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  1. BBiswatching

    Has IBSurvival.com helped you?

    Definitely agree with everyone that the VIP features helped me a ton! My teachers weren't very good with giving out example IAs and such, so it was really, really helpful to see what sort of work the IB graders were expecting -- especially in History, since I got the least amount of instruction on IAs in that class. I'll probably be contributing some of my better IAs too, now that I'm done (woo!)... But I wanted to wait first and see how they were actually scored It's also been really great meeting students from literally all over the world - really brings the international aspect of IB home.
  2. BBiswatching

    Official IB May 2008 Results Thread

    Session: May 2008 English A1 HL: 7 French B SL: 6 History Euro HL: 6 Biology HL: 6 Chemistry SL: 5 Math HL: 5 EE English A1: A TOK Essay: C EE/TOK Points: 2 Total: 37 Diploma Awarded *^O^* I am still shocked I passed Math HL at all... was seriously praying to get a 2 =X But all in all, I'm just very happy I got my diploma in the end because that means I'm officially done with high school! Congrats to everyone!
  3. BBiswatching

    Maths Paper 1 (MAY08)

    Ditto. I opened the test and realized my teacher spent two years teaching us... nothing. I would've done fine on the SL exam, I'm sure, but I really didn't have a clue as to how to start half the HL problems T_T urghhh
  4. BBiswatching

    History of Europe Paper 3 (MAY08)

    Yes, I did make sure I talked about why WWII broke out when it did ... although I'm sure I could've made my arguments a lot stronger =x
  5. BBiswatching

    History of Europe Paper 3 (MAY08)

    Paper 3 - #5, 7, 20 (Italian unification, German unification, causes of WWII). Our history teacher spent two class periods going through really in-depth look at Italian and German unification our last two days of classes, so I think all 61 of us were really prepared for that. And then causes of WWII? How could I resist? =D
  6. BBiswatching

    History Paper 1 + Paper 2 (MAY08)

    Yup, Paper 1 - I chose Section A... because we didn't cover Mao and I chose not to focus my studying on the Cold War =X I think most of the kids in my class chose Section A, but there were a few who had done presentations on the Cuban Missile Crisis, and so, chose Section C. But yeah, Stalin's 5 Year Plans was pretty easy =) Paper 2 - There was pretty much a reverberation of "YES!" in my class too when everyone saw #1 One of my friends actually pumped her fist in the air, and the invigilator started cracking up. So yeah, I wrote on #1 -- I was really excited because I had already written the entire outline for that essay while studying =D And then I chose #13 (the one on a single party state leader and education) and wrote about Hitler for that one. Overall, I think it went well too =) I think I had a total of 20-30 sides for the three papers... my hand is so shot. But at least I'm done with one exam! =)
  7. BBiswatching

    Name Your IB School

    Douglas County High School, Colorado, USA, May 2008! Let the testing begin *hyperventilates*
  8. Ahaha, the IB Learner Profile... This year, my IBC got huge posters made of the Profile and had them all hung up in each of the IB classrooms. Nobody pays any attention to them. My sister applied to my school's IB Program this year: Our IBC changed to application to "Choose 2 of the characteristics from the IB Learner Profile and write an essay on how they apply to you" or something along those lines. Basically, while I think the idea of the Profile is quaint, it seems to also discourage what I feel is the very characteristic of IB that differentiates it from AP and all those other programs out there - individuality. It probably sounds a bit cheesy, but what I like the most about the IB, at least at my school, anyhow, is that we're more encouraged to develop our own opinions and ideas, rather than get redundant facts shoved down our throat and then be expected to vomit those facts back up for tests. While it'd be nice for all IB students to be reflective, balanced, caring, thinkers, etc., it would take away a lot of the angular personalities that makes discussions in class interesting. We have that at my school too! All the non-IB faculty seem to think the IB teachers have it so easy because they teach a bunch of well-behaved kids who are willing and ready to learn. And non-IB students think we (IBers) get special treatment from school administration *snorts* If anything, we get harsher treatment from administrators and secretaries because they seem to assume that just because we're in IB we'll automatically try to pull an elitist-attitude on them or something. It's really irritating getting yelled at by counseling office secretaries when you try to nicely remind them to mail your college application or something, and they yell "Oh, you IB kids! You think you're better than everyone else don't you?!? Well, I'll have you know I went to college too!!"
  9. BBiswatching

