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    Well I since, I am quite interested in the topic and I did do prior research on normalization before DP1 and in-fact did my Grade 10 personal project on Schrodinger's equation. I guess for my EE, I might as well take it further by talking about the intricate mathematics of the equation.
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    I like to first correct something I said in the last post The magnitude of the wave function is chosen so that ∫ψ* • ψ dτ = 1, and changes of applying the hamiltonian and potential functions are stored in the eigenvalue. So what you had before is right No I didn't think this topic is very complicated for a Year 1 student, but you need to make that decision!
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    So I've got my topic and all of the necessary parts (knowledge question, WoK, AoK, knowledge framework, etc.), but I have no idea where to start with the actual presentation structure. Do I start with the RLS and what it is? I feel like that would be too much in the content and not enough in the knowledge of the content, if that makes sense. (But on the other hand I wouldn't know where to put the RLS otherwise). How should I develop the knowledge claims? (Obviously start with claim then counterclaim, but do I start with WoK and AoK or work them into the knowledge framework and just focus on the ones I've chosen - methodology and historical development). Last question, what exactly does a "good" link to personal knowledge consist of?
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    I dooo, at least i try to when I have time ,and i like attack on titan,your lie in april,anohana,case closed and much more
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    I have no idea. They probably will if you wrote something in the box and crossed it out. The region outside the box is sent to examiners with the boxes, it's just that they are not shown by default.
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    1. What is your real name? Eda 2. Where are you from? Turkey, Istanbul 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? 4. What made you register on IB Survival? To find an IA topic 5. When did you (approximately) register here? 15 min. ago 6. What is your favourite IB subject? Its strange but Math HL 7. When are you graduating? 2021 May 8. What are your plans for university? still ı have no plan 9. What are your free-time hobbies? playing badminton 10. If you could change one thing on IB Survival, what would it be? I will make it all free
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    I like the knowledge question :-) I would definitely agree with your teacher, REAL RLSs are better than fictional ones. You could use the example of Darwin or Copernicus, who both knew developed society changing knowledge but waiting a long time before publishing. Please do some research on it, but Darwin knew about evolution for about 20 years before publishing, Copernicus nearly never published if it wasn't for the encouragement of a young astronomy who came to study under him. It might be hard to pivot to other examples as I too found many interesting ones in fiction :-) But, I can say that in ethics saying or not saying what you know is really key. For example, in business sharing what you know could violate "insider trading" laws while for a lawyer saying what you know might violate confidentiality. There's quite a bit to explore it turns out!
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    It's generally advisable to write about a topic you have some ideas for. If you can't think of any ways in which magical realism affects the way the novel is written (and to be honest this is not a great question because magical realism is more of a genre than a device, and 'the way the novel is written' is vague as anything - you can't analyse vagueness) then choose a different topic or refine your question so you're able to answer it. You're supposed to be asking yourself a question and then trying to come up with an answer/discussion. 'To what extent' is always a good opener because it allows you to discuss and evaluate through the essay. I would suggest going back to the drawing board. Perhaps start by looking at what you wanted to discuss in your essay and then frame a question which would encompass those things.
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    Hi, my first post here i'm sorry for any mistakes.... So, I decided to write my EE in English B and my supervisor said she only supervises essays in culture so i thought I'd write an EE on some interesting phenomenon in the western part of the US - it's obviously anglophone and i'm also interested in western US. My current ideas are: reasons of decline in UFO belief/sightings in the US since the 1990 (like, X-files no longer aired, the Internet, new trends etc) - my teacher said it's too "useless" for an EE (like, it's not too scientific), but it approaches some cultural phenomenon, so i'm not giving up on it yet why is there decline in western movies production/interest in western genre (shift in mentality - westerns are racist towards native americans, for example) - my teacher suggested I'd choose one western movie and seek racist motifs in it, I might end up doing it, but it's not exactly what i wanted to do, since it doesn't help understand why we don't watch westerns anymore ghost towns? llike comparison of a ghost town in Oregon and one in Nevada. i thought ghost towns were a huge thing in the western states and they kinda play a role in pop-culutre, but i'm afraid it would be too geography or not too specific I mean, i know my ideas aren't perfect but I don't have much time left and I don't know how and where to start...
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    Different universities require different things. IELTS is a pretty standard requirement, although some schools may waive it on the account for Lang/Lit HL. A quick google search about the admission requirements for the school you want should answer your question.
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    I think you do. I just registered mine. (Same in Eng Lang/Lit HL). It should be valid for two years.
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    You know you're in IB when the promise of a coffee stop was the only way to get you to go on a field trip (for an IB class)
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    Skip to useful links: Video Summary of TOK (workshop) To every confused soul out there who is yet to start their first year in IB and fear the nice philosophical subject of TOK. This here thread is me explaining to you what exactly this subject is:). What is TOK? The Theory of knowledge is a minor branch of Philosophy which, when learned, enables one to think about and evaluate the knowledge that we gain rather than just accept it as "truth". In English: we learn how to not be suckers and believe everything we're told . Why go through the pain and agony of learning it? Well basically, because the IBO says so But really, after my IB experience I've realized the point of the IBO actually including TOK as a requirements for Diploma. When I started writing my World literature assignment and my Historical investigation for English A1 and Islamic History, I found myself making TOKish claims in these essays. In fact, a whole criterion for the Historical investigation (Criterion evaluation of the Study) was basically TOK mumbo jumbo. So my theory is that the IBO are smart enough (or this could be coincidence) to teach us TOK so as we could produce decent essays when starting to work on our IAs . Though this might be me over-analyzing things due to making a huge part of my life TOK! My point being! it's not useless! so pay attention in TOK class! What do I have to do after I learn it? Your TOK grade will be out of 60. 20 marks of this grade will depend on a presentation you will have to do (either in a group or individually- mind each person would have to finish 10 minutes of speaking) on a title which you will discuss in a TOKish manner. The rest of the 40 marks will be awarded to you depending on an essay you will write on what is called a "prescribed title". These titles are given to you by the IBO (try googling for it -for example if I wanted to find the file with the prescribed titles for my year I'd google "May 2007 TOK prescribed title). There is a criteria for grading your TOK essays and presentations. To write a good essay and make a good presentation, I suggest you read the marking criteria first, then start off. I will have the criteria on here as soon- I'm on holiday, you all cause chaos to my relaxation plan right now . So there it is. The whole package... Now the point of me being here (after I've finished with my TOK course and IB altogether) is my helping you people get through it as well, and hopefully with much better grades . Stop the BS and help us out already... is probably what you're thinking as you read through this post so here's the deal chicks and dudes (yes I have finished IB, and yes I still say chicks and dudes B)): priary step to helping you out is providing you with essay outlines for your year's title. I'm taking the liberty of making may 07 and may 07 title outline myself which you can find here (if all you can see is essay titles in those articles then I probably haven't gotten the time to post the essay outlines on there yet -it's a work in progress). If you are a candidate for a different session and want advice on some essays, then post a thread in this forum and me and other members (who we'll have soon ) would love to give you some pointers .
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    You know you're in IB when you cram every night before a quiz or exam and also procrastinate every day.
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    You know you're in IB when after every single thing you do you question yourself "Does this count for CAS?"
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    I once... omg I'm already getting all teared up when I think about it... ok, let's just say it: This one time I finished my shampoo and my conditioner at the same time. (Mostly girls will relate.) I also always find matching socks every day, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
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    I'm finishing Attack on Titan right now. It's the first anime that I've ever watched, and I gotta say, it's amazing!

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