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  1. How's it look now?
  2. I'll look into this. Sorry for the issues.
  3. Ah! I see. Custom BB Code. Let me look into it
  4. Test
  5. I'm still trying to figure out how this is coming back. We're going to be upgrading the forum very soon so shouldn't be an issue for much longer!
  6. This should be fixed now. I'm not sure how this happened but I've spoken to the web hosting team and we shouldn't have any problems now!
  7. This should be resolved fully now. I'll keep a close eye on everything.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I will notify the support team at Invision Board. I have patched with the latest security patch, so something must still be wrong.
  9. I'm going to monitor this closely. I have a feeling it's solved, but do let me know immediately if you experience it again . Thanks!
  10. Can you walk me through the steps you take to create it?
  11. Thank you for reporting this, and sorry it happened in the first place.
  12. Can you let me know if you are still experiencing this issue going forward. Thank you!
  13. I'm looking into this now. Thanks for letting us know. I've been away on holiday.