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  1. Shenrongrong

    International contest for Chemistry

  2. I was wondering if there is any international contest for Chemistry?
  3. Shenrongrong

    Chinese IB students?

    I am an IB history teacher from Shanghai world foreign language middle school my email: [email protected] if you guys need help just let me know!
  4. Shenrongrong

    Chinese IB students?

    which school are you in?
  5. Shenrongrong

    CS Extended Essay

    CS stands for?
  6. Shenrongrong

    Chinese IB students?

    I am an IB history teacher from Shanghai!
  7. Shenrongrong

    Is this a good RQ for a history Extended Essay?

    Are you from Shanghai IB School?
  8. Shenrongrong

    Chinese IB students?

    Is there any Chinese IB students?
  9. Shenrongrong

    Chinese IB history students

    I'm an IBDP history teacher. Are there any IB Chinese history students?
  10. Shenrongrong

    Film or History SL?

    History is more approachable
  11. Shenrongrong

    Self-study Chemistry HL

    If you ever come to Shanghai, I can find you an IB Chemistry tutor. _________ rongrong

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