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    Stronger PE tends to include struggles and perseverance as well. Personal Engagement is emphasis on the "engagement" not on the "personal". PE also includes if you are able to draw connections between quantum and core HL Math. DO NOT just simply state how quantum changed your life and hope for full points in PE. Because I wrote my EE before 2018, I am not too familiar with how RPPF works. I think reflection also includes how you gathered information and tackled this topic. It probably also includes what you thought you could do differently if you had more time or know more about linear algebra/calculus. Or possibly some remaining question that are unanswered.
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    You don't have to mention personal engagement in the EE itself.
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    Since 2018, the criteria have been modified so that students are not getting sources for the sake of getting sources. I think examiners will understand if Hindu temples are not near you. First thought is to ask your extended family see if anybody knows a Hindu guru who you can skype or call. You can also reach out to the nearest university and talk to the professors on Hinduism. Finally, if you are still out of luck, you can find Indian facebook groups and see if people respond to your request.
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    Asking whether chem will help in bio science is asking if math will help in engineering. Yes it will help, a lot. The first year of chemistry is basically 80% of HL Chem compressed into one year. It's much better to take at least some form of chemistry in high school, instead of learning entirely new material in a fast pace. Biology HL, in my understanding, is just more work but the same difficulty in terms of understanding. If you have Biology HL and Chemistry SL they will be tremendously helpful.
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    Reddit has a list of YouTubers: Good luck! :)
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    I'm also doing my math IA on the SIR model and this video helped me tremendously, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxJUvmngBno It's best to use excel instead of using online SIR model calculators because I've found them to not be very accurate.

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