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    While I think this particular case seems to be worthy of examination, I just wanted to give my opinion regarding the OP's original question of whether a teacher is allowed to practice the IOC, I think that they are definitely allowed. I don't know of any rule against it. My teacher volunteered his free time to do it and it was very professional about it while also making us feel comfortable and supported. After the practice, the feedback he gave us was not what to say but rather he would comment on what we did well, what we didn't do well, strategies (i.e. just moving on if you spend too much time on something), and so forth. I think that's great. It's also worth mentioning that the chances that we would hit the same extract were small and that for the other work he never really gave us specific advice he just got us thinking in the right terms. The issue here is a different one.
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    Google, Amazon, Netflix, McKinsey & Co., Goldman Sachs are great companies with nuanced staff motivation and efficiency interplays.
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    The part of yours that felt wrong was the "...as the villain, however Victor..." part. I would focus on changing that. Maybe "In Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, while it is commonly assumed the monster is the villain, Victor Frankenstein's desire to conceal his creation exposes him as the true menace of the story." I still think this is stilted and needs work, though.
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    The easier subject would be different for everyone. It depends on what your strength and weaknesses are. If you feel like they're both the same difficulty for you, check what the universties/programs you're aiming for want to see. If its ESS, then go with that. If Bio, go with that. Personally, I'd go with Bio since unis and programs recognize it more easily as its a rather standard course. I don't imagine many programs outside of IB doing something like ESS so they may have some trouble classifying the class for admissions. Biology SL is not too bad of a course- I did HL and it was fine.
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    I took danish B HL English lang lit HL math sl physics sl history sl va Hl im also planning to do architecture and I do regret taking physics all the way, I would recommend BIO as I heard its a lot easier than physics when approaching the idea of grasping a topic, however I heard the exam is rlly hard, and my school didn't offer computer science, but I think bio would be a easy approach compared to the other subjects u take. funny thing we took the exact same subjects but took different second language subjects looool
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    Whatever you decide to do in the future, choosing between biology and computer science as an SL course probably won't affect it. For that reason, I'd advise that you just choose what you want-that seems to be biology.
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    For the last few months I've been volunteering at my daughter's high school to help the 12th graders review for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Maths Standard Level Exam in May 2015. In the process I produced these review notes that I thought could be useful to other students preparing for the exam as well. Review Notes for IB Maths Standard Level I'd be grateful if you email me with any mistakes you find so I can correct them. Best of luck on the upcoming exams.
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    Hey guys lately i've been addicted to K-POP I would like,,,if you could share a few things in this forum, for example your favorite K-POP group which member/s do you like the most and why the song/s you like the most and also the music video and so on, feel free to add to the list personally i like KARD and i like rumor and don't recall the most when it comes to this K-POP group (this group really stands out cuz this group consists of 2 guys and 2 girls) and i like BM and J-seph for their voice BTS- i like their MVs cuz there dance is great and i like Jimin the most cuz he is cute. Blacpink- fire is my most favorite song and their MVs are great EXO- i'm really crazy abt this boy band anyways thanks guys
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    Hey guys! so while i was going through the threads, i saw that none of them actually gave good pointers on how to write a very good abstract. So i've got a few notes which i'll share with everyone. They were handouts which my supervisor had given me, but i just condensed it into one. Good luck! HOW TO WRITE AN ABSTRACT An abstract is a concise, stand-alone statement that conveys the essential information contained in an article, book, research paper, or document. Written in a direct non-repetitive style, the abstract should: - Identify the problem (research question of thesis) investigated. - Describe the scope or method of investigation. - Summarize the results. - State the conclusion(s). The abstract for an EE can only be 300 words (max) long. It is usually done right at the end of the process, but it comes in after your cover page in the presentation. Writing the abstract 1. Highlight the sentences in the paper that detail the problem (objective) investigated. 2. Highlight the research question (or thesis). 3. Identify information (phrases, key words) that shows the scope and sequence of the investigation-identify but do not explain. 4. condense the conclusion into a few concise sentences. Words of advice: 1) for the first draft, don't worry about length. Just try to cover all the important components that are required in the abstract. Use all the information that highlighted and identifiedas you read through the essay (or article). 2) Take a word count before you begin to edit. 3) Begin editing by deleting words, phrases and sentences that are less important or provide more explanation than necessary. 4) Look for places where sentences can be combined to omit extra words or condense idea. 5) Delete unnecessary background information. 6) Do not use jargon, abbreviations, direct quotes or citations. 7) Avoid writing in the first person (I). Rather than saying. "In this essay I discuss...",try a more formal approach by starting your abstract with an opening simlar to: This essay discusses the effects of...Specifically, this paper investigates (restate research question)..." "This essay examines how...It attempts to answer the question..." 8) Write the required word count. If a 300 word abstract is required (this IS required for IB), get as close to the require number of words as possible. At this stage, as well planning your arguement, you need to think about the marking criteria and requirements for the presentation. THE ASSESSMENT CRITERIA FOR AN EXTENDED ESSAY Criteria (Marks Available) A- Research Question (2) B- Introduction (2) C- Investigation (4) D- Knowledge and Understanding (4) E- Reasoned argument (4) F- Application of analytical and evaluative skills (4) G- Use of language appropriate to the subject (4) H- Conclusion (2) I- Formal Presentation (4) J- Abstract (2) K- Holistic judgment (4)
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    Prove by mathematical induction that 22n - 3n - 1 is divisible by 9: n = 1: 22(1) - 3(1) - 1 = 4 - 3 - 1 = 0 which is divisible by 9 (remember 0 is divisible by any number) n = k: 22k - 3k - 1 = 9A 22k = 9A + 3k + 1 where 'A' is any number where when expanded, will be a multiple by 9 n = k + 1: 22(k+1) - 3(k + 1) - 1 = 22k + 2 - 3k - 3 - 1 = 22k x 22 - 3k - 4 from n = k, we know that 22k = 9A + 3k + 1 therefore by substitution: = 22(9A + 3k + 1) - 3k - 4 = 4(9A + 3k + 1) - 3k - 4 = 36A + 12k + 4 - 3k - 4 = 36A + 9k = 9(4A + k) therefore since Pk+1 is true when Pk is true and P1 is true, 22n - 3n - 1 is divisible by 9

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