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    thank you so much!!
  3. ok so, heres my info, i really wanna know my acceptance chances in ucla for majoring in computer science or artificial intelligence in other universities such as carnegie mellon ethnicity- indian female igcse grades - A*- information and communication technology, english as second language, mathematics A- physics, additional mathematics, hindi B- chemistry ibdp predicted - total 37 ibdp subject- computer science, physics and math (hl), english lang and lit, hindi and business & managment (sl) extracurriculars- alot of charity work, for ex: going to blind school to teach blind kids some activites, planting trees, awareness drives and many more making an artificial intelligence using python starting a club in high school making around 2 apps from java made a interface that works from brain controllment sat scores: 1550
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    The fee will increase after July 15, so you have to settle before then. Please do not argue with your school administration by saying xyz on the Internet said so and so. Ultimately this conflict is between you and your school. In addition, IB will not interfere if you did not follow instructions by putting literature instead of visual arts. First, your supervisor did nothing wrong. The supervisor cannot simply assign a research topic, and can only comment on one draft. I am not sure if there's time or if it's allowed at your school, but the only way to write an English EE is to switch your supervisor. You have to realize that your teachers are very busy. Your teachers do not have to accommodate you if you submit a draft in the very last few days for feedback. However, you must be very grateful if they are able to provide feedback. Part of the role of a supervisor is to authenticate your work. It should be understandable that if the supervisor did not discuss with you a literature EE, then no authentication can be provided. Ultimately IB is administered within your school, and the school is free to make additional requirements to what IB wants. At this time, changing EE subject is still possible, but I do not know if you can still change your supervisor. The fee is a "late subject fee between the first and second registration deadline" which is less than $100 US but I don't know the exact amount and your school can charge a higher amount. The fee is administered if the EE subject changed in the last 6 months before your exams. I would suggest that you respectfully request a supervisor change, if it is denied then you should be prepared to write a visual art EE, using the feedback you received. I do not fully understand your progress and your school's schedule: if the final draft is due in 4 days then you see it is quite impossible to assign you a new supervisor.
  6. Hey, I am currently in Grade 10 doing my MYP at an International School in Germany. I joined the IB system in January 2018 (which means I am at the school for 1 1/2 years now). Right at the beginning, I was offered to go to the English A course, however, I chose not to because I wanted to focus on the other subjects as everything was in a different language (used to study at a German School). After I finished 9th grade, (transferred into 10th) my English teacher offered me to move up again, but my family situation is quite tricky, so I missed the deadline and therefore stayed in English B ): A few months into 10th grade, I finally decided to talk to my English teacher and the DP coordinator to switch, but they told me it is not possible during the year so I stayed. I am thinking about moving, and therefore I would need to go to a different school (also IBDP) but they don't offer German A which is why I would need to move up to English A and take German as a second language (self-taught only offered as SL). My question is whether or not it is still possible to change from English B to English A, right before the DP. Thanks in advance!
  7. This is quite a long story but I'm going to make it as short as possible. So when I first got my EE form, I put English Literature as my subject and put my two suggested supervisors who are both familiar with the subject. However, I was given a completely different supervisor who bases her teaching on VA. Though she told me I can focus on any subject like History, English or VA since she majors on them on the first meeting I had with her. Moreover, the DP Coordinator a few months ago, asked what subject my EE was and I said English whilst I had already submitted a VA EE. I don't really know why I did that, I just didn't have a proper RQ at the time and my supervisor barely gave me any advice so I just went along with it so I could at least provide the EE Coordinator with some essay for the draft. But when I received the feedback for my VA EE, my SP literally made me change the whole focus of my research question, so I have to basically restart again before the final submission in four days. Instead of doing it on VA, I went back to my original EE subject which was on English Literature. I'm a lot more comfortable on basing my EE on English since I'm not very familiar with Art terms as much as I am with literary techniques. But the problem is that my supervisor is refusing to give me feedback on the topic because she claims she already gave her form in and it was based on my VA EE AND now she apparently can't mark my English EE because she hasn't taught English in her life before. (literally, the other person who has her for a SP did it on English?!?!?) Now the DP & EE Coordinator want me to stick with my VA EE and give the fees to change my registration from English to a VA EE. Like, I understand I made a mistake by submitting a VA EE when I wrote English down, but can't they just accept my new English EE and forget about the rest? I still have a few days to receive feedback, I don't really see what their issue is. So idk, I'm really confused. Should I just continue with making a new VA EE or just keep pestering them to accept my new English EE? My English teacher is willing to give me feedback for it, anyways. I seriously don't have time to fix the VA EE anymore, but with English, I'm a LOT more comfortable and confident doing it. Also, is it actually a rule to pay a fee of $500 to change the subject registration sent to the IB? My school insists that I pay for it.
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    Top IB Resources & Websites [Official 2019 Rankings]

    Completely unrelated but Ms. Castle and Mr. Thornley both teach at my school hehe
  10. saraht85

    What kind of subject is music?

    This is a pdf my school has so your might be similar with the external assesments and curriculum. Music_Higher_Level_2016-2019.pdf btw im taking hl music so the pdf is based on hl
  11. saraht85

    Should I take HL Music?

    I'm in 10th grade and I've figured out almost my IB courses: Lit and Lang Arabic B Global Politics Mathematics Physics Music I know I want to take lit/lang and glob. pol at sl but I am not sure whether to take Music or Arabic at sl. I already take music outside of school, play three instruments for 5-6 years, and have taken music theory and comp for 5 years too. I've heard that hl math and science are super difficult so with my previous experience, it might be an easier hl course. I know that I might want to pursue music in college, in addition to physics, so that would help, wouldn't it? I still think that music might be a waste of my time because Arabic, of course, is way more academic. What do you guys think?
  12. IB_taking_over

    sat vs act

    The best way to know which you will score better on is to take a practice test in both and compare the scores. Don't bother with SAT subject tests unless the uni requires them or you get credit for them.
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  14. nicovol1

    Help with my Math IA

    Hi, my math teacher told us that we need to choose a topic for our math IA, that was one month ago and i still dont have a topic. I like aviation but i cant think of anything of aviation that can be applied to math. PLEASE HELP ME!!!, any ideas are welcome.
  15. Andrea_g

    Macroeconomics IA

    Hi! I really need help to find a diagram for this article and a solution! Who can help me? It's for Macroeconomics IA (I'm HL)! https://www.cnbc.com/2018/09/12/south-korea-jobless-rate-hits-highest-level-since-financial-crisis.html
  16. ab911

    Spanish ab initio verbs

    All the verbs required for the spanish ab initio course!
  17. I'm extremely confused between Business & Management HL and Psychology HL. Which is easier to get a 7 at? I'm looking to maximise my scores out of a 45. I've already taken Economics HL, so does it make sense to take Business HL too?
  18. ab911

    sat vs act

    I'm confused between taking the SAT or ACT. I don't study physics or chemistry, which is why I'm confused about the ACT. Also, my English skills are better than Math (my math is extremely weak). Which will be easier for me - SAT or ACT? Also, if I take the ACT, does it make sense to take SAT Subject tests? Thank you! :)
  19. catlover101

    Rate of reaction for the Briggs Rausher reaction

    idk how to do this either, and im doing the briggs rauscher reaction for my IA too. someone help me
  20. kw0573


    To convert from IB grades to Ontario grades, the following scale is used, 2 --> 50-60 3 --> 61-71 4 --> 72-83 5 --> 84-92 6 --> 93-96 7 --> 97-100
  21. pathetic09

    Where to buy used IB Books

    Personally, graduating students at our school sell them for insanely cheap prices (for example, $10 for both bio and chemistry textbooks + the study guides), or even for free. Would such an arrangement be possible at your school?
  22. torontosnow


    Helpp!! I am wondering if collages/ universities curb your marks up just because you're in IB?
  23. Hi, Next year, I will be going into my IB years. I am not good at french and I was wondering what I can do to prepare for IB French B SL. This year, I was quite confused with a lot of the lessons and assessments so I wanted to know the steps I can take to be on the right track for next year. I am in Ontario, Canada (might be easier to answer my question with a bit of context). Appreciate all the help, Neil
  24. Prasad

    Metal Extraction

    Contains notes on extraction of metals, removing impurities from steel and steel composition
  25. My old physics ia gave me highly unreliable data that was super hard to document, and my teacher asked me to change it, 3 days later I still can't find a topic and I need a draft or something by tomorrow. Could anyone possibly suggest some physics ias on databases or simulations or something with a very simple experiment with good scope? I'm so so stuck with this stuff. I'm really interested in astrophysics, but alot of people advise against it, I'm interested in mechanics as well. I wanted to do something about the habitable zones around stars, any ideas??
  26. My chemistry IA is changing the concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in the briggs rauscher reaction to find the effects on the rate of reaction. I have readings of oscillatory time period, a graph and everything. Problem is, I have no idea about how to find the actual rate of reaction, I thought I could draw a conclusion by just comparing the time periods on the graph or something. I looked at a bunch of youtube videos, and i'm still super confused, nothing really gives me a concrete answer as to how exactly am i supposed to do this. Please please please help me out.
  27. Hi, I'm pretty nervous, because of the M19 exam... I have the impression that everyone did really good in economics... If my calculations are realistics I may have minimum 32 points in economics. The grade boundary last year was minimum 31 to get a 3 (I took economixs HL). How many points maximum can a grade boundary increase ?
  28. In this section of our forum, we have the latest official IB guides for each subject. The first step is to understand the program and the assessment methods. From what I heard MYP to DP is a huge jump so at least you'll all initially struggle together? In terms of skills, you need two: self-discipline and time management. If you get these two down you are all set.
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