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  1. sarah

    Math paper 3 (MAY08)

    Hey hey... sooo math paper 3? easy? hard? horrible? We had series and differential equations and it wasnt pretty at all!
  2. sarah

    Economics (MAY08)

    typo? hmm no i didnt notice *-) odd
  3. sarah

    Economics (MAY08)

    So0o0o.. howd everyone do?? i found bothe papers pretty easy did better on paper 2 than paper 1 though... which questions did you answeR? I did question 2 on paper 1 and questions 1 2 and 4 from paper 2
  4. sarah

    Chemistry Papers 1-3 (MAY08)

    now every1 is scaring me especially since i suk at chemistry hahaha... maybe i didnt do as well as i thought... for paper 2 section B i did the 1st 2 questions.. i found them to be really straight forward and section A the last Q was the only tricky part abt it.. or so i think hehe dunno
  5. sarah

    Math Paper 1 (MAY08)

    yea we're time zone 2.. im guessing thats time zone 1 isnt that not fair though? r the curves seperate for each timezone? bcuz if not then i think its not fair since a paper might have been relatively easier than another
  6. sarah

    Chemistry Papers 1-3 (MAY08)

    i cant believe how easy the papers were... i dont think i did so well in paper 1 cuz i just hate multiple choice and i whizzed through them but paper 2 was the EASIEST THING EVER and paper 3 was a piece of cake.. we did industrial and further organic so simple lets hope physics HL is just as easy
  7. sarah

    Maths Paper 2 (MAY08)

    oh i did TZ2... maybe thats y... but yes it was hard as... definatly found it harder than 1st one.. but i didnt do gr8 on either
  8. sarah

    Maths Paper 2 (MAY08)

    that paper was HORRIBLE!! it was so unbelievably hard... i did so bad on it
  9. sarah

    IB Pins

    oh they give those to us wen we graduate... which is veryyy soon nowwww 1 more month yaaaaaay and i think i might put it on whatever bag ill be using for uni... i mean give me a break i work my butt off for 2 years n then i dont get to show off??? aha *nods* ill show it to everyone (although im not so sure if being an IB student is something to be proud of or not )
  10. sarah

    Your Worst Case Scenario

    I bet no1 can beet my worst case... i had to write me EE 3 times thats right THREE... 1st time my computer crashed so my EE and my math portfolio and 2 of my economics commentaries went bye bye i didnt even have back up copies... My computer then crashed again.. n because i dont learn i didnt have back up copies this time either I basically had to write every single IA more than twice It was good practise though
  11. sarah

    May 2008 General Exam Discussion

    No one, and i mean NO ONE, is freaking out as much as I am... 27 more days.. and im not even CLOSE to being ready *mumbles*
  12. sarah

    English A1 WLA titles

    I got mine bak today... the 1st draft teheee i have to REWRITE.. cuz very unorganised.. even though certain ppl DID help *cough cough* mehh im useless... imagine wut i wouldve had to do if no1 edited it for me aahh neway mine was abt the significance of the setting in Lorca and Ibsen's plays... dolls house and house of bernarda alba...
  13. ive got arabic A2... i dont kno if that would help??
  14. tehee my math teacher sux at nethin computer related.. so basically if u used excel hed give u a full mark on tech
  15. sarah

    Why IB?

    I thought id love the challange... i think im being proved wrong

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