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  1. Any chance you can help source those icons? Haha
  2. Some of you may have noticed that we now have the ability to "react" to posts here on IB Survival. What other reactions would you like to see? And what icons would you like?
  3. I'll look into this. Sorry for the issues.
  4. Ah! I see. Custom BB Code. Let me look into it
  5. I'm still trying to figure out how this is coming back. We're going to be upgrading the forum very soon so shouldn't be an issue for much longer!
  6. This should be fixed now. I'm not sure how this happened but I've spoken to the web hosting team and we shouldn't have any problems now!
  7. testing a topic
  8. hey, i think there's a mistake in two of the questions where the brands are listed. Instead of rebook it should be reebok. Haha, just fixed that a few minutes ago. Good catch
  9. Hi guys, A really good friend of mine is doing research on YouTube and I'd really love it if you guys could take 5 minutes to fill in the survey. It involves watching a couple videos too so it shouldn't be too bad! Also a chance of winning an Amazon voucher (and that's always good!). Survey is here!
  10. Hi guys, Bit of a personal request here. A really good friend of mine is doing her research on YouTube and she is looking for anyone between 16-20 to answer a few questions about their favourite YouTUbe creators/channels/etc. It's super informal. I've pasted her message below. ---- Hi guys, I’m currently writing a thesis about YouTube, YouTube creators, and brands, and I need to find 5 UK-based people aged 16-20 to answer a few questions about their favorite YouTube creators/channels etc. We would use Skype or Google Hangouts for the interview - no need to turn the camera on! - and it would take around 20-30min. If you're interested or know anyone you think would fit the description - UK-based, 16-30 yrs-old, likes to watch videos on YouTube and is likely to have subscribed to at least a couple of channels - please get in touch with me. Many, many thanks. ---- Let me know if you can spare a moment. I will happily reward anyone who can help with a free year of VIP!
  11. This should be resolved fully now. I'll keep a close eye on everything.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I will notify the support team at Invision Board. I have patched with the latest security patch, so something must still be wrong.
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