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    Hello Everyone, I am a graduate of the IB on MAY 2018, and I had always been a student who was pretty good at math. I did MYP, and slid through it with 7s all along in Math. I then was told by my teacher that Math HL would be suitable for me and that it would be a good challenge. At that time I thought, yeahh but I will just go in and prove that its easy. My first Sequence and series test, I got a 3, and was in terrible shock, I had never seen below a 7 in years in Math, and the MATH HL IB CLASS had a first test given to me that was a 3. I continued and it seemed like after I had a talk with the IB DP coordinator who feared that maybe HL Maths was the wrong choice for me, I was improving. The next tests I continued to improve and it looked like I could even get a 6 in my IB YEAR 1 school finals. I did the YEAR 1 finals and scored a low 4...something like 39% and I was really feeling bad for myself. I also had physics HL and Econ HL, and I wanted to move to Chem HL, which I later did. BUT MATH HL had turned me to a humble student and I knew I had to work so hard but I couldn't find enough time in a summer that I began applying to the US unis. My grade made me the worst in the class, and also the only student from MYP, so I wanted to blame the easy MYP system but that was not going to help me pass IB...and I knew that! YEAR 2 started and HL MATHS got even more fast paced and harder, and I was literally scoring 2s on Integral Calculus papers, and this was tearing down my confidence. When YEAR 2 MOCKS came, I scored a 30% in P1 and a 38% in Paper 2....THAT WAS A 3 in January whilst my exams were on May. From then on, I got my final predicted grades and it was written on my report I will get a 3 in my finals, and if I work really hard, then a 4. I really wanted to prove that I could get a 6 in HL MATH. So, I began working and revising in February. Going through the IB Study guide for HL maths, IB questionbanks, and an online website that helped with questions. I even got onto whatsapp math groups that I thought could help. When march came around I did a few past papers like worth maybe 2-3 years and sat the exam. I ended up with a 60% in the IB math HL Finals, which is a 5 (StatsOption). Even though I was aiming to show I can get a 6, I will be fine with the 5, because I know I put as much as I could in the time that I had to prepare. From failure, I managed to regain my self-confidence. It was quite a journey of challenges as my teacher who advised me to take the subject had once said.
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    I may consider remarking either English A or Business Management, with preference towards English since it's the more subjective of the two. I personally wouldn't bother remarking Economics nor ESS as 4 marks is too large of a distance in those subjects.
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    IB is still just a high school qualification, it's no considered partly a bachelors degree. Many many people in the world do not have higher education, and increasingly some people forego getting a degree altogether out of choice, because they don't feel that they need it in their career. Also, depends what you mean by a 'qualified job'. You're not really a qualified anything after IB. You can't be a lawyer, doctor, or anything like that. But you can probably get an assistant job in a PR agency. It depends what your career goals are. It often also depends on the job market in the country in which you live. There might be some other ways to get a good job e.g. I've just finished my degree, and I'm about to start working in tax consulting, but my company also offers a programme similar to the graduate one for recent high school graduates.
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    IB doesn't care whether you repeat Year 1 or not, as long as your school allows. IB only care about actual IB assessments. You can take the actual IB exams a maximum of three times. That's pretty much the only restriction IB makes.
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    Do Pearson Chemistry HL Catrin Brown and it's all you need. You never need to be born ready for Chemistry HL. I went from a 3 in Chemistry SL during my first year of DP to obtaining a high 7 in Chemistry HL from the IB in my final examinations.
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    I've done the test today (we were split in 2 groups). It was the CEM IBE test which theoretically should predict our final grade for each subject. I found it quite similar to the UKCAT, I just hope I haven't screwed up too much. Thank you guys for your help, have a nice day !
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    It doesn't work like that. You must finalize which is your additional subject before the exams.
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    HI, I had a friend who did not get his IB Diploma but his university only wanted him to graduate school, which he did, so he was accepted into university. So yes, people do have the same problem as you, it depends on the university's admissions policy. Do you have a separate high school graduation diploma? If you do, and that's the only required document by the university, you should be fine. However, you should contact your university as soon as possible, tell them what happened in detail and they'll tell you what to do. If they don't care about your IB scores, then you are still in uni. However, if your university says you need your IB Diploma, you should ask for a remark on at last one HL (whichever was closest to the grade boundary. If your remark doesn't bring your score to 12 HL points, you might need to consider signing up for resits. You can find a lot of help online regarding resits and what to do. But for now, don't think that far - talk to your university first and see what happens. Good luck!
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    You should start with textbook then move to questionbank. Need both.
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    Mine is related to boy group BTS- I basically mashed the names of two members together. Their names are Suga and J-Hope, so when you put them together... they're Sope!!!
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    Hi! Results day is coming up quick, so I was wondering how everyone thinks they did? Some of my friends think they'll have to retake... Did anyone think some of the exams were too hard? I've heard a lot of complaints about physics and maths...
