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    Med schools in Canada and the States require a university degree to apply to them. It's not direct entry from high school. Go with the subject choice you like more, then look into undergrad programs in these countries. You'll probably want to look for science programs, but you can apply to med school with almost any degree Edit: if med school is the dream, don't come to North America
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    Are you browsing social media, playing video games, or doing other activities when you should be studying or are you sitting at your desk unable to focus? The best way to get rid or the first category of distractions it to make a decision at a time when you don't have to study to not use them and also make it more difficult so when you eventually have to study and then have the urge to something else it's more of an effort and more importantly your reminded of your resolve to focus and get work done. This could be deleting social media apps from your phone, asking your parent to put video game controls in a safe, etc. The hardest decision is to not use them and start studying. Once you're 10 minutes into studying it's much easier to continue then pulling yourself away from a distraction. Also, initially I'd recommend being really strict. A lot of people recommend weaning yourself off that stuff and using time limits but I think that it's more effective to just not use them at all (at least until you've done a large and acceptable amount of work). If the issue is that you're sitting down but just can't find the motivation, then it might be harder to solve. By "studying" to you just mean studying for subjects to prepare for exams, or do you mean doing homework and assignments in general? If you're just referring to struggling with your own preparation, then I think what really helps is trying to trick yourself into treating like a regular assignment. Set concrete goals, decide in advance what you need to cover, and then go about in a habitual manner and self-test yourself to determine knowledge; try to learn more about areas you don't know; rinse and repeat. Good luck!
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    This isn't as horrible as it is funny. Okay, so we have a bunch of "exam teachers" that basically watch people take exams to make sure they aren't cheating or anything because our school is large enough for that type of expenditure. We have a grand total of three and they watch over exams depending on what day of the week it is. Anyway I always sign up for the Tuesday/Thursday exam taking slots because I designate Monday and Friday as homework days for the heavy assignments like the EE, IAs, etc. and Wednesday I have CAS hours, private lessons, and other miscellaneous things. The lady who always watches us sit our exams is like this really old, frumpy lady with a walker who wears her weight in pearls (we all know the type). To her credit she is pretty chill but the lady is obsessed with romance novels. You know, the novels you can get at like Walmart for like two bucks a pop with half naked cowboys on the cover. She brings like 5 of them to every exam and just plunks them on her desk, not even caring that we can clearly see the covers. Half way through the year she stopped bring the novels to school and started reading hard cover books with titles like 101 Ways to Teach More Effectively. No one knew why but the consensus was that she got told on by one of the students that probably felt like the covers distracted them. It wasn't that big of a deal until we were taking our midterms and in comes the principal with his eleven year old son. (The principal's wife died a few years back of cancer and he likes to bring his son with him to school every so often. No one minds really 'cause the son is really nice). So they sit down to see if we seem to be struggling with the material or anything. The son get bored after about a hour and just takes a book of the teacher's desk. She doesn't notice because she looks engrossed in her The Salem Witch Trials book or whatever she was reading. After like twenty minutes had gone by the son starts giggling and tugs on the principals shoulder to show him the book. The principal goes red in the face after 30 seconds of reading and leaves the room. The next day I learned that instead of reading what we thought she was reading, the exam lady was actually reading Fifty Shades of Gray/Fifty shades Darker and just putting the covers on her books to look like they were appropriate books. Long story short she isn't allowed to read in the exam room any more.

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