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  1. australiANgel

    Type I -- Logarithm Bases

    hello everyone, it says that you need to test the validity of your general statement using other values of a,b and x does this mean that you make up other examples, or do you use the ones that they have already given you? and you guys said that log(ab)x =???.. how did you come up with that? thank you! =)
  2. australiANgel

    [Maths SL] ~ logarithm bases

    hey everyone, we got our Type 1 maths SL portfolio today. i get most of it... but there is a section that has me totally stumped. its says... let log(a)x=c and log(b)x=d. Find the general statement that expresses log(ab)x, in terms of c and d.. i know that you cant state the general statement on here... but could someone give me some clues.. about how to go about it? thank you all so much! =D
  3. please please please! does anyone have a graph that plots the surface area to volume ratio against the rate of diffusion, just a standard one. my teacher says i need one for my year 12 HL bio lab report plan.. and i can't find one anywhere! does anyone know a link of a website that would have one? please.. getting desperate! thank you
  4. australiANgel

    TOK oral ~ misleading people

    hey everyone, i'm going to do by TOK oral on the idea of misleading people. i need an example.. so far i'v only been able to find small things in the media that have mislead people. does anyone know of anything really big that mislead many many people? thanks so much! xx
  5. australiANgel

    urgent IA help!

    hey everyone, please help! i had finished all of my IA apart from Part D, the analysis secton. my question is.. "Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed with nuclear weapons in 1945. To what extent was the bombing of Hiroshima more influential to Japan’s decision to surrender from WWII than the bombing of Nagasaki?" and then i started to read up all about it.. and well.. there isnt many conflicting ideas about it. like.. pretty much none! its seems to suggest that they were both of equal importance. so... do i keep going with it.. becuase i have pretty much written everything on it.. or do i start all over agian? thank you everyone!.. p.s draft is due in about 2 days.
  6. australiANgel

    indonesian (or any) language B orals?

    terima kasih Avrila
  7. australiANgel

    maths portfolio's?

    hey, how much are our maths portfolios worth of our entire grade?
  8. australiANgel

    what is a 7 in chem SL?

    hey everyone, what is classed as a 7 in chem SL? thanks !
  9. hey everyone, im not sure if all language B's do their orals at the same time, but if they do.. when are they? our school doesnt tell as anything about due dates, and im getting worried if they are sooner rather than later. ohh i live in Australia if that changes anything thank you!
  10. australiANgel

    How are History IAs assigned at your school?

    hey, our teacher didnt give us anything, we just had to go out there and find a topic.
  11. australiANgel

    What does it take to get a 5 for History?

    hey, i dont know if its the same for every school, but we get alot of questions to answer as our assesment. the key to getting high grades on them is to write down as much as you can, with as much detail as you can. i know its a cliche, but if you put in the effort, you will get the results. goodluck
  12. hey everyone, my english teacher told me that it is very rare to get a 7 in English A1. she said that last year she only gave out two 7's in the entire year! is this normal? is it like this at your school? does anyone have any tips? thanks
  13. australiANgel

    subjects at the bottom of a post?

    woo thank you
  14. australiANgel

    subjects at the bottom of a post?

    hey everyone, you know how some people have their subjects written at the bottom of a post? how do you get that? thanks
  15. australiANgel

    Is this a normal thing...

    hey, i dont know about weekends, we dont do that, but our school is meant to go from 8.30 to 3.30 but it is expected that you stay until about 5 or 6pm

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