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  1. Hughie

    Suicide in Korea

    Hello, fellow Koreans! They say that one of the reasons so many Korean celebrities commit suicide is because of internet. Some people would just go online and basically drive the poor actors, actresses and etc to death by insulting them so much. I wish I could translate some of the stuff they say on the net but, pardon me for not wanting to go back on Korean web and plunge into the sea of insults and all those disgusting things they say. Having experienced it once last year - and I'm not even a celebrity - I can kind of understand why they do that. Now you gotta wonder why they heck wouldn't the politicians commit suicide. As for the highschool students and stuff...There are a number of reasons for that. Aside from the enormous amount of stress they put on the students (people, trust me: if you're in Year 12/last year of high school/senior year/etc, you don't have the right to sleep 8 hours a day) or the fact that most high school students are stuck at school till 10~12 at night, being able to get out of the forced "voluntary study time" only if you have another tutoring to attend to (I've asked my Japanese friends and apparently, there's none of this staying-back-at-school-so-late thing in Japan), there's bullying. It's similar to Japanese Ijime いじめ; those of you who're interested in Japanese culture and movies and stuff would know how horrible it is. I don't think it's as bad in Korea, but it sure is getting worse. Having experienced Korean bullying when I was in Year 6, I gotta say I understand why those people, who'd been bullied for whole three years of their middle school lives, high school lives and etc, would want to commit suicide. Mine went on for 6 months. Was enough to change my personality forever. Oh yeah, and there's the fact Korea treats the victims of rape like a piece of ****. I don't think this is considered as major an issue as the other two - cyber-bullying and normal bullying - but I'm pretty sure that being a rape victim, not being recognised of the traumatic experience and rather being treated like a ****, would be enough to make them wanna commit suicide.
  2. Hughie


    My God this is true...sadly.
  3. Hughie

    How many people in your classes?

    10 in total. English A1 SL - 3 (might become 4) English A1 HL - 7 (might become 6) Maths HL - 3 Maths SL - 3 Maths Studies - 4 Psychology HL - 3 Psychology SL - 2 Economics HL - 3 Economics SL - 2 Biology HL - 7 Biology SL - 3 Chemistry HL - 3 Chemistry SL - 1 Visual Arts - 4. I think all of them are doing HLs. Japanese HL - 1 Japanese SL - 3 French HL - 1 French SL - 1 Spanish ab inito - 6
  4. Hughie

    The Oxbridge Guide

    Hey Guys. Long time no see I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, but since it says here that all questions should go here, I would. My question is: I'm not from an English speaking country. I know it appears as if I'm an Australian, but that's because Australia is where my school is. I'm originally from an Asian country, and my mother tongue is that language. Now, would it benefit me in anyway to do English HL to get into Oxbridge? I'm doing four HLs at the moment - English, Economics, Maths and Chemistry - and English HL is causing me so much trouble and stress that I wanna drop it. My parents are kind of against it because they're unsure of whether doing English HL gives me more advantage in getting into Oxbridge or not. I'm applying to PPE, more specifically, and since I'm doing Maths HL and Economics HL I thought I wouldn't need to worry about English HL......but yeah Someone help me please?
  5. I only wrote 60 pages because I did huge graphs lol and I tried out a lot of graphs for Q2, so Q1 and Q2 combined together accounted for about 30 pages I think. I never used Vieta's formula......wonder what it is O_o
  6. Hughie

    The Music Thread

    Never heard of it What about The Rasmus? I'm sure someone likes them...
  7. Hughie

    EE document style? :?

    Huh...it differs from school to school I guess. When I get back to school, which is...this Thursday...*sob* I'll ask my IBC about title page format and my candidate number. Er, wait. Candidate number has to be on every page for every one of my IA? This is off topic, but what about maths portfolios? I did two of mine before I got my candidate number, and of course there's no candidate number on any of their pages. Neither is my name, come to think of it.
  8. Wanna be a novelist. Been a dream of mine since I was 4 or something. BUT I wanted to be an investment banker first (fast money! Yeah!) but, now, well, with all the investment banks bankrupt and all.......that goes down the drain I think. So I'm considering being a politician or something. The current Korean government has infuriated me so much to the point where I wanna be a politician, or better yet the president, myself and fix this dang country up.
  9. Hughie


    Haha yeah, I think sex is still considered taboo in Korea. I didn't get a proper "sexual" education when I was still in Korea (that was up to grade 6. The only thing we learned was that the sperm meets the egg and that's about it) so I had to find out about the intercourse part, you know, how it works and etc by myself With some help from my friends in locating the right visual material........... But then apparently in high school in Korea, they show you this video a) filmed inside a womb while having an intercourse and b) a video in which an abortion is being performed. Grotesque, kinda glad I'm not there to watch those videos.
  10. Hughie

    EE document style? :?

    Wait, Title page. This site tells me to NOT make a title page unless I'm required to, but I'm assuming I am required to do so. So is it okay for me to just make one in any random format of my choice? Do I have to include my name and date on it? I think the "first page" they're referring to here is the abstract...... And does anybody know how to make "all footnotes start four lines after the text" or something? I've been trying to figure it out for 1 hour or so last night, then my dad was on it for 2 hours or so but we couldn't find out how to do it.
  11. Hughie


    I go to a school in Australia as well (Sydney) and last year, the year above us had to hand theirs in sometime during term 3 or 4. I think it was late term 3. But this year, the school's asking us to hand ours in on Week 7 of Term 1 So yeah. Technically it has to be in by September but your school might ask you to hand it in earlier, like ours.
  12. Hughie

    EE document style? :?

    *sob* I just edited the whole thing having selected 1.5. Oh crap, gotta do some more pushing-and-pulling-diagrams *sob* This looks hideous, now that I've done it 2.0.
  13. Hughie

    Help me on procedures.

    Japanese is NOT harder than Chinese! lol Personally I think Japanese is way easier than Chinese - there's less Chinese characters to remember (I'm already suffering with the 400 Chinese characters I have to memorize for Jap B SL), it's easier to pronounce and there's no complicated accent problem. Apparently for Chinese, a word's meaning changes depending on where you put the accent on when you pronounce it, so yeah O_o AND I'm a Korean, so I have an advantage of speaking a language really close to Japanese as mother tongue already Er...but you don't have to worry about your EE being in French until you actually write it up, right? Why don't you write your outline up in English first and find someone who knows about philosophy and/or Confucius? Try e-mailing some university professors too - you can find their e-mail address on the school homepage......I doubt they'd reply, but at least you can have a go.
  14. Hughie

    EE document style? :?

    I'd assume someone who's born in English speaking country would've seen instructions requiring double-spacing more than someone who moved recently to the country. But yeah, that was sort of racist I guess I'd edit that later. So is it ok for me to select 1.5 instead of 2.0? Or am I supposed to "double" it to 2.0? Oh, and am I supposed to double-space it for footnotes and bibliography as well?
  15. Hughie

    EE document style? :?

    Er...I don't have a candidate number. I guess my IBC will give it to me when I hand first draft in...... [Edited. Guess I wasn't thinking much when I wrote this post]

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