marks? Like 4 or5? I am interested in life science program,, the basic requirement are all above 36, can my marks make me into this program? My parents suggests I drop off ib right now. Hard decision, advice are needed, Thanks everybody
  6. Hey! I wouldn't advise taking 4 HLs especially this combination. Do you knie what you want to study at the university? Biology and Chemistry HL are quite hard, but definitely manageable. However, it is advised to take a 3rd easier HL with them both. And both History and English A HL require quite a lot of work. I'm not taking History personally but from what I've heard Paper 3 is actually very hard as you have very limited time. I think you could go with 4 HLs if you changed English A to English B or you could drop History to SL, especially that Maths AA, although SL, also requires some hard work. With that being said, you could have all those subjects, but I would say it would be very hard/impossible to get high grades. Hope this helps And if you have any specific questions about Chemistry HL, Biology HL or Maths AA SL, let me know!
  7. Hello! I'll be starting the IB in August, which is very exciting, but there is one thing that has been on my mind lately: my subject choices. Our choices had to be made a few months ago. During that time of choosing I decided to go with 4 HLs. At first my intention was to take the three subjects which were English A Lang. and Lit. Biology Chemistry But, because history has always interested me, I decided to add it my list of HL subjects. A reason for my choice was that I had this idea that getting a good grade in HL History is easier due to the fact that Paper 3 in the final exam consists of essays (and has quite a big impact on your exam grade, at least from what I've heard) and not source analysis/contrasting, which I am not very good at. In case you were wondering about my SL subjects, here they are: Mathematics AA Finnish A Lang. and Lit. Anyways, any advice/opinions/experiences would be greatly appreciated. Have a lovely day!
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  9. Welcome to my quarantine project for IB Business Management www.ibmonkeybusiness.com As a first year IB Business Management Teacher, I've struggled for resources, so I started writing the lessons and materials myself. They are all free and would be delighted if they were of use. Please visit the site and see if the free resources are of interest. I am trying to create the entire course and accompanying lessons by August! Warm regards
  10. If you choose foods that provide at least 100 calories per ounce, this doesn’t need to be a lot of food or weight. Meal replacement bars, energy bars and even select candy bars like Snickers provide between 250 and 400 calories per bar, so keeping a few in your pack or pocket can fill the need for your 24-hour emergency rations. You can always forage to help augment what you brought with you, but to be on the safe side, I always plan for the situation where I am injured and can’t move or do any foraging or build a shelter.
  11. Oh my gosh. You are my angel. Thank you for replying to both my posts with such clarity. Thank youuuu.💜💜💜
  12. Ahh eagerness. Firstly, Global Politics? What is this trickery?! I wish I could have studied THAT when I was in the IB. As for Economics, don't bother. The Economics course is designed for people who have never studied it. I never did Economics until I started the IB. The entire first section of the course is literally called "Introduction to Economics". So you will learn everything from scratch. Like you, I too did some pre-reading before the IB - it was a total waste of time. When I started the iB, my teacher had his own way of teaching us and it was great. I ended up gettting a 7 in Economics HL, if that helps. For French, Duolingo is fun? It's a good way to learn vocabulary if you already have a background in the subject (I assume you do that's why you're doing SL). But mostly, don't waste your time pre-studying. You will get enough of it when school actually starts. Read a book, watch Netflix, contemplate the meaning of life post-pandemic.
  13. Research is one way to put it. The truth is, the ICSE students I saw struggle in the IB, and this is just my observation, struggled because they didn't really have opinions and could not bullsh*t their essays. There is a reason a lot of IB students say "IB so I BS". Once you understand the "formula" for how an IB subject's essay is meant to be written, it becomes a lot easier. Again, this applies more to English, History, Economics, etc.-type subjects. Usually, IB becomes easy if you have an opinion and have memorised enough facts and figures to argue for and against your position and then restate your thesis at the end. (Maths and Science subjects are of course different.) I don't really remember doing any crazy amounts of research for any of my IB subjects tbh. But I was really strategic and I picked stuff that would be super easy to do/ research/ find info on. Like my Extended Essay was an English A essay on the theatre of the absurd. There's tons of info about this online and super easy to find and it's a very 'literary' topic, so the 'primary sources' were looking at original plays that typified the theatre of the absurd and analysing them. One of my friends did her EE on apartheid and its effect on women of X province in Johannesburg in South Africa. She went and found people to interview and did interviews with them, etc. She did a lot of work for her EE in comparison to me. But I played the 'IB game' and made sure my essay hit all the 'required points' for an English EE and wrote it in a span of 2 days. We both got As in the end. *shrugs* The IB, in my experience, is not about studying hard, it's about studying smart and learning the rules so you can game the system.
  14. I am a pre ib student, if you don't mind could you tell me what you finally decided, I just wanted to know the outcome. Did you end up doing law in university. I have to decide what subjects I am going to be taking very soon. Please help me out, thanks Dannyaal Ali
  15. Hey! I did the icse too. So is like the research work in ib difficult? Because I’ve heard that that’s what icse students find the most difficult to cope up with. Also thank you so much for making it clear that I won’t need tuitions. I guess now I just need to make sure I don’t fret that I’m the only one not attending tuitions in my class.
  16. Hello hello! Fellow Indian student turned IB student here. I did my 10th in the ICSE Board. Tbh, I found the IB by and large to be piss easy after the ICSE. Although that might have had more to do with my subject choices. I don't know if things would have been different had I done all science subjects and Maths at HL. I did English, History and Economics HL and ESS, Maths and French SL. French was definitely my hardest subject in the IB, the rest of them were super easy by and large. The tuition culture is just an Asian cultural thing at this point imo. I went to boarding after my 10th for the IB and so there were no tuition teachers. I was forced to self-study to get my grades and honestly, it was fine. The IB is not hard, it just requires you to be super organised and consistent. Unlike the Indian board exams, you can't cram for 2 months at the end and pull of a 90+% after having done next to nothing for the rest of the school year. The nature of the IB beast is that you have some kind of graded assessment happening all the time for the whole two years, so you're always on your toes. My advice: If you're someone who is reasonably organised and likes to maintain decent grades, save your tuition money and dedicate time every evening to study on your own. Mooch off good tuition notes from your friends whenever possible, of course!
  17. When using the two bucket method, be sure to work outside or somewhere inside that you don’t mind getting wet. Fill both buckets half full of water; remember, one bucket is for washing and one for rinsing. Add detergent to the wash bucket, and put in five to six articles of clothing. Agitate the clothing for two minutes, then wring them out and transfer them to the rinse bucket.
  18. Hey! In my country tutoring is a business run by adult teachers and not students outside of schools. I'm going to be attending quite a prestigious school this August(2020) but even though everyone is supposedly smart here, they all attend extra tuition classes. The school teachers are really good and the school asks everyone to approach the teachers and not enrol for tuition classes but nobody listens. On another note I have been studying a national curriculum upto grade ten so i have no exposure to the teaching methods of the IB. My board was quite focused on memorisation and rote learning. We barely undertook research work which I hear is a very important part of the IB! Do I need external help for the IB? Should I enrol for tuition services that will take up a lot of my hours weekly and will give me more homework? Or do most students cope up with the diploma programme by themselves? I'm also taking Math AA HL which I hear is very VERY hard and impossible to do without a tuition teacher but I enjoy math soo... IDK what to do please help?
  19. Hey! I'lll be starting the IB, August 2020. I have about two months of freetime so I was wondering if there are any things I can do to prepare myself. Someone recommended learning the MLA Style citation technique so I'm doing that. I'm also doing a precalculus course on Khan Academy. My subjects are HL math aa HL economics HL global politics SL chemistry SL english a SL french b I've never done economics in my life before. So what would be a good resource (ONLINE!) to study it? Anything else that IB students need to do during the school year but have no time to do and can do it the summer before?
  20. something related to statistics about like car manufacturing or export?
  21. Stav

    Interview: Who are you?

    1. What is your real name? Stav 2. Where are you from? Greece 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? I saw the forum on a Youtube video by IB Like Cole 4. What made you register on IB Survival? The IB program is starting for me next year and I wanted to have a place where I can help others and maybe receive some help as well. 5. When did you (approximately) register here? Today the 1st of June 2020 6. What is your favourite IB subject? I haven't started yet 7. When are you graduating? May 2022 8. What are your plans for university? Unsure 9. What are your free-time hobbies? Filmmaking! 10. If you could change one thing on IB Survival, what would it be? Not much, I mean, I'm pretty new around here after all!
  22. Hi, I am an IB student from Canada. I am in Math SL and our teacher asked us to do a peer editing. Should our friends comment on our IA draft or outline? May I have the pleasure of seeing your IA?
  23. Hey guys, I’m new to IB survival so I’m not sure that i post this in the right place!! So I’m IB and i decided to do my EE on english b category 3. I am considering doing it on a book which has symbolism in it. I searched a lot of books and found out that animal farm by George Orwell is a good one. However i am not sure if it is over done or not! Can you guys help me? The deadline is on next week!!
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