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  1. IB_sucks

    IB in one word?

    useless i just graduated with an IB diploma with a total of 42 and I've started college. i was very enthusiastic because i was going to get a significant amount of credits. well, it turns out that almost all of my possible credits were useless to me and none of them helped towards my major. number 2, as I am attending Texas A&M university right now, i find my self questioning: Would it really be different for me had I not done IB? I am just as intelligent (if not less) than most of my class mates and they have all done the regular "High School Diploma," which most people feel is inferior to any other educational system for some reason. From what I can see so far, I dont think that I have gained a so called "advantage" over my peers by taking the IB. If anything, I feel disadvantaged because I have wasted two years of my life just studying while my peers are more "fresh" if you will, and ready to take on a more meaningful challenge, getting an actual college degree.
  2. IB_sucks


    lol...thanks for saying that..i was waiting for someone to say it... again..believe it or not...this is misunderstood as-well...because talking interms of religion.....Islam says nothing about treating a woman the way they treat their wives...which explains why not ALL arabs treat their wives like that..its mostly in countries like KSA...and bahrain and stuff....where they totally mistake the things said in the quran about the man being reponsible for the woman as "we have to beat them up...we have to not allow them any freedom..etc...etc" the thing is..im a muslim..im a tunisian...we dont have such things as treating the women badly...and i see it myself...and i see the HUGE difference between what certain people do to their wives and what's actually said about treaing the wives in the quran and believe it or not..this is in some way a conflict within the arabs themselves...and its giving a very bad impression...just like im seeing now..on arabs and muslims...as as im concerned....our prophet does say..and did say until the last breath..to be gentle with women...and he said it three times...and he ensured along witht he prayer..showing its importance...im not offended or any thing mr.shiver....im just stating a fact...that "treating women better" should be directly said to SOME arab extremists..that take everything in the wrong way..and yes..in that case...i do agree 100%...but to have that idea about all arabs..is sort of...stereotyping...becasue im an arab...a muslim..and i dont see any of that "bad treatement" done to me..hence..im right here doing whatever i want..... or any other women in my family..and in fact in my country along with ALL the women i've ever met in my life...except for the KSA.... yeah...well infortunatly.....its all about the media... as i just said to mr.shiver...all what's being generalized about the way women are being treated in the arab and muslim world is stereotyping....and i explained why... Haj...ok...there's a reason why haj is meant to be on those who are able to cope with it ONLY...not those who are barely walking...or those who are clusterphobic..... but yeah...i see your point....although if you followed the news in the last HAJ.....things are getting wya better becasue of the facilities provided by the KSA government..... you see...how i see it is that some people jsut take whats said in the quran in the totally wrong way...and in some cases they read half of the verse for example..then make a decision...like for example..when it says about HAJ..it says RIGHT after it..."only for those who are able"...able being...able financially...and physically...... but oh well...its all because of media...forcing the audience to adopt acertain opinion without showing the full story....typicale...everywhere...lol and about being scared..i guess you have the right to be scared....since the media just forces you to be scared...but if you're like more concerned in a way because of the 9/11 incidents....i would personally re consider...because they're proving..the americans themselves...that maybe it wasnt really the arabs who did it.....and that probably the government has got something to do with it? but anyhow...thats another topic... ....if you got anything else...please feel free to ask me:D...oh..and im a normal arab and muslim..just incase you're afraid of me or something:P;) it is definatly a change in perception....i mean you see...the sad thing is...the media actually got everyone to see the traditional clothes..to be seen as a sign that this person is most likely to be a terrorist.....and its sooo wrong....i mean men have been wearing the traditional dress in some areas for ages..and they never did anything like that.. people nowadays compare any guy they see to Osama bin Laden..and think.."oh...he must be like Bin laden"...and its like.."huh?!" to some extent i do agree...and i am against those extremists doing such things...because it reflects what the islam says in the completely opposite way....for example..islam forbids killing innocent people..forbids killing kids..women...elderies...etc....just says..IF they attacked you...attack them back to the same extent they did if not less...in another words....if they shot someone innocent....dont go shooting someone innocent from them...whereas..if it was a thing between soldiers..then do it to the same extent.... but what THEY're doing now..and did..is like...the totaly opposite....this includes suicide-bombers....because..1st of all they're commiting suicide....which is forbidden...2nd of all...they're killing innocent people Hey Mahuta. I agree with everything you say. people should generalize so much.
  3. IB_sucks