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    It's strange that they force you to retake the full year 1. Are you doing entirely different subjects to the ones you will be doing in the new school? If you're doing the same ones, or most of them are the same, you should talk to them and see if they can let you through to year 2 and then study your new year 1 subjects in your free time. It might be normal for people to retake y1, but I don't know anyone who went through that. I know two people who moved to my school for y2 and they did economics in y1. My school didn't offer economics, but they allowed them to study it in their free time and sit the exam in our school. So schools can adapt if they make the effort. Don't worry if you have to retake y1, especially since you have to move abroad. This should be reflected in your university application - make a note of it if you think it's necessary. But having to retake y1 because you changed schools doesn't make universities think you are less academically able. Again, talk to your new school about your IB course so far. You should be able to use your existing CAS, EE, etc. and hopefully IAs too. If you have any official IB grades (e.g. an IA you submitted in y1) make your new school aware. Be very thorough when you talk to them and make sure you talk to the IB coordinator too, not just to the general admissions team. The IB coordinator is usually one of the few people in school who actually knows anything about the IB.
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    My school uses it mainly for CAS. We don’t really use it for anything else. It would be nice if we could select multiple photos and videos for our CAS reflections.
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    Technically, a charity is still an organisation, it's just not-for-profit. Hence, you wouldn't need to do your IA on a for-profit business. In any case, it is better to be safe than sorry. Ask your B&M teacher about your charity, and if he/she would recommend doing it even if permitted. If your teacher isn't sure, or you still don't feel reassured by his/her answer, go talk to your IB coordinator. Unless the IB guideline specifically says you cannot do a charity, or that you must choose a business, then chances are you are allowed to do it. But check with your teacher and coordinator to be sure.
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    biology hl is one of the most content heavy subjects so it'll be a lot to catch up on, BUT in a sense it's one of the easiest to catch up on because so much of it is just straight up rote learning: it'll take a lot of time and effort, but if you think it's better than physics or music overall, it's definitely worth it.
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    As a rule of thumb you should choose a specific aspect of the Cold War that interests you, since you will be spending a lot of time researching and reading about it. Don't expect or try to cover the entire Cold War; choose a specific topic instead, such as Glasnost or one of the Berlin Crises. Avoid mainstream topics such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, since they've been overdone and will be harder to give a more original insight. Since you're interested in anthropology, you can examine a particular aspect of life (education, feminism, sports) in the USSR/USA during a specific time period, how it progressed or how it affected the progress of the CW (e.g. the effect of improved education on anti-communist movements in the USSR). If you have trouble finding something that suits you, you can focus on people and leaders, e.g. analyse the impact of a particular leader in the outcome of a CW event. Exam questions cover almost everything, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. When I took my History exams, there were questions about war tactics, feminism, the home front, etc. So, focus on doing an original IA about something you find interesting and worth spending your time doing - you will perform much better if you are engaged and looking forward to it. Keep it simple and don't try to cover too much - you simply won't have enough time and words to do so. Good luck!
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    I think so as its based off of total posts.
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    Hey, I am doing the same thing. It really depends on the subjects you are taking. For example, to study for math I talked to my teachers and am borrowing the textbook being used next year and that I used this year. So I'll review concepts I had trouble with this year and then tackle a bit of next year stuff. I guess to understand next year concepts if the textbook won't be sufficient in explaining them, ill use Khan Academy too. Just the overall thing is to talk to your teacher and borrow textbooks or pull up online resources if you cant borrow. Good luck!
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    I consider redox and organic the two hardest topics in IB Chemistry. I am not sure if by "struggling a lot" in chemistry means you are not yet comfortable with some of the questions or content covered on tests so far. If so, I think it's best to review tricky parts before attempting new content. This is especially true to Topics 9 and 10, because they require proficiency in many previous topics. Before learning redox, you should be proficient in drawing Lewis structures (including polyatomic ions, HCN, NO2, NO3, SO2, SO3, etc). Proficiency meaning taking less than 30 s to draw a structure. Learning redox may also be enhanced by first briefly reviewing Topics 1, 4, and 5. Similarly, organic (for HL) needs a solid understanding of Lewis structures, equilibrium, kinetics, bonding, and redox. I suggest that you become fully comfortable with year 1 materials before approaching year 2. Otherwise it will be very hard to catch up if the fundamentals are incomplete. With that said, redox feels more like you learn by doing problems and less conceptual, like energetics/thermo, while organic is a combination of concepts and problem-solving. Generally if you have the textbook for next year you can read ahead
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    Haha! True. I have no motivation to do anything productive
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    Hi there, Here is one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2dRrNQjvjQ I got a 30/30 too, but I didnt record a video. But I can send you my script if you like.
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    ...when, after helping an old lady accross the street you request she sign a CAS form.
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    My advice would be to to pick a variable that you think would be very easy to control. In my biology class, out of all the IAs we did, generally we found that the amount of errors in the data that occurred in our plant pracs compared to any other were ridiculous and resulted in about 75% of us fudging our data otherwise it was hopeless. It was only the simple pracs that actually worked well and they were the ones where proper data was actually usable. Also, if possible try to choose a topic which can be conducted quickly such as something to do with the germinations of seeds. There is nothing worse than waiting 4-6 weeks for plants to grow like what happen to me and then figure out everything has gone wrong. At least germination is rather quick meaning not to much time needs to be invested into looking after them and because of the short time it is very easy to repeat if necessary. Not sure if this will help much but I hope it does.
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    I definitely like your first sentence . I, of course, being a proud omnivore, learning towards carnivore (), think meat eaters are fine. We need nutrients that are best gotten from meat in our diets. Vegetarians aren't TOO bad, but I agree with the plants thing. Just because it can't make noise, doesn't mean it's not alive. If nobody was to eat meat, just think how our world would fall apart :| Various industries would fail, and over-population would occur. I think eating meat is just natural

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