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  1. julivertomas

    IB Study Guides

    Hi there. I am just wondering where can I get helpful I.B.study guides in Biology HL History HL English HL Chemistry SL Physics SL Math SL Spanish Ab Initio Thanks guys!
  2. julivertomas

    IB books you absolutely loved

    A Bird In The House
  3. julivertomas

    Simple math IA question

    First of all you might want to get the Internal Assessment Guide and/or Criteria from your teacher. He/She should have it. Ask him/her for advice on what can you do for the Internal Assessment. In my opinion, I won't just research on the internet and just copy the title because you think it's "related" to Mathematics. Choose a topic that really interests you. Remember that this is an opportunity for you to explore a "subject" that you want to explore in a mathematical way. Mathematics is all around us so make sure to pick the best interests you!
  4. “That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow.” Consider knowledge issues raised by this statement in two areas of knowledge. That is the topic that I chose for my T.O.K. Essay, and the Areas of Knowledge that I chose are Science and History. I have tons of examples of science like some theories that are discarded over time but I couldn't think of an example for History. Can you help me come up with examples please? Thank you.
  5. julivertomas

    Tale of Two Cities

    Hey there, first off, we are almost done analyzing the Tale of Two Cities right now in our English A Literature Class and so far it is going awesome. But the thing that I am scared of is about the IOC for this one since it is a really complex book. I am really scared about it. Can you suggest a great site where I can find helpful stuff about this book?
  6. julivertomas

    Extended Essay Topic: Illuminati or Freemasons?

    The topic is interesting and I guess you can definitely need to research a lot for this one,gather some books and articles on newspapers about it, articles from magazines, videos etc. And for me if you are going to choose one among the general topics you mentioned - Illuminati and Freemasons, I would choose Illuminati since it is so interesting but just a warning it might not be an excellent topic for an extended essay unless you are going to create a super duper awesome "To what extent" type of question that connects to there. But in the end it is your choice.
  7. julivertomas

    Math Sl Investigation [IA]

    First of all I guess you need to make your topic more specific, like just choose one among focal length, aperture etc. And then see what you can do from there. Because at this time I guess your topic is kind of not a focused topic yet. After you choose your solid topic then we can help you from there.
  8. Hi guys. I just want to ask if somebody will help me about this. I have a problem in thinking of a good design lab in Physics. And I know it's easy to just think of formulas or something but you need to include BALLOON in your experiment. So what is the best Design Lab. Please help me. Please help me.

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