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    It'll be fine as long as it's original, so you have a new take on the topic in some way - of course you'll have similar ideas to the ones already done, but as long as you have originality in there it can be a perfectly fine ee no matter how many others have done it!
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    In general, it seems a bit broad, so you probably should focus your question a bit more. You might consider picking a social group (EX: women, children, the family unit, etc) to investigate. You also might want to consider a certain aspect of the Korean War as well.
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    While it would be nice to have a primary source, you won't be penalized if you can't find a primary source to compare with the secondary source.
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    Hey mawinnie! I've already finished my final biology IA just last term and I am willing to help you! I've currently gotten for my 4 practise IAs for biology full marks or one below because I knew what I had to do. The topic that you are trying to investigate the most likely transpiration rates in chapter 9? Firstly, this is a HL topic and if your teacher already covered this in class, then go for it. At my school, IAs that received a high mark were enzymes and factors that affect it (temperature, concentration, pH. Temperature and pH is the one of the easier and better factors than concentration) as good IAs should have background information (using idea of enzymes - the enzyme itself, the purpose and significance of enzyme and why your investigation is important), be able to produce a graph that can be heavily evaluated (normally these are scatter graphs, as you can see R value, trends of going up and down, systematic and random errors in data, and generally connects everything that you are doing) as well as qualitative data (such as discolouration of enzymes or the denaturation of enzymes, weird colour or appearance of the product of the experiment to say how the quantitative results are supported or gone against by your experiment) and being able to produce lots of trials (my IA took 30 minutes per trial and I had to do in total 35 trials in 2 weeks, which I had to stay back and come early to school to finish the experiments). I'm not sure about your topic about plants and water as this wasn't my final one, but my practise IA on fertiliser and beans and how the height was affected by the nitrogen or flouride based fertilisers and organic versus inorganic fertilisers scored full marks so maybe you could do something like this with plants? People who did this for their final however had problems such as beans not growing at all or they grow fungus, but if you manage this, the topic is still good. Sorry I can't help much with your idea, but hopefully someone else will come along!
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    though i have not done my ee yet (therefore, idk how much this can be trusted), my teacher always used to say doing market failure is the best. By doing market failure, you can incorporate elasticity, talk about problems, solutions etc. so itll be no problem filling up the word count. Choose a topic that pertains to your country, one that you may see on the news or around society (something that has importance rather than simple cigarettes) Hope this helps!
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    It is never too early to start revising. Just begin revising now! You will be surprised how much time you will actually need to cover everything. I always give myself at least 1.5 to 2 months before my final exams. Speaking from experience, it is just enough time for me to revise everything thoroughly (I study around 2-3 hours extra each day- not including school). Besides, there's no harm if you have "extra time" after you revise everything thoroughly. You will be able to have a second revision! Hope this helps!
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    It is definitely a good textbook. It basically all the essential information in one place, and with suggestions on how to answer questions. However, I don't think you should rely solely on one textbook. This is, after all, a condensed study guide. Have another source of information to supplement just in case, such as the Oxford IB biology textbook. This way you can understand and read explained concepts, while, Essentials BIology gives you the condensed information in "IB like" statements. Goodluck
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    Hello all, I am Pre-IB student looking for options to take Economics either SL or HL in DP. My school does not offer these courses, so I wish to take them online. I already decided that I am going to take Philosopy SL online due to my passion for the subject, but I am unsure of Economics. How is the learning environment in Pamoja online courses? What are its strengths and weaknesses in terms of its ability to foster academic development? Especially, what is the degree to which the teachers are supportive? Less importantly, are there any other online courses? I heard of the Elite in London, but I know little of them. Thank you very much in advance
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    Europe is pretty damn big. I think you want to hit google, and do some research mate. Maybe narrow it down a bit
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    You can attempt the SAT or ACT. If you can get a decent score in that then you'll definitely be able to get into a university in the US. Plus you can do some extra curricular activities along with the SAT to beef up your CV (resume). Don't worry man, there's always a way around these things, that's how life works. So just concentrate on this, ad you'll do fine. Good luck!