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  1. Paper 1 for me in my Time Zone ( I can't remember which Time Zone I am in, GMT -7) was relatively straight forward, except for one question on vectors of a triangle. Paper 2 was just brutal. I left so many questions blank so that I could return to them afterward, and all I could write down were a few things to describe the processes; hopefully I can earn part marks from them. Math was not enjoyable.
  2. Toth

    Canadian universities and IB

    I need 34+ points for engineering acceptance in U of A.
  3. I was thinking about how reasoning was affected through the times. No doubt that in the early ages of life, reasoning was influenced by the Church, through Religion and Faith. Nowadays, we rely on the logic of Math and Sciences to provide our reasoning, which requires proof and solidification of position in order to make a valid point.
  4. Toth

    What have you been learning in TOK?

    Wow, at least you guys learn the things required to learn through IB. We have a hippie teacher teaching us TOK, he doesn't teach us much other than the Ways of Knowing and the Areas of Knowledge. He spends every class somehow relating each ethical issue back to the universal theme of Love. Everyday he pops an ethical issue, such as "Should Prostitution be legalized?" and we're supposed to be opposing each other in arguments, but our IB kids don't produce good arguments at all. It's just sleeping time.
  5. Toth

    Extended Essay

    My Research: Touch Screens Topic: Current and Future Touch Screen Technology Impacting the Way Humans Interact With Computers Subject: Information Technology in a Global Society I haven't seen many ITGS topics out there, seeing this many people on the forums anyways. But yea, my research on touch screens was really fun, but because it's such a new piece of computing, finding sources was a huge pain. I just hope I get a good grade!
  6. Toth

    Matrix Binomials

    Find out what the identity matrix is! It's crucial to answering your portfolio! Plus it will make your life 10x easier!
  7. Toth

    Matrix Binomials

    To find out (A+B)^n, you need to do research on the significance of the identity matrix. Then you can continue your formula, because the identity matrix will nullify all terms except for the first and the last. Then you can easily make your general statement.
  8. Toth


    Dang..... And we in the Mandarin B class get so much work compared to you guys... We get to do piles and piles of practise papers, along with regular oral presentations...
  9. Computer Engineer in the Software business! So that would make me a Software developer? Either that or I'll make video games
  10. Toth

    Canadian universities and IB

    I'm not sure how many universities accept IB marks now. All I know is, University of Alberta will grant Final Acceptance, not conditional, but Final, as in, you're going to our school in September if you choose us, based on your predicted IB scores. I wonder what other universities out there offer this kind of program.
  11. Toth

    Matrix Binomials

    Here's a tip that made my portfolio so much easier: Note how matrices X and Y multiply together to make a matrix that is completely zeroes. Do a little research on this special matrix, and find out why it's so significant. It'll help you out. And yes, you do use different values for constants a and b, your general statement should sort of resemble the ones created for X^n, A^n, Y^n, and B^n.
  12. Would it be neat to also add in that reason changes between periods of time, and between locations of civilization? The reasoning 200 years ago in Greece was may be different than the reasoning 20 years ago in the United States. And there's also the influence of religion to be factored into people's reason through the years.

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