    Harvard University

    Agreed, but alumni connections give you a big boost at most Ivy League schools. I applied to Harvard last fall, got denied, no big surprise there. I think the thing to keep in mind is that Harvard, and most other schools of similar calibre, look for students who are outstanding and show passion for what they do. When we went to visit the school last summer, the admissions officer stressed being "flat-sided," rather than "well-rounded." They'd rather see someone with one or two activities that they put all their time and effort into, and have made some significant contribution in those areas, rather than someone with perfect SATs, perfect GPA, and a smattering of extracurriculars. I'm pretty sure that's why I didn't get in -- my strengths are my academic credentials (36 ACT/2330 SAT, ranked 5th in class of almost 600, 4.8+ GPA). My extracurriculars are pretty weak in comparison -- I was president of two small clubs, senior rep on our IB student council, and VP of our school's National Honor Society. Sounds alright, but to be honest, I didn't really do much with any of the clubs. Yes, I organized a few fundraisers and miscellaneous events, but when compared with someone who volunteers every day at the soup kitchen or something, it's a pretty weak contribution/dedication. I think my school has never had anyone accepted to Harvard. The closest was this one guy who graduated the year before me -- he was waitlisted. Near-perfect SAT/ACT, officer in various clubs, played tennis, and spent his summers doing research at one of the local universities, 40+ on his IB Diploma. Harvard didn't want him, but UPenn offered him some sort of guarantee through his masters if he continues his research there. Harvard isn't the end all be all... It is really an amaaaaazing school, and it doesn't hurt to give it a shot! Best of luck to everyone who's applying! =D
  10. BBiswatching

    English A1 - Unseen P1

    HL: I did the poem ("Household goods" by ....? I don't remember the poet's name. Which may be a sign I didn't mention him enough in my essay ). I'm usually better at analyzing prose, but I didn't like the passage they had (something by C.S. Lewis - nothing against him; just didn't like the passage). With the poem, I talked about the personification of the household goods and consequent dehumanization of the human characters. I related it all back to the concept of home versus house... and then somehow strayed into talking about the concept of gods/godliness? I wasn't too happy with that. Oh well, Paper 1 down, Paper 2 (and all my other exams) left to go
  11. BBiswatching

    A Sad ED year

    Yeah, there's definitely a lot more than just the IB that schools look at, especially the Ivies and those schools that rank equivalent. Last year we had one IB Senior who everyone thought was absolutely brilliant: He was ranked 2nd or 3rd in the class (out of roughly 600), did research in our state universities, was a huge student leader, and everyone (including the Harvard alum interviewer) thought he was going to get into Harvard for certain. He got waitlisted. On the other hand, we had this other IB Senior last year who had a 3.8 GPA, didn't really seem to do much, but was awesome in Speech and Debate; he had lower SATs than the first guy I mentioned, but this kid was accepted to Stanford. With these high-powered schools I think academics is sort of only a baseline; they look for students who are able to contribute something unique to the campus, other than good grades. We haven't been lucky either this year: We had two applicants to Stanford for Early Action this year: me and another IB senior; we're both ranked 1st unweighted in the class, weighted I'm 9th and he's 2nd. We both got rejected =( We had some other IBers applying to U Penn, but I haven't heard what they got. However, one of my friends got accepted to Yale through the Questbridge scholarship program, so she essentially has a full-ride to Yale (gah, she's so lucky). Again, she didn't have the perfect GPA or SAT/ACT scores, but she's done absolutely outstanding service work over the past 3 1/2 years. So yeah, again, it comes back to something more than just academics with those Ivies. I wish I had figured that our earlier, or had chosen a school for ED/EA that would've valued my academic strengths more. I got a 36 on my ACT and 2330 on SAT...it's gotten me scholarships at other schools, but when it comes to schools like the Ivies, it's not enough to stand out =(
  12. BBiswatching

    Question about EE in literature

    ^ I'm pretty sure we are. I used subheadings in my English EE and my advisor said it was perfectly fine. I hope for both our sakes then that she was right
  13. BBiswatching


    This is our second year with Philosophy at my school. If you take one year it's SL, two years is HL. I'm not sure how that really works out (I don't take the class) since all the Philosophy students are in the same class... But from what I hear from my friends who are taking the class, they all love it. And they've all become obsessed with Plato and <i>The Republic</i> It seems like Philosophy is more focused on examining works by philosophers than TOK is? Or at least at our school, since our TOK classes are really more centered on I guess, more "concrete" (for lack of a better word) things. Our discussions tend to be based mainly on our own experiences, songs/books/poems we read, etc. Philosophy class on the other hand, centers around metaphysical works and such. The Philosophy teacher is also our IB Coordinator/Euro History HL Yr 1 Teacher/TOK Teacher. I'm sort of wishing I had taken the class =(
  14. BBiswatching

    Your best subject?

    Hmm, hard to say; probably English A1 (even though commentary killed me. I'm good with essays though.) I'm pretty good at Math HL too, but since our teacher doesn't know what he's doing, really, it's hard to judge what my grades in the class will translate to in terms of my IB exam. Likely not good.
  15. BBiswatching

    Rant of the day!

    ranting? YAAY. I need. First, OMG I SO BOMBED MY UNSEEN TODAY T_____T I got a passage from Shakespeare's Hamlet and I totally thought I was going to be fine, but. Yeah, no. I couldn't focus on my passage for one, because the prep room at my school is so not soundproof. even though they say it is. I could hear every word the person before me was saying...and she got Hamlet too, but a different passage. It took me 10 minutes to actually get through reading me lines T_T And then I went in to record... and talked for 7 minutes. and that was it. Luckily, the teacher was trying to save my butt and asked me all these good questions...but I was dumb and didn't get her hints and...yeah. =X Thank God for the World Lit papers. =X And then, our math class is a mess. Ugh. I ranted about that enough in my blog already.

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