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    1. Use first principles formula. However, quotient rule is quicker alternative... 2. First you find the slope function of f(x) = x^2 - 5, which is parabola. To find the tanget, you need to know the point where they're asking you for the tangent, any point as (x,y) for example (1,2). As the slope of function f(x) x^2 - 5 is f´(x) = 2x, just plug in the x-value of the point (which is 1 in this case) --> 2 x 1 = 2. That's the SLOPE of the parabola at point (1,2). Hence, you can use the line equation: y - y0 = m (x - x0), where m = slope at the point, so 2. Substitute point (1,2) to function as x0 = 1 and y0 = 2 ------> y - 2 = 2(x-1) and calculate it to get nice equation.
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    Because the reflection determines your engagement grade, you should write it on your current topic, while mentioning how the topic change affected your research process. As the reflection is graded by the same examiner who is marking the EE, you should write it in Chinese.
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    How much collaboration are you doing with the charity? Your CAS project has to be "collaborative" in nature, so I think it would qualify if you are collaborating with other artists, composers, musicians as well as organizers of this event. Also, this should be a series of sequential experiences, so it has to show consistent effort over a period of time. If you demonstrate these, then it would certainly be a good CAS project. Nevertheless, regardless of the IB criteria, this is a great thing you're doing!
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    I know this was posted years ago but I HAVE THE SOLUTION I legit made an account just to reply to this post. YOU NEED A SYSTEMS UPDATE it came with the 2.50 update I currently have a 2.30 to check which one you have click 2nd and then + click 1:About and it should say which one you have
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    I would like to point out IB is introducing Analysis/Approach (functions and calculus focused) and Applications/Interpretations (modelling and stats focused) courses to replace current studies, SL, HL and it will remove Further Math. I would probably suggest Analysis/Approach SL or Applications/Interpretations HL. Application/Interpretations SL is essentially Studies and is insufficient to prepare for pre-med, and at the other hand Analysis/Approach HL is entirely unnecessary.
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    Last I heard, UBC Sciences does not treat Math Studies as a valid math course, so you wouldn't even be considered for admission. I would assume McGill and UT to have similar, if not the same policies. Even if they don't, you're expected to take both calculus and statistics in the majors you mentioned, and doing math studies will put you behind many people, even those who didn't do IB (imho math studies is easier than the BC provincial curriculum). However, since you're not going into a math-intensive major, I would recommend Math SL for you. Many of my friends are in UBC Bio/Biochem, and they find some math to be challenging, but also found that Math SL suffice as a precursor. Hope that helps!
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    I stand by what I said. I deleted it because I thought I should have give others an opportunity to answer. Anyways, it does sound like a large mistake but you should still pass.
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    Yeah the youtube video is what i'm talking about: find a way to use volume of revolution. It's quite possible that the math may be simplified if either cylindrical or spherical coordinates are used. Since most of these proofs are in Cartesian, if you managed to do it in cylindrical/spherical than that could be count as personal engagement.
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    I think the important thing about the IA is the investigative aspect. Obviously, your idea has enough chemistry methods and methodology (performing a titration is enough, but you have to explain all your steps like why you use a certain acid or base etc.), but based on how you've described it, where it could fall short on is "why something happens". I think you may need to think a lot about why certain fruits have high contents of glucose/fructose, relating to chemistry (probably a biochemistry topic, which is completely valid; my IA was also geared towards biochem), or massage your question so that it is more of an "exploration" rather than just a straightforward experiment.
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    It is worth to remark if you can afford it, simply because you are just one point away from getting your diploma. Being only 2 marks away for Physics puts you in a good position, however being 4 marks off in English may be too much - but since English is more subjective, you never know what may happen. I think it's worth trying unless you don't actually need your IB Diploma for getting into university or work or whatever you are choosing to do, because it can be expensive. Again, if you can afford it and/or need your diploma, it's worth a shot.
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    examples may include - collecting original data OR making own hypotheses and testing them - providing insights on how you responded to what you obtained through the exploration or ways to improve others' model or raising questions that others fail to address - making connections between what you find out in your topic to what you learn in school or the world. - Relating the exploration to your personal work, such as your volunteering or work experiences (simply "I like this topic" is not enough). EDIT: - (concisely and critically) recording your struggles while progressing through the exploration and how you overcame those
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    Agree! You know you are an IB student when you start getting worried if your backpack is lighter than usual.
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    I have two 45 minutes long TOK lessons per week and I think it's more than enough because we don't do anything productive during the lessons anyway
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    I like how TOK sometimes can be quite enlightening but at the same time it makes me extremely depressed.

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