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    There are a couple of completely new bits (e.g. AHL parts of options) but other than that they tend to be extensions of the core content (although new concepts are introduced as part of those extensions)
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    For the IB diploma, you need six courses with at least one in each of groups 1 through 5. It looks like you are taking the option of multiple group 4s (natural sciences). Pursuing space you definitely needs math and physics. As far as I know, no school asks for comp sci. Only about 4% of students take it. IB CS goes way beyond basic programming and goes in some detail about structure and other topics. Most undergraduate programs do not assume prior knowledge of CS. Even if you need programming for space, usually just learning basic procedure-oriented programming for a month over the summer is more than enough. A lot of students at my school take CS in addition to diploma, but those student already know programming from grades 9 and 10. Your school definitely has reasons to restrict to 6 courses if the school really only spend 2 years to cover the entire diploma. If you are dropping one of the HLs, I recommend taking either English or Chemistry as HL. Those two are the most useful and may allow you to skip English or Chem in university. However, it is your responsibility to verify that whatever you pick are enough for all schools you are applying to. I don't want you to chase me a year later because some school for some reason needs the course you are to drop. Just check now and be sure.
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    I'm not full I.B, but I.B English is killing me. The ever heightening mountain of work makes me feel like I'm suffocating. Plus my personal life makes things rough, too. My mom has cancer, my childhood friend died the summer before my junior year, and I feel like I'm falling apart. Most of my friends have either had to leave I.B because of the horrible strain it has caused them, or are just as stressed as me. This program makes me miserable but I can't quit. Sometimes I wish I could just die in my sleep so I won't have to deal with the stress anymore. I can't even get a job to try and save up for college because of the workload and Theatre. I just want a little less on my plate without having to let my grade suffer in order to have any free time. I work so hard for this class and nothing comes from it except for crying myself sick. I'm not suicidal but I don't care about dying anymore because of the stress.
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    It is a hard combination of HL subjects, but if you want to do aerospace engineering, you should definitely do Maths and Physics HL. If you had to change HLs, it would be "better" to drop Chemistry and do Economics instead... But that would be pointless. You want to prepare yourself for engineering, so you would benefit from doing Maths, Physics and Chemistry at HL. Economics will not give you any benefits. Yes, it will be tough with those HLs, but if you like the subjects and are good at them, you should be fine if you put in the work. If you hate economics, maybe you shouldn't do it at all; otherwise, keep it at SL so you enjoy your IB more.
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    I feel that the historical introduction may be useful. I suggest that you leave it as is and look to revise when you have a draft. It could be fruitful to write 5000 ish words then cut to 4000. You may need to space out the definitions, if applicable and rearrange some of the intro into the main body. If your subject is biology, then you can assume that the reader has at least HL competency and that may save you from overexplaining some definitions.
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    It's normal to not understand everything after just two weeks of IB. Don't worry, you will eventually come to understand everything. There's no point in stressing about it now and trying to cram all the information you can. Papers 1,2 and 3 are your exam papers which you will take in May 2020... so you shouldn't be worrying about those yet. For now, focus on your classwork, but if you want to do some research, search online for advice, free resources and so on.
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    Given your career aspirations it does not seem to matter at all whether you take Econ or B&M. B&M is typically considered slightly easier of the two but you should choose whichever one you prefer. For getting into aerospace engineering or astrophysics or the like, IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT SOCIAL SCIENCE SUBJECT YOU TAKE IN THE DP.
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    From a sample size of 30+ peers that i know and myself, the general sentiment is that ESS is the easiest SL science, followed by Biology SL.
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    This gives you the general entry requirements, but if you want to study specifically Economics, then the typical offer for 2019 is:" 38 and above International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB) points, including 7 6 6 in Higher level subjects, with 7 in Mathematics". More info. on the course is here: http://www.lse.ac.uk/study-at-lse/Undergraduate/Degree-programmes-2019/BSc-Economics If you want to see the courses available at LSE and their specific entry requirements, you can find them here: http://www.lse.ac.uk/Programmes/Search-courses?query&f.Study Type|type=undergraduate&=query&f.Subject|subject=Economics Good luck!
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    IB is a two-year course. You are not expected to know everything by first week. Just communicate your concerns with your teachers and they should be happy to help you adjust. I don't know what exams you are talking about because I don't think May 2020 exam dates are released yet. The whole point of IB is to prepare you, not asking you to do everything right now (and DEFINITELY not after week 1).
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    Hi, If you have mixed feelings about Economics, then why not give Psychology a chance? You might find it more enjoyable. I don't know your school's policy, but some schools let you change subjects within the first few weeks of school... So if that's the case of your school, I would advise trying out Psychology and if you don't like it switch to Economics. Regarding your SLs, universities won't really ask you for Computer Science if you want to do Business and Design. Thus, it's not necessary for you to take it, as you will learn all the skills you need for that when you study your Business and Design course. You should choose the one you think you would enjoy the most and would perform better at. Having a good teacher is also very important, so that could be an advantage for Biology. But as I said, choose the one you will enjoy the most.
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    Well, the important thing I learned after a while is that bio and chem arent subjects that can be crammed anymore. There are many concepts for the two subjects but you have to be able to understand them inside out. So NEVER procrastinate and keep up with the lessons in class so that before a test you aren't learning new content. Do notes whenever you have spare time, make sure you understand it after class and ask questions! If you have time try to read up a few pages before class so you can ask questions in class during the lesson. Learning styles can be subjective but note taking is a pretty good standard way to pick up key points. You'll find for chem is that it is a more concept based subject while bio is cramming, understanding and taking in information. So you'd have to adjust your note taking style. In my chem notes I explain allot of the concepts to myself and in bio, I'm just taking in all this information from the textbook and simplifying it and organizing it. Another way to keep up and be on top of your game is to also watch videos. It works because you are taking in all your concepts through new contexts. Crash-Course is awesome for chem and bio. But with all this, you have to keep reviewing all that you take in! Reread your notes, cue cards, videos etc. Good luck
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    My advice would be to to pick a variable that you think would be very easy to control. In my biology class, out of all the IAs we did, generally we found that the amount of errors in the data that occurred in our plant pracs compared to any other were ridiculous and resulted in about 75% of us fudging our data otherwise it was hopeless. It was only the simple pracs that actually worked well and they were the ones where proper data was actually usable. Also, if possible try to choose a topic which can be conducted quickly such as something to do with the germinations of seeds. There is nothing worse than waiting 4-6 weeks for plants to grow like what happen to me and then figure out everything has gone wrong. At least germination is rather quick meaning not to much time needs to be invested into looking after them and because of the short time it is very easy to repeat if necessary. Not sure if this will help much but I hope it does.
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    Oh man. I'm so mad. My grade didn't change. ****. It's literally one mark. I'm so mad it's not even funny.

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