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  1. supbhang

    Body Mass Index

    Yeah thanks a lot for the data. I must've skipped those posts with the data
  2. supbhang

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

    Well Rammstein is a really famous German band and it's okay to connect Germany with them. But freakin' Tokio Hotel??? It's a shame that they really 'represent' Germany
  3. supbhang

    hist ia summary of evidence format

    I also wrote a continuous prose. "The summary of evidence is a description of events that are directly relevant to your research question and that will help you answer the question. (Are there different perspectives and different information?) The summary of evidence should have plenty of referencing. If you don't know how or when to reference documents, please see me for some guidance. This part should be 350-600 words. This part is worth 5 points." That's the information our teacher gave us!
  4. supbhang

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

    Oh okay, gotcha
  5. supbhang

    Body Mass Index

    You're welcome Yeah, I think that'd be alright!! EDIT: Have you found other BMI data for the last question??
  6. supbhang

    Internal Assessment

    I have to agree with the first two answers. Even though the topic seems very interesting, I think that comparing a film with a book is not "deep" enough for a historical investigation which is required for the IA. But I think you could still work on this topic using another research question etc....
  7. supbhang

    How do you get a bilingual diploma?

    However, there are a lot more requirements for students who have ONLY the IB to attend a German university, because having only the IB does not automatically mean you have the entrance qualification. The requirements can differ from university to university (I think)...
  8. supbhang

    Is this a normal thing...

    No, it's not just you. The situation at my school is completely different. I have all the IB classes additionally to the classes for my "normal" German Abitur diploma. Therefore, IB students have a lot more to do than those who do "only" the German Abitur. However, we never had classes on weekends. The only exception will be the Oral Assessments!
  9. supbhang

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

    What? You are only doing the SL? We all chose German A1 HL in my class!
  10. supbhang

    Body Mass Index

    Well, what I did is - I wanted to draw a cubic equation. I took 4 values and I got 4 variables and 4 equations. Thus, I was able to get the equation for my model. - In question 4, I used the "Cubic Regression" on my calculator to draw an even more accurate graph Well, that's what I "interpreted" out of these questions. I hope that helped
  11. supbhang

    Body Mass Index

    Well, I used the first one. I picked 4 values and thus I had 4 variables and 4 equations. I solved them and I got my new equation. Where is your problem explaining the step? Well, I've got another question. The portfolio asks in the end "Use the Internet to find BMI data for females from another country. Does your model fit this data? If not, what changes would you need to make? Discuss any limitations to your model." Does anyone know where I can find BMI data? I couldn't find any so far.....
  12. supbhang

    Who else is giving up summer 2009 to study?

    I'm not going to study too hard. I'm gonna review some notes, perfect my EE and Internal Assessment and start my literature essay.
  13. supbhang

    Group work - yay or nay?

    Group work can be either really, really good or really, really bad! There is nothing inbetween Personally, I like group work. In my opinion, there has to be a group leader, someone who organizes the group. He/she has to manage the time and the due date, organize the work that has to be done, push the other group members, take notes of each meeting etc. I found it really hard to work in a group with an absolute democracy. The working atmosphere might be a little better, but I think that the system with one leader is more successful.
  14. supbhang

    Rewriting notes onto a computer!

    I haven't rewritten any notes yet, but I think I'm going to during the summer break. I think that re-writing will help me a lot, because if you rewrite your notes, you have to think about them again. That will increase the chance of understanding and memorizing information. However, I do not rewrite the textbooks. My textbooks are full of marks and notes, so when I read them again, I can usually regain the information real quick.
  15. supbhang

    No social life = IB diploma?

    I also try to do all my assignments/prepare for tests as soon as they are set, because I hate to do homework when I'm tired. In general, I spend around 2-3 hours of homework/weekday. However, I hardly do any IB homework. Since I just want to pass the test and get the diploma (I don't care about the grades), the first priority is to do well in my regular German classes (I'm in a school where the IB is just kind of an add-on to the German high school diploma).

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