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  2. kw0573

    WA in two languages

    IB will not accept multiple works from you that are on the same topic, let alone completely identical.
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  4. godsavetheib

    WA in two languages

    So, I'm doing Lit Self Taught SL and Lit HL, would the IB accept it if I handed in the same essay in two different languages? I read the Stranger in both classes, and my Self Taught teacher doesn't know how to teach. Please, I don't want to write mor than I need....
  5. newibstudent4321

    Help deciding which classes to take?

    I am going into my first year of IB. I had planned to take exercise science and art, but my school just let me know that this is not available. I must choose either bio and art, or psychology and exercise science. (We are on A day B day schedule so I must choose one of theses pairings) Which of these pairs has a higher course load? And which is harder content in general? Also, if there are any opinions not based on these questions I most definitely want to know that too! I am interested in all of these classes pretty equally, and just making sure I choose a pairing that will not be completely overwhelming. Thank you!!
  6. Hey guys I need your opinions for my business IA So my research question is "Does accquisition of Jimmy Choo contribute to Capri Holdings Ltd’s increased profits?" What do you guys think of my research question? I have read somewhere that a popular topic to get a level 7 for your IA is finance, so I'm thinking whether I should change my topic. If not, do y'all have any tips in getting a high grade for my IA? My only tool so far is the SWOT analysis, but I'm not sure what the second tool should be. Thanks!
  7. This file is a reference guide for Global Politics for the IB. It is the latest edition, as per the 2017 Global Politics syllabus. It includes details on EAs, sub-topics, examinations, etc. It is a good reference for Global Politics.
  8. This is the PDF of a Global Politics Coursebook that my teacher reccomended. I am not sure if it is officially affiliated with the IB, but it proves as an excellent reference guide and resource for information beyond what other coursebooks offer. I highly reccommend it for other Global Politics SL or HL students.
  9. CCALDER999

    What does it mean to "do philosophy" for an EE?

    Thank you very muchh
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  11. Ayav

    Reply to the post Above.

    third ahahaha
  12. Ayav

    Name Your IB School

    American International School of Riyadh
  13. Ayav

    IB 2021 Tips/Study Guides

    Hiii, I recently started already and I take very similar courses to yours, I would say for Chem always stay on top of your work because it's definitely a lot of content and the oxford study guide is really helpful. For bio, it's a lot of memorization, so notecards and the oxford study guide are your best friend. Economics, my teacher said the book is useless for us at least, because most of the material is online, but you do what was recommended to you. For math, we're a new system so there's not a lot of information however, always ask your teacher and look online. Also, for economics Jason Welker on youtube is amazing, and for chemistry Richard Thornley. For resources, go to https://ibresources.org/ Hope this helps
  14. Ayav


    Hiii, I have taken Economics in a summer course, and I'm taking it this year, but I have a bunch of friends who have gotten 7's in it. I find that in HL Economics it mostly memorization and also something that is cliche but true, you should have a positive and growth mindset, you can do it, someone has done it, so you can as well. The tips I have kind of collected are, - Change the style of your notes or maybe change your study technique, see what yours is, maybe you're an auditory learner or a visual and you can look at learning strategies to help you with that - Ask your teacher, go to him/her or go to their ASL it actually helps - Time management - Do good on your IA as it is 20% - Read Economic articles - Practice exams! Question Banks - Jason Welker on youtube is amazing - Econplusdal + IB econ playlist on youtube - Tim Woods - IA Article - Both oxford and cambridge economics books Here are more, hope this helps!
  15. kw0573

    Chemiluminescence Questions

    I think so. You should justify it in your IA.
  16. kw0573

    What does it mean to "do philosophy" for an EE?

    Have you read this? It's the philosophy guide your teacher's talking about.
  17. For May 2016 exams and later.
  18. BurningIntensity

    Chemiluminescence Questions

    Thanks! So I did some digging up regarding deriving rate laws for reactions of multiple steps. Regarding the chemiluminescence reaction, would the reason we can assume that the rate is reflective of the phenyl oxalate ester/H2O2 reaction is because it is the rate determining reaction (slowest reaction)?
  19. I am planning on doing my Extended Essay on philosophy because I am just very interested in the subject but it is not a course offered at my school. This gives me an issue because the subject guide on philosophy for the EE recommends that I read the IB philosophy guide to understand the approach that IB wants me to take but I can't see this page unless I pay a lot of money or am a teacher at a school that does the philosophy program. So could someone who is either an IB philosophy student or teacher please explain to me just in a quick summary the way that IB wants me to "do philosophy". THANKS!
  20. scarlett_ever

    Psychology HL HELP

    Thank you!
  21. This is my 6th week of grade 11 DP and from the first week i have been taking Computer Science, our teacher decided that it would be best to first start on topic 4 that is "computational thinking" as she believes that it is the hardest topic and should be covered first, today I had my first unit test on computational thinking and i found it to be very very challenging, the quiz out of 48 marks covers purely algorithms and problem solving, will the computer science exam be purely problem solving or will there be other components such as textbook theory and such? In other subjects i believe that all topics are evenly distributed in the exam and have generally the same number of questions for each topic however for com sci, I'm wondering if it goes the same way. What I heard is that 50% of it will be every other topic and 50% will be topic 4
  22. "How does the tension of a string affect its fundamental frequency?" I'm not gonna lie, I got this idea from the internet. I know how to set up this experiment quite well. I guess there's some personal engagement as I like to play the guitar. Furthermore, I also know how to prove all the math and physics behind this. But I'm afraid it may be too simple, and Im aiming for a 6. Idk... what do u think? Thnks for helping bruhs
  23. Hi, I need urgent help: My RQ: What is the effect of temperature on the volume of ethylene gas produced by bananas? but I have no idea how to measure the volume of ethylene gas. Please help!!
  24. Thank you so much for the answer! I’m so glad it’s multiple choice.
  25. It is all multiple choice! Besides Bayviews essay question everything else will be answered with multiple choice.
  26. t.sw

    ToK Presentation on rape

    I think it might be too topical an issue.. like we dont know what examiner will be reading this or what their own experiences with rape might be. you also have to keep a passive voice in your presentation too as its a discussion more than an analysis, so be careful with your claims and counter-claims. You probably have more freedom with the presentation rather than the essay, as ib examiners only read the TKPPF, they dont see the actual presentation... I would discuss it with ur tok teacher. maybe you could make it a sub-RLS rather than the central? good luck x
  27. Hi, I’m also about to start grade 8, and was planning to take the pre-IB test in November. I had a more specific question about the math section of the test. So you said that it was mostly part b and some part a and c in the test, what I wanted to know is that was it multiple-choice, and if it wasn’t did you have to do the whole ‘justify your answer’ thing? I’m just so worried about not having enough time to finish the exam.
  28. I want to use the sir model for epidemics such as ebola or measles, but I can't come up with an original idea. At first I wanted to predict the time it would take to kill the whole world with ebola ignoring quarantine and such, but that equation uses the lambert w function... Ignoring the fact that it's a bit complicated, I wouldn't be able to explain the SIR model and the lambert w function while at the same time trying to prove a point in only 12 pages. I desperately need an idea, PLEASE HELP
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