    Chemistry HL Paper 3

    Why are you so annoyingly mfalsaf... Use an arabic dictionary to translate that.
  4. IB_sucks

    Chemistry HL Paper 3

    Wow! You guys are such liers. It doesn't seem like you didn't study to me. Don't make excuses!
  5. What did you guys think about it?
  6. IB_sucks


    Wow, this is ridiculous.
  7. I'm pretty sure that the IB made a mistake in that question, and it got me stuck and I lost around 20 minutes (causing me not to have enough time for the exam)... It said that Jose misses the bus 2/3 times, and 1/3 times he obviously catches it. But then, in that table you had to copy and complete, under 0 euros, it should have been: (probability of missing the bus) * (probability of missing the bus) = 2/3 * 2/3 = 4/9 when they put that it was 1/9... Can anyone confirm this? I'm thinking about going to talk to my teacher... Your completely wrong, the IB DID NOT get a question wrong. I was able to get it right, i think that you flipped the probabilities of missing and not missing the bus. I truly cant remember the numbers now, but based on the probabilities of what you just said, it seems like the probability of missing is 1/3 and not missing is 2/3. I do remember what the table was like: X 0 3 6 P(X=x) 1/9 4/9 4/9
  8. IB_sucks

    May 2010, English SL Paper 1

    I did the prose, which was the letter that some "Juliet" wrote. I mainly discussed her character and how it was portrayed. What kind of features did you discuss. Write anything you thought was important basically, i want some reassurance!
  9. IB_sucks

    7 in maths sl

    To tell you the truth, its very easy to get a 7. You just have to make sure that you understand all the lessons given to you, day by day, and you have to do past papers frequently. In math SL, many questions are repeated, just with different wording and different numbers of obviously, so thats why doing past papers, and understanding them obviously, will easily get you a 7.
  10. IB_sucks

    IB Physics videos on YouTube

    I would like to see a video for topic 11,the higher for waves. please and thank you
  11. Hi, I am doing an EE in arabic with the topic of, difficulties faced in learning arabic. So, I decided to create a survey to obtain some of the information needed for my EE. This survey does not take long at all and it only consists of a couple questions. I would really appreciate it if you would answer it for me in a serious way because it would really help me in my EE. Thanks to everyone in advance. P.S. Any suggestions for editing the survey would also be helpful. Link to survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=IpKpSfL4aikl5tLAe1mwvw_3d_3d
  12. IB_sucks

    General World Literature English A1

    a good structure for the WL essay would be to have an introduction, then talk about one aspect, for both books, of your topic as a whole in seperate paragaphs. this means dont make one paragraph for one book, talking about all of the aspects in one paragraph, and then another paragraph for the second book. have paragraphs that talk about both books related to one aspect
  13. IB_sucks

    How to Study for Physics? Textbooks, Resources and Tips?

    Before doing any past papers, make sure you understand the material by studying you book(s)/notes. Also, it's very important to know how the formulas were derived because that seriously helps you understand how to use the formula and the topic in general, i have experienced this myself (specificly with the doppler effect). If there is anything you dont understand, dont just skip it. Try anyway to understand it by reffering to the internet and animations, they really help. After this, do examples and exercises in your book, then finally do past papers.
  14. IB_sucks

    Favorite IB Science?

    It depends on how much you are willing to study and, no offense, how smart you are. Chemistry Sl is very, very easy. You really only need to study like one hour a week, as long as you understand everything in class and you do the homework. If you don't understand it, then that is another story. Physics, whether Sl or HL, is much more difficult than chemistry. So i don't reccomend it unless you really like physics and have the mind for it. Hope this helps.
  15. IB_sucks

    ITGS project

    In my project, i'm going to try to make a seat reservation system for the theatre at my school. I'm having trouble with finding two IT solutions. One of the solutions will probably be a database but i cant think of another. Can u please help me think of another solution?!!

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