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    Hi there! Try to read all the books that you are going to study in languages (Polish, English lang lit) And study for biology, chemistry and math because they are harder than social sciences or languages. Then make sure that you understand everything.
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    I would just relax and enjoy the last bit of free time you have. You will be missing that. I although I didn't try to prepare in the summer, I did try to prepare for my IAs and EE at the very beginning of IB1, thinking it will help me get ahead. Reality is, most topics you can think of this early likely won't work, as you do need somewhat of a good grasp on the subject to choose topics, and unless you're into the idea of reading the entire book (NOT recommended), you likely won't know what direction to even go. And keep in mind that excitement fatigue and burnout can be very real, I worked of ass off semester 1 of IB1 and tired myself out early, which lead to me slacking off when IAs came and it really counts. If given the chance to re do my first year, I would rather take early IB (pre IA) much easier and leave the "let's ace this IB thing" energy until IAs. And I would say this applies to summer as well.
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    Honestly, try to enjoy your summer before IB because there will be many things to do for the summers afterwards. I would say the biggest thing that I didn't know when I was going into IB was the coursework and the marking. I didn't know that the IA (internal assessment) is 20% and the exams are 80%. I also didn't know that there were EAs and EEs and TOK. One thing for sure is you should try to fix your sleep schedule asap, sleep as much as you can over the summer and try not to procrastinate when you work. Good luck!!!!
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    Hi! I apologize for such a late reply. Anyways, thank you so much for your answer! After some thinking, I have decided to drop History to SL. Have a great summer! PS. I noticed you have a Polish flag in your bio. Might you be Polish? Just curious, since I am half Polish myself!
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    Hey there! Taking 4 HL subjects can be extremely difficult, not so much during regular classes, but once you get to all the Internal Assessments and the exam period, it'll be a lot. Certainly doable, but I wouldn't advise it, especially seeing as your subject choices are all quite intense. If you want to do history because it interests you, that is great! And you will definitely be covering a lot of ground in the SL course as well, but you won't have to do Paper 3 which is definitely the most intense one. I did History HL and due to the sheer amount of volume covered by Paper 3, I spent the majority of my revision time on it. As you already have an essay writing subject (English A) at HL, as well as two challenging Sciences, that will be more than enough for universities and it'll allow you to take a subject you enjoy at SL. Believe me, that'll be worth much more than making your life extra stressful by squeezing in another HL. I hope this helped and I hope you'll have a great start in August!
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    Of course, psychology. There are a lot of economists and few good psychologists
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    Hey! Psychology is very essay-based, so if you don't enjoy/aren't good at writing essays, a better choice would be probably Economics.
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    Hey! I wouldn't advise taking 4 HLs especially this combination. Do you knie what you want to study at the university? Biology and Chemistry HL are quite hard, but definitely manageable. However, it is advised to take a 3rd easier HL with them both. And both History and English A HL require quite a lot of work. I'm not taking History personally but from what I've heard Paper 3 is actually very hard as you have very limited time. I think you could go with 4 HLs if you changed English A to English B or you could drop History to SL, especially that Maths AA, although SL, also requires some hard work. With that being said, you could have all those subjects, but I would say it would be very hard/impossible to get high grades. Hope this helps And if you have any specific questions about Chemistry HL, Biology HL or Maths AA SL, let me know!
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    Hello, Thanks so much! I just followed you on instagram, so happy to have someone else as support other than my teacher 😊. Thanks for athe advice, i really appreciate it! -idontknowanymore
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    We have a thread for law and medicine, but we don't really have a thread for people who want to study engineering in university. In order to keep the majority of the posts about engineering mostly in the same place so that people can find them more easily, I've created this thread to help people out. I'm a second year student in chemical engineering and can help with pretty much any kind of general engineering questions you might have, whether it's what courses to take in the IB, general procedures for applying to universities for engineering, or what to expect in an engineering program once you're there. If you have a school-specific question, such as applying to MIT or what it's like at X school, please read that school's website and call them up if you can't find the answer. If you're interested in studying: Biomedical/Biological Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Science Electrical/Computer Engineering Materials Science Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering Systems Engineering Welcome aboard! Because at the end of the day,
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    Definitely AA SL. AI HL is much harder than AA SL and is for the most part unnecessary for med.
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    Hi! Do you have a copy of your IA? As I want to do something similar but with rollerblading. Yours sounds very interesting! It would be super helpful if I could take a peek at it!
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    Can we have a "scooby Doo goes ruh roh" and a Jerry Smacking Tom on the head please And no i'm not mucking around
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    Yes I know someone who is doing this. I think it took a while to convince our college that it was a good idea, but he's really good at languages and takes French and German already, picked up Spanish as a CAS one. Careful though with CAS- don't always trust your Inner Hexagon co-ordinator, if you are unsure, check it out by emailing the IBO. They've proven very helpful with people I know Could always keep a copy of the email as evidence- that way nobody can question it!
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    Hello, I am a student of Cathedral Vidiya School in Mumbai. I had scored 23 IB grades in 11th grade. I hoped to score more in the finals but since the 2020 May exams have been canceled, I do not know what to do. I can't even ask for my predictive grades as some teachers are partial and will give me even lower. This has happened to some of my friends and they got rejected. I have applied in Windsor, Trent and Brock and my counsellor is afraid to upload my 11th Mark sheet as she fears I might get rejected. Our school had told us to leave our Internal Assessments a side and work for the finals. They had even taken away our laptops and we literally sneaked in our phones and worked on it. My counsellor is waiting for the final results and I am 60% sure I won't get a diploma. I am extremely worried. Please help me what shall I do in such a scenario. I am not able to withstand so much pressure. All my friends have surpassed me and my parents are criticizing me for this. My future has just fallen in front of my eyes just because of partiality of some illiterate teachers who were't qualified enough to help us with our TOK essay and CAS. I am ready to do any type of Hard work in Canada as its my dream to live there. Please help me
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    English Literature HL Paper 2 that scored 23/25 in the May 2013 Exam Works used: Death of a Salesman and Glen Gary Glen Ross
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