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  2. UnderRocks

    EE English Lit

    Hey Everyone. I m doing my EE on " The Scarlet Letter". MY exact question is "How does Nathanial Hawthorne's potrayal of the Puritan society expose religious hypocrisy?" I feel like I should change this question or tweak it quite a bit. Also now I'm confused on what exactly I should be writing about too. Is this question okay or should I change it?
  3. kw0573

    History EE (Nuremberg)

    EE should not be completely original: instead it should combine (existing) research and critical thinking to produce an original piece of writing. Academic research is based on what predecessors have found, which is somewhat what you should attempt to do. IB is only concerned by too many people picking the same topic then academic honesty becomes an issue and students are not as able to demonstrate critical thinking. With that said, you need to find quite a number of sources to support your claims. You definitely need more than two sources and there are more available in databases, libraries, and universities. As for the question itself, you should define "success" in the RQ. Also consider simpler phrasing, such as "Nuremberg Trials" as opposed to "trials conducted by the Nuremberg IMT".
  4. bikram9256

    History EE (Nuremberg)

    Hello everyone, From what I understand, our topic and question for the EE have to be completely original and not done before. However, I am unsure if mine has been done before. My topic is the Nuremberg trials following WWII, and my research question is: "To what extent were the trials conducted by the Nuremberg IMT a successful undertaking?" When I searched it up, I did not find a flood of articles on the success of the trials, which was a good sign, but I did find an article that mentions successes and failures (#1) and one talking about fairness (#2), which are indeed very similar to what I want to do. My questions are: would I still be able to do this question since there appear to be articles on it already? If not, how could I change it? What research questions come to your mind when you think of Nuremberg? Thanks! (sorry for the dumb questions) #1: https://phdn.org/negation/gravediggers/gom-1996-the_nuremberg_trials.html #2: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1946/04/nuremberg-a-fair-trial-a-dangerous-precedent/306492/
  5. kw0573

    Physics EE Simple Question

    There are simple and complex ways to approach this topic. The more advanced approaches will attempt to find an equation that takes two inputs and predict the third property. One advanced way to find correlation between 3+ variables is to introduce dimensionless quantities (eg Reynold's number). They are kind of like percentages but between a group of variables. Important to use physics theories to support your claims rather than to turn this into a purely statistical project.
  6. P13

    I am unsure of my Math EE (HL)

    I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I did my Maths IA on RSA, explaning how it works, etc. I got a 6/6 for use of mathematics, so I believe you should fare well as long as you include detail about modular arithmetic and the phi function, as well as ideas such as Euler's Totient Function. Of course, there could be a different criteria for EEs, but i'm just telling you.
  7. Hello, all who have clicked on this post I would like to simply ask you one question about my ee, specifically whether you guys think its tooo simple or not. So, for my extended essay, I've chosen to do physics (o god), and the sub-topic of astrophysics (double o god), I have come up with an idea for my ee, which is Investigating how the Luminosity, Mass and Surface Temperature of Main Sequence stars are interconnected. Is this too simple for an ee, or do you guys believe it has the potential to be a good if not decent ee? Oh, and the essay will be a database EE, (creating an experiment, and fitting data to come with some conclusion) (I won't go over the specifics such as research question and experiment that I will do since I fear plagiarism.) As a side note I do want to study astrophysics in university, I know that writing an astrophysics ee in ib is suicidal, but I wanna do it because i believe its a good challenge. So taking all that into consideration, what do you all think? Thank you, - a stranger of the internet
  8. kw0573

    I am unsure of my Math EE (HL)

    I would suggest that you get both a math teacher and a CS teacher to look over it briefly. You can still change your subject. If you focused on modular arithmetic then it's probably fine as Math EE. If you went for overview and how the two work logistically then maybe CS is better. Length-wise anything over 3000 words is quite long for a Math EE, but nevertheless perfectly acceptable. When you revise, make sure you know whether it is Math or CS, and aim to make the whole essay organized and technical.
  9. Enterbot3

    History IA investigation help

    Hi, My investigation question so far is "To what extent did the Spanish colonies in South America improve the Spanish economy?" or as my teacher recommended, "To what extent was the Spanish colonies in South America the main factor that affected the Spanish economy between 1492-1650?." Either way, I am stuck as to where to research sources, let alone what I should focus on. Should I focus on just the spanish colonies and analyse two sources with opposing perspectives?
  10. I am doing my Math EE on cryptography : comparison of RSA and Diffie-Hellman on the basis of mathematical function, ways to solve them, and performance. I just completed it, yet I feel so unsure about it. Is there enough math? Is it too much computer science?, etc. I wrote 3960 words. Any suggestions? Thanks =)
  11. I am in year 12 and doing my IB, I did not take Biology at any level. I do, however, have HL Chemistry and HL Physics. I am wondering if I will still be able to do medicine in Germany. My subjects: HL Physics HL Chemistry HL German B SL English Literature SL Maths A&A SL History
  12. hxddad

    Business EE Help

    I decided to do my EE during summer and I’m unsure on what to include and need help. My question is “ To what extent has Apples high pricing strategy enabled Samsung to gain market share?” I decided to talk about the 4 Ps and product life cycle and pricing strategies. All of these are related to chapter 4 of the business course which would be marketing. Can I include something from the finance topic? Should mainly look at how much units they sold and what strategies did they use to sell them over the years?
  13. Hi everyone, I'm in the midst of my summer break and about to start my IB year 2. Here are my predicted grades so far: HL physics - 6 HL business - 6 HL DT - 6 SL English Langlit - 6 SL Math - 6 SL Chinese - 6 TOK - B EE - not submitted yet So 36/42 but i think some changed tho because we had more tests and I scored quite high for my IA first drafts at the end of the year. I'm planning to study business - (management, commerce anything in business really except quantitative majors because I hate maths) Hong Kong Uni choices - HKU, HKUST, CUHK, CityU Singapore - NTU, SMU Australia - University of melbourne, UNSW, Sydney What are the chances of receiving a scholarship from Australia universities? International student fees are ridiculously high. I heard in Hong Kong the minimum score you should get in order to get a chance in business (not global business) is 38 please let me know if you know anything about Hong Kong business and universities. I know singapore is pretty insane with their IB score but i'm willing to give it a shot at NTU since my friend got accepted with a 37 for business. I don't know about SMU tho because I read online some people got accepted in with 30/45 for accounting and 39/45 for business. If you know anything about SMU scores let me know!
  14. I believe this is a good example of a business management HL research proposal for the IA.
  15. Last week
  16. kq: to what extend does intuition affect ones perception of art
  17. Engagement in Group 4 is more about how you made the overall experiment personal. For example is the procedure original or is it textbook or copied from somewhere. It does not assess "how interested" you are in calcium.
  18. Vighnesh

    Economics EE

    Yes, I believe you can. But I suggest asking your supervisor for confirmation
  19. My Chemistry IA topic is focused on determining the calcium in milk by using the edta method (actual research question: How does the concentration of the calcium ion content relate to the temperature of the cow milk by using the EDTA titration method?) and I want to express my interest for my personal engagement. I am already doing research about the Calcium and EDTA things and the importance of Calcium and Milk in diet.
  20. Jarz

    Economics EE

    Hello! I am writing my ee on economics and have the opportunity to conduct an interview, but my friend said in some subjects interviews are not allowed. Does anyone know if interviews are allowed for an economics ee?
  21. lilyserbest

    HL Math or HL Psych

    Do you mean Math Applications and Interpretations or Math Analysis? Math Analysis HL will be difficult, but I find Math Applications HL better for Medicine than SL Applications. I would recommend either one of HL Applications, SL Analysis or HL Analysis. Math Applications is less calculus than Math Analysis, so I would choose Math Analysis SL and Psychology HL for neuroscience. I have a friend who is studying neurology in USA and doesn't take psychology. If you like Psychology, then go ahead and do it. HL Math Analysis is challenging and mostly for people who want to study engineering, mathematics and physics at university. If I were you, I would take Psychology HL and Math Analysis SL (if you're good at math).
  22. A presentation on topic 1.1 of IB Biology.
  23. kudra626


  24. maza2020

    Hitler Consolidation of Power

    These are my exam notes for Germany – Hitler based on the Authoritarian States Course Companion textbook by Oxford, as well as my history teacher's lectures.
  25. anotherfailingibboi

    chinese b ee survey

    help a may2020 student out doing his ee. the survey requires u to finish an iq test and a chinese proficiency test. thxx:) https://forms.gle/LUiKf75cJrBhBBVQ9
  26. elizabethhtan

    HL Math or HL Psych

    Hi I'm looking to go into the medical field in university but I'm not sure whether I should take HL Math or HL Psych. As of right now, I really want to study neuroscience in uni and I know Psych would help with that but at the same time, HL Math might be really important especially with calculus and all. My current subject choices are: HL Biology, Chemistry, Psych/Math SL English Lang Lit, Chinese B, Psych/Math Please let me know what you think is best and in general what you think of the subject combination. I know it will be extremely challenging and I'm scared but I like the subjects and I really want to head into the medical field. Thank you!
  27. Vighnesh

    HL Psychology Exam

    I think that the best way to go about this is to write down all the studies chapter wise. When you start to memorize, write down the aim, procedure, and findings for each study. This should facilitate your memory. Keep in mind though scoring a 7 is still not easy (nobody scored a 7 in our batch!!!) even if you have memorized all the studies. The essay writing techniques are the most important (especially critical thinking).